Artificial moon on earth – one of the wonders made in Dubai

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It is the dream of several people to land or travel on the moon, but don’t worry, you are living in the era of visionary people who make the impossible possible. Artificial moon on earth you have seen the moon from a far distance from the earth but what if I say that you can land or travel on the moon on the earth itself? Yes, you heard right artificial moon is created on earth where you can experience all the things you can do on the moon in this blog, we are going to know about the reality of the artificial moon on earth.


The artificial moon is going to be constructed in Dubai, the country best known for its marvelous wonders now and in the future. If you don’t know much about Dubai’s wonders, then let me explain to you the title of the world’s tallest building goes to Dubai, they didn’t stop till here they created a wonderful island on the water they only not create the things which only explains the present they are visionary they also created a futuristic museum.

After all these they planned to bring the moon on earth literally you can’t believe this don’t worry they are not bringing the real moon on earth, but they are going to create a hotel which is like a moon in this blog we are going to see about information by which we can say that how far they have gone in the creativity level.

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Artificial moon

The artificial moon which is actually a resort will be the replica of the real moon which is designed by a Canadian company named Moon world resort. Let’s see about some figure and information about the moon.

The size of the moon is 735 feet, and the main thing is the budget which is $ 5 billion if we calculate the amount in terms of rupees then it comes to nearly 40000 crores and this amount is nothing because their projects budget starts with somewhere and ends in another way, it is estimated that the construction work will be of 48 months which means 4 years some peoples spend the time in thinking about how it can be where they start the project.

It is predicted that this new resort will attract nearly 25 lakh visitors every year.


  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Dubai mall
  3. Atlantis palm Jumeirah
  4. The museum of future

Moon world resort

Michael R. Henderson the co-founder of Moon world resort told that this project will provide a boom to the country’s GDP in the forms of Hospitality, entertainment, education, technology, and space tourism you can get the full experience you would get in space.


Of the disk’s upper surface 23% will contain casinos, 9% nightclubs, and 4% restaurants this is about the upper surface now let’s see about the top roof 1/3 will be a beach club the next 1/3 will be a lagoon and the last one is Amphitheatre.

There will be 300 private sky villas, the artificial moon will be spread over around 10 acres which includes the following things,

  1. Wellness center
  2. Night club
  3. Sky villas
  4. Hotel rooms
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There are not many details available about what all will be there, but we can predict that this will also surprise as.

Which company designed the artificial moon?

Moon world resort

Where is the artificial moon will be constructed?


What will be the size of the artificial moon?

The size will be 735 feet

What is the budget planned for this project?

40000 crores or $ 5 billion

What all are the things we can see there?

Wellness center
Night club
Sky villas
Hotel rooms

What all are the achievements of Dubai?

Burj Khalifa
Dubai mall
Atlantis palm Jumeirah
The museum of future

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