Banner Stand – Effective Marketing Tool or a Remnant of the Past?
Banner Stand – Effective Marketing Tool or a Remnant of the Past?

Banner Stand – Effective Marketing Tool or a Remnant of the Past?

Different marketing tools offer different features. For instance, large advertisement hoardings enable companies to spread the word about their brand to large groups of people. Similarly, targeted digital ads recommend specific products or services to individual customers. For several years, digital marketing tools have been dominating the marketing budgets of leading companies. 

Can a relatively ‘old’ marketing tool like the banner stand compete with these digital marketing tools and techniques? Well, whenever marketers are promoting their brands at trade shows or store openings, they use these banners to make impressions on target consumers. So, to call these stands ‘obsolete’ is extremely wrong. In fact, pop-up banner stands can be the most effective marketing tool up your company’s sleeve.

Here’s why –

The Poor Performances of Digital Marketing Tools

Although digital advertising accounted for almost 54% of all spending on advertisements in 2019, company leaders weren’t particularly pleased with the level of exposure these tools provided to their brands. The problem is that all companies from across the globe have collectively jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon.

As a result, competition in the digital marketing space increases every year. As digital content produced by brands and their marketing agencies continues to be more crowded, their ability to attract target consumers weakens. When hundreds of brands are competing to attract the same types of consumers, making an impact with a digital ad becomes extremely difficult.

Plus, the average consumer is tired of looking to the left, right, etc., of their screens to read about brands. They need and deserve some form of personalization. Since generalized digital marketing content isn’t able to provide high levels of customer persuasion, brands across the globe are returning to tried and tested marketing tools and techniques like banner stands.

Transport-Friendly Marketing

The great thing about banner stands is that they’re easily transportable. A small retail store can create a customized stand and reuse it for several years. Similarly, store owners who regularly exhibit their products and services at various trade shows and corporate events only need to invest in one stand. They can reuse these display materials multiple times across various locations.

Since these stands are extremely lightweight and compact, they fit inside almost all types of vehicles. Plus, they take up very little space. Even though the text and graphics on these stands are extremely visible, marketers don’t require much space to set up these marketing tools. This ease of operation and transportability makes pop-up banners extremely cost-efficient investments for brands and marketing agencies.

Create Instant Impact

If your pop-up banners feature high-quality graphics, they’re guaranteed to create an impact on anyone who sees them. Contrary to popular belief, the use of these stands inside retail spaces has dropped significantly over the past five years. So, stores that still use these stands are able to use high-impact graphics to attract a wide variety of customers. Plus, editing or updating the graphic panels is a very easy process. As soon as these stands start feeling old or overused, they can be re-customized and reused!



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