Automation and Programming

Automation and Programming
Automation and Programming

The concept of automation goes as far back as ancient times, but it is not the same automation in the world of technology. Programming automation refers to the idea that machines will be able to code themselves, make better decisions, and ease the life of human beings.

So the question now is how far is this automation? Will programming be automated? Will it take over human jobs? 

How far is this automation?

For now, if we see in our daily lives, we have so much automation near us that we are just used to it. We don’t even think that it’s automation, like in the US alone, there are 32 Amazon AI Grocery Stores; we have the Tesla AI that’s going into the cars, and it is so good that even driverless cars are being sold in the market to customers.

By reading the examples above, you may also be surprised that this much automation has been done. There is not much time when UI/UX Designers will be creating the best static websites for the users by just drag and dropping the elements in some content management system like Wix or Squarespace; there was a time when people thought that drag and drop websites like WordPress CMS would end in no time, but this never happened. However, even the number has grown now, more than 50% of the websites on the internet are not WordPress CMS.

But there are two types of people because this is not just about creating static HTML websites that do nothing creative, but there are the developers that create those CMS and Maintain and Update those.

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As far as the backend is concerned, many developers think this will be safe for a while.

So this is up to the developers who have to decide that they want to limit themselves to the users or you want to be the creators.

Can you imagine an automated application that can drag and drop any mobile app? Till now there is not any! And for the years to come, I don’t think that this is gonna be happening. The Applications can improve but cannot create.

Will Programming be automated?

So as we have discussed above that machines can improve themselves but cant create from scratch and that’s the answer to the question will programming be automated, because a lot of automation has already been done in programming there are a lot of softwares that improve themselves after launching like in the Tesla driverless feature every time you drive the car there are machine learning algorithms that are running in the background and improving the capabilities of the car to drive itself, but there is also a thing that you never know what’s going to happen in the future because if we imagine people a century back and telling themselves that they would be able to do voice and video calls on a device that’s the size of their palm they would never believe you and maybe say that you’re mad or something but it’s the tech that changed everything and the speed of tech is also improving at a very high speed and something in near future can happen that you cannot imagine right now, a recent example is the rise of Metaverse a few years back you wouldn’t believe that you can create your own world (metaverse) but as of now it’s a reality and many people believe that it’s the future.

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There is a famous quote by — Sebastian Rashka that states: 

Computer programming is about automation, and machine learning is all about automating automation. Then, automated machine learning is the automation of automating automation.

Will Programming Automation take over human jobs?

Seeing this much automation in the industry, many people would think that programming automation would take over human jobs, but it’s the other way around.

In fact, programming automation and tech has created a lot of jobs in recent years and will be creating more and more in the future because to manage and create those tech automation tools; we need developers who can create these apps because these automated apps can improve themselves but not create from scratch and that’s the place where humans are needed, now it’s up to the human that he wants to be from the creators or to be from the users.

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