Balance your destiny with the right name for your Baby & Business On Principles of Name Numerology

Balance your destiny with the right name for your Baby & Business On Principles of Name Numerology

This post was most recently updated on January 25th, 2021

When and how did you start?

“We were always intrigued by Numerology. It is a science that has existed for more than 5000 years & to survive for so long, there definitely has to be some merit in its mathematical ability to measure how letters in a name affect a person. Only that with time, the science got misused, got clouded by mysticism and underwent exploitation on the hands of family-run Numerologist and Astrologers.

The generation of today, however, is a lot mature. They want proof of everything and want a cleaner, transparent and professional service. So we decided to start NaamVidya in August 2017, where we have put the science in the open for people to explore, measure and try for themselves. The science and methods used by us are most complete &  accurate globally. Every day we have thousands of people from across the globe visiting our site to take name analysis and they find it hard to believe how powerful the science has been” Says the Founding Team of NaamVidya. 

Brief about the organization and founding members

The founders at NaamVidya came together with different skills and varied background. Trishul Arora comes with over 15 years of working with Multinationals. Trishul also comes with deep expertise in Numerology & has been regular at advising Numerology aspirants on the science. He heads the core philosophy.

Nilesh Desai did his MBA in Sales and Marketing and worked with companies like Oracle, Symantec etc for 20 years before taking the entrepreneurial route. He leads the marketing. Shalesh Trehan always loved numbers and with a Masters in Mathematics, the fondness to understand the role numbers in our life was a natural draw. He has previously worked in organizations like Oracle, AMD. He manages the day to day Operations at NaamVidya.

Anil Nandalike heads the technical practice and is the CTO of NaamVidya. With over 24 years of experience in running a technology practice of his own, he and his team are responsible for incorporating all the advanced NaamVidya numerology algorithms and presenting it in a simple way.

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

The journey has been exciting, to say the least. The traction from the day we went live has been phenomenal. The proof of the pudding approach is turning a lot of sceptics into believers and to believers, they see us as someone who is finally bringing the required professionalism and transparency.

Every day we get over 1000 queries for name analysis and it’s growing at an incredible rate. Having said that, the creation had its obvious bit of challenges. Since the science is so niche and specialized, finding people who could articulate the subject in a very simple way was difficult and after many months of search, we finally decided to do everything in-house. This took a lot of time but after all the hard work, the results are equally sweet. We recently did an online poll of how accurate our science is in analyzing name and people ranked our name analysis 80% accurate. Fathoming a nature, lifestyle, and psychographics of person with such accuracy just by his name is no mean feat.

We are bootstrapped, but fortunately, we have been profitable in the first year itself. While we are open to investments, but the fact that we are self-sustaining so early it is making us think otherwise. We intend to take things as they come.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

The challenge lies only in awareness of the science. Hence, 90% of our investments are going into marketing the relevancy and applicability of the science. So far we had been focussing on digital media as a means to market our platform. SEO gives us the bulk of our traffic, but there is a still lot to cover and we know that it is going to be a patient journey.

Having said that, now we intend to go the mainstream through print and are also evaluating broadcast media for marketing. As we said, marketing is the key challenge that we have. We can either choose to grow slow organically or leapfrog by using funds to reach more and more people across the globe.

 Future plans and funding

As for future plans, we have plans to use the science for customer segmentation and profiling. We are also exploring adding other predictive sciences to our platform – simplicity and transparency being the value prop.

“Life is a Narrative. Happiness is not in the Narrative, but outside the Narrative And that outside is inside you”.

The above is the central theme of NaamVidya philosophy. Our entire endeavour is to make people realize that their true potential lies within themselves. And a name can help them on this journey.

Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Be Restless, Yet be patient. Persevere, Yet be open to change.

Provide some statistics like revenues or Client acquisitions etc : 

Looking towards our stats, we have done over 1 Lac First Name analysis. Over 60,000 Full Name with DOB analysis. Our organic traffic growth is more than 40% month on month. We have also reached into the global audience and hold customers from US, Europe, Australia and even Africa.

Balance your destiny with the right name for your Baby & Business On Principles of Name Numerlogy

Your website / apps / and contact details

Our website is https://www.naamvidya.com/ having our office headquarters out of Mumbai at 218,

Lodha Supremus II, Road No. 22, Wagle Estate, Thane – 400 604, Mumbai- Maharashtra, India.



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