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Thank you for visiting my AudioStudio Review. I’m Darius from Reed Ratings, where I provide frank reviews of digital products along with fantastic bonuses for those I genuinely believe in.

Misan Morisson, who also developed Stock Rush, Testimonio, Affiliate Suite, Smart Writerr, Tagget, Redeemly, Webcop, Ultra Funnels, QRVerse, and many other top-notch software products, brings you AudioStudio.

So, the crucial query is: Is AudioStudio actually a good investment? If it meets all the criteria, I’ll let you know, and if it does, I’ll give you some amazing free bonuses that you can only get from me today.

In order to prevent you from wasting money, it is my intention to assist you in making an informed choice. Let’s move on to the following section of my AudioStudio Review to learn more about what AudioStudio is and how it can benefit your business and you.

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What Is AudioStudio, Exactly?

So, AudioStudio does three tasks. It will automatically create any form of material for you using AI using your keywords, and you can then utilize that content to create a voiceover using the voices within.

In order to have a comprehensive marketing script with voice and music for use in your marketing, you can also add a little touch utilizing the music and sound.

Since AudioStudio can create material in any language you want, it will be able to assist you in locating qualified leads worldwide. The AI will quickly create high-converting content in your preferred language if you only choose a language, a topic, and your keywords.

Because AI voices are more professional and more interesting to potential consumers, utilizing AI voices in your commercials and campaigns will increase sales.

You will be able to record all kinds of scripts for webinars and “how to” videos, which will increase traffic, because AI voices are more reasonably priced than voice actors.

To increase brand awareness, customer retention, and future sales, you can develop a distinctive AI voice to represent your company.

With AudioStudio, you can upload any PDF, word, or text file in a matter of seconds, start a project from scratch, or use the AI Script Writer!

Using multiple layers, quickly combine and mix various voices, languages, dialects, music, or sounds. Create audio files and distribute them on all social media sites to increase traffic or make sales to customers.

additionally produce voiceovers and scripts for others. Let’s move on to the next section of my AudioStudio Review to learn more about how the software functions.

Review of AudioStudio: Features

  • Automated Script Writing Assistance
  • You may quickly and simply create high-converting scripts in a range of languages, levels of
  • originality, and other aspects with the aid of the app’s sophisticated A.I. script helper.
  • Genuine Human Voices in 237+ Obtainable Languages, Accents, and 65 Languages
  • With quick access to hundreds of real human-sounding voices in several languages, Audiostudio
  • enables you to quickly turn any information into audio and captivate any audience anywhere in the globe.
  • Text, Word, or PDF document In relation to audio scripting Help
  • You may quickly and simply turn any written text (PDF, Word, or.TXT) into a top-notch voice track
  • with Audiostudio’s text to audio script tool.
  • To Add 5 Different Audio Modifiers (Like Volume, Speed, Pitch, and Pauses) To Your Voice Recordings
  • Use the app’s built-in audio effects to make your voice recordings seem more realistic and interesting. With only a few mouse clicks and toggles, you can effortlessly change the music’s volume, pace, and pitch.
  • Three Audio Formats for Input (MP3, OGG & WEBM)
  • For storing and exporting your work, Audiostudio offers the highest quality audio file formats, including MP3, OGG, and WEBM.
  • Up to four levels can be used in project timeframes.
  • By enabling you to combine voices, music, sounds, and more into a single recording instead of being
  • constrained to only two levels, Audiostudio enables you to add up to four audio layers onto a single timeline.
  • Use of a Soundtrack Library with 5,000 Tracks
  • You may instantly access over a thousand standard background music tracks from various genres with Auditostudio, and you are free to use them in any project without having to pay any kind of license charge.
  • 500 Pre-Recorded Sound Effects for Background Music are Available
  • You get access to an enormous library of hundreds of stock background sounds through
  • Audiostudio, which you may use for any of your projects.
  • Put Up Your Own Track
  • Audiostudio makes it simple to add the perfect soundtrack to your projects by allowing you to import music files instantly without leaving the editor.
  • Make as many of any length as you like without ever setting a limit on your output. Any large project may be handled by Audiostudio, regardless of the format or file type.
  • An audio editor with a drag-and-droppable timeline
  • Regardless of their length or complexity, high-quality audio projects may be easily created and edited using the app’s unique drag-and-drop audio timeline editor.
  • A Worldwide Script
  • Your very own multilingual writer and voice over, Audiostudio can rapidly create, transcribe, and translate professional scripts into any language.
  • Social Media Share-Gate
  • The built-in share prompts and basic social icons allow you to reach a wider audience right away and engage with them wherever they may be.
  • Enhance Your Website Using Sound
  • An embed code is generated automatically after a project is finished and published in Audiostudio and can be copied and pasted into any website to display the audio.
  • Utilizing a Trimmer to Edit Audio
    It is normal and not reason for concern when there is the occasional pause, noise, or other defect.
  • You may quickly and easily cut out unneeded bits from your recordings using the audio trimmer in the program.
  • Service for Hiring
  • With the help of Audiostudio’s Job Finder, you can start your own digital agency from the comfort of your home by finding high paying assignments that you can complete from the main freelancing markets.
  • Create your own audio files using the voice recorder in the app.
    All you need for recording your own voice overs is Audiostudio and a PC.
    You won’t ever need to recall another line of dialogue or the whole screenplay again thanks to
  • Audiostudio’s integrated teleprompter. The software has a built-in teleprompter that gives the impression that you have memorized the entire recording.
  • Exceptional Plays and Playscripts Compendium (Improve, Rephrase, Expand, Shorten)
    You can quickly and easily polish and improve any script thanks to Audistudio’s “Screenplay
  • Masterpiece Collection” technology, which has the ability to automatically rephrase, extend, and shorten any text.
  • You Can Use This Free Agency Content
  • A website, logos, stationery, brochures, business cards, a PowerPoint proposal, a video presentation, flyer designs, a legal contract, an email sequence, a telemarketing script, and accounts for up to five remote employees are all included in the Audiostudio Agency Kit, which has everything you need to start your own digital marketing agency.
  • A blank dashboard that is completely rebrandable
  • Selling Audiostudio to companies, freelancers, and enthusiasts under your own “Software as a
  • Service” brand could bring in more money for you.
  • Control Panel for New User Addition
    In the same instance of Audiostudio, multiple users can be set up with their own login details and permissions.

Review of AudioStudio: What Will You Find Inside?

The Main Dashboard (Real World Value: $4,997)

Managing Projects ($997 Real World Value)

Lessons on video ($497 in actual value).

License for the Agency ($997 Actual Value).

The Job Finder (Actual Value: $497).

Fiverr Voice-Over Success 2022 ($97 in Real World Value) is the first Fast Action Bonus.

Marketing for audiobooks (Fast Action Bonus #2; Real World Value $97)

Podcasting Profit Secrets for Audio Studios (Fast Action Bonus #3; Real World Value $97)

Interview template for audiostudio podcasts (Fast Action Bonus #4; Real World Value $97)

The sixth Fast Action Bonus is Proven Client-Getting Email (Real World Value $197).
The entire Real-World Value is $8,570.

Review of AudioStudio: How Does It Work?

In Just 3 Simple Steps…

step 1: Create a Project

Use the integrated AI Script Writer to quickly create something new, or import an existing PDF, Word, or Text document.

STEP 2 : mix and blend
You can quickly combine and blend many layers of audio, including music, sound effects, and a variety of voices, languages, and dialects.

STEP 3 : Produce and capitalize.
You may quickly record, upload, and share your own audio recordings across all social media channels in order to drive massive amounts of viral traffic or sell them to paying clients.

Review of AudioStudio: PROS AND CONS


Quickly and simply create scripts with excellent conversion rates for your podcasts, sales videos, video advertising, TV commercials, radio adverts, and much more.

You simply need only ONE APP, which will save you many hours of work and thousands of money.

Utilize the effectiveness of proven hypnotic sales scripts to boost the conversion rates of your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok ads.

Imagine having the ability to repurpose content written in one language in order to earn significantly more money! Without writing or speaking a single word yourself, you may communicate with everyone on the planet in over 65 different languages and dialects.

You may greatly decrease your work by having this straightforward tool create profitable scripts and quickly convert them into over 237 authentic-sounding voices, languages, and accents.

Considering that this artificial intelligence is error-free, avoid making simple mistakes and grammatical errors that waste your time and money!

Instead of hiring voice actors and copywriters for many languages, use sophisticated AI to cut your overhead by over 90%.

Stop spending a lot of money each month on applications that are only used sometimes. Audiostudio is the full AI audio suite to satisfy all of your needs.

You won’t ever need to be concerned about a lawsuit or copyright issue thanks to our vast collection of background music and noises.

It is entirely intuitive, designed for lightning-fast performance, and compatible with all internet connection speeds. It also follows a step-by-step procedural method.

Over-the-shoulder, step-by-step video instructions are also provided.

There is an agency license included. We’ve discovered that charging whatever you want to your consumers and keeping all of the money you make is the fastest and easiest method to generate money online.


At this time none

Review of AudioStudio’s pricing and upsells

Your major piece of software, AudioStudio, will set you back $37. The pricing you see right now is only valid for the front end deal during the launch period.

The price may go up after the launch, which expires on December 1, 2022. The frontend access also functions properly on its own without requiring any changes, although it has some limitations.

There are currently 4 upsells available. Although you don’t necessarily need all of them to use AudioStudio, depending on your usage and scenario, they could be helpful. There is also a package offer.

upsell 1 : AudioStudio Unlimitedl $97
Make many projects
Create any size projects.
upsell 2 : $67 for AudioStudio Platinum
Unlock 107 more voices that are 100% true to human speech in additional 45 languages and dialects.
Open up two additional audio output formats (Ogg & WebM)
4 layers maximum in a single project timeframe
access to additional 4K stock music
300 additional stock background sounds are available.
Utilize our in-app voice recorder to record your own voice.
use of our built-in teleprompter
collection of masterworks in scripts (rephrase, shorten, improve, expand)
upsell 3 : $67 for AudioStudio Enterprise
Website for DFY agency
Outstanding letterhead and invoice designs
High-quality flyers and business cards
really compelling PowerPoint pitch
Presenting videos that convert well
incredibly captivating flyer designs, contract
high-quality banner ads
a successful email sequence
Five team members and a high-converting telemarketing script
Upsell 4: Whitelabel AudioStudio
$197 – 250 A user’s account
$97 – 50 A user’s account
Review of AudioStudio: Bundle Offer $297/$247
If you want complete access to all of AudioStudio’s upsells, this bundle will help you save some money. With this one, you can purchase the entire funnel in a single transaction.

All Upsells Are Included in the Bundle Deal’s $297 One-Time Payment!
Code for a $50 discount on a bundle purchase is AUDIO50OFF. As a result, the cost will decrease from $297 to $247.

Review of AudioStudio: Who Should Purchase This?

AudioStudio is more than just distinctive; it works for anybody who requires quick, easy, and passive results:

Internet marketers
Online retailers
local companies on the web
MMO Advertisers
And a whole lot more!

Questions and Answers

What exactly is an audio studio?
Audiostudio is the first artificial intelligence (AI) program in the world and immediately produces, mixes, and combines professional-quality audio productions.

How does it function?
For every type of business, Audiostudio can help you improve traffic, leads, and revenue in only 3 simple steps.
Start a project first. The A.I. Script Writer can help you start a project from scratch, or you may upload any PDF, Word, or text file and finish it in a matter of seconds!
Step 2: Mixing and combining. Combine and mix different voices, languages, dialects, music, and sounds rapidly using numerous layers!
Produce and earn money in Step 3 To enhance traffic or to make a quick and cheap profit, create audio recordings and disseminate them throughout all social media platforms.

Do I need any previous coding experience?
not at all. Coding is not required. Excellent user experience that is quick and easy. steps-based process method. Workflow that is 100% intuitive The speeds of every internet connection are adjusted.

Will you demonstrate how to use the app for me?
Absolutely. You will be guided through the procedure by over-the-shoulder, step-by-step video tutorials that are included.

Does it have a monthly fee?
No, but you must buy right away. Every single speech generator and writer powered by artificial intelligence that is now on the market has a significant monthly cost.
For a nominal one-time fee, Audiostudio provides you substantially more power and independence if you purchase it right now.

How can I make money using it?
Here, there are just 7 certain ways to profit from audiostudio in any language.
The initial economic possibility for an audio studio is to create and distribute audiobooks in any language.
Another potential for audio studios to make money is to create and sell protracted video sales scripts in any language.
Creating and selling multilingual video commercials is an additional source of income for audio studios.
The creation and promotion of TV ads in any language constitutes the fourth revenue potential for an audio studio.
The fifth means of generating income for an audiostudio is the creation and selling of radio commercials in any language.
The sixth possibility for audio studios to generate income is to create and promote podcasts in any language.
Producing and selling voice-over services in any language is the sixth lucrative business prospect for audio studios.

Do I need to buy today?
Yes, you should. Every AI writer and voice generator currently available has a high monthly fee and a lot of restrictions, as I’ve already mentioned.
For a nominal one-time fee, Audiostudio provides you substantially more power and independence if you purchase it right now.
Additionally, we are adding bonuses worth $585 to the cart that are 100% free if you make a purchase now and that you won’t find anywhere else online. Be aware that this page’s bonuses could be removed at any time and without warning.

Is a money-back guarantee offered?
Absolutely. We don’t want your money. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, send us a support ticket and we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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