Are Rest Days Important?

Are Rest Days Important?
Are Rest Days Important?

This post was most recently updated on April 22nd, 2022

You have heard it many a time, you need to stay active working out to keep fit. But is more always better? The short answer is no, as rest days are essential to take a break from your exercise routine. No fitness routine is complete without you taking a rest day. Here are some benefits of getting off your large exercise mat, even if it is only for a day.

1. Rest Days Allow for Recovery Time

Now, a rest day does not mean lazying around on the couch. Actually, when you rest, it helps with muscle growth. For example, you get tears in the muscle tissue when you work out. But when you rest, those fibroblasts (cells) repair. Sydney infrared saunas are a great way of spending you rest day by allowing the muscles to heal properly in the gentle light of an infrared sauna.

So, in turn, it helps the tissue grow and heal faster. Your muscles also store carbohydrates known as glycogen. When you exercise, the body breaks the glycogen down, and it helps to fuel your workout. Resting the body replenishes the energy stored for your next training session.

2. Prevents Exhaustion

You need to take a break to avoid induced fatigue as it depletes your glycogen levels. If your body does not replace the energy, you feel muscle tiredness and soreness. Also, your muscles need that energy to function even when you are not training. So get adequate rest to prevent exhaustion from happening.

3. Prevents Injuries

With regular rest, you can remain safe with your workout routines. An overworked body is more likely to fall out of dropping weight and form. In addition, when you overtrain on your cardio mat, you expose your muscles to repetitive strain and stress. Forcing yourself to overtrain leads to injuries, so take those rest days.

4. Increases Your Overall Performance

Not resting is hard on the body to keep up with your regular day-to-day routine, not even your exercise. As a result, you start feeling less motivated and do not feel like doing an extra rep or running an extra mile.
Hence, it decreases your performance leading to slow reaction times, poor agility, and reduced endurance. On the other hand, when you rest your body, it increases energy, preventing exhaustion and helping prepare your body for another successful workout.

5. Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns

Yes, regular workouts can help improve sleep but taking a break from your exercise mat helps. When you train, it boosts your energy-boosting hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. With regular workouts, you overproduce these hormones and find it challenging to fall asleep. Taking a rest day helps the hormones return to typical, providing a balanced state.
So put away that large exercise mat for a day and rest. As you can see, it is highly recommended to allow your body to recover from damage sustained during your workouts. You will enable your muscles to grow, and it helps maintain your health and fitness.
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