Best Android Apps to Watch Free Movies and TV Series Online

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If you’re looking for a way to watch the latest Movies and TV series, here are the best and most unique apps to download and enjoy watching movies online. You can download all these apps from Thestardewvalleyapk.

01.Showbox for Android

Showbox is one of the top app bracket options for Android, and it provides an intuitive interface. You can easily watch movies and TV shows through Showbox, and the interface is easy to use. Use this app to watch videos, and stream content from external websites easily.

HD-quality playback is supported on devices in a specific price range. Online content can be downloaded at no cost. The media player has a built-in feature that allows you to download videos and albums for offline use.

02.Mega Box HD

It’s comparable to Show box, a famous android app that provides mobile apps to watch movies in your area. It is easy to use (it only requires one.8 MB of space on the device) and does not take up much battery power. The user can stream movies in two qualities, 360p and 720p. It is also possible to download movies and store them for future viewing, similar to Mega Box HD.

03.Crackle – Movies & TV

To watch movies for free on your phone, you should consider the Crackle app, which humbly allows you to view full-length Hollywood movies & TV shows. With so many titles available, you’ll find some popular tags, including PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BIG DADDY, JOE DIRT, LAYER CAKE, MR. DEEDS, PANIC ROOM, SWAT, SNATCH, STRANGER THAN FICTION, SAVING SILVER. You will find thousands of full-length television program episodes.

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04.Cinema Box

It is the preferred method for movie watching with cellular support, viewing offline and kid mode. It is not accessible through the Play Store, but there is a way how you can set up the software on your device.

05.Flipps – Movies, Music & News

Flipps HD is a great Android app for watching movies on your smartphone. The app allows you to stream a show on your smartphone and allows you to download them. This is not merely the ideal Android app for movies but is additionally available.

06.Hubi – Streaming and Download

The most excellent online movie download software available is Hubi. It’s free to get films and, therefore, you can download and install them without needing any of your valuable time! Hubi downloads your movies, so you do not have to waste time on them. It offers you download server links to download movies much faster than through Hubi. Gauge your movie needs with Hubi.

07.Popcorn Times (Personal Favorite)

Popcorn Time is the perfect movie app for people who want a bit more from their video-on-demand service because of the option to upgrade from regular to premium membership. This app is the best choice for users who prefer a nonstop stream of movies. One no longer has to worry about buffer problems during a slow internet connection, and you can select between various titles.

08.Newest Movie HD

The movies available in Newest Movie HD can be accessed for free with the Freeview program on your Android phone. It’s a typical app, but you can download and stream the movies in many different qualities.

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You will always be confused about deciding which movie to watch because there are endless varieties of genres and categories. You can seek movies using the category as well as genre lists.

09.Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Viewster is a widely used video-streaming service, so you can easily watch movies on your smartphone. You may search for movies using their current name or the movie’s actor or title, and the search tool will navigate you to the film you are looking for. Navigation is straightforward since the online platform does not require a username or subscription.

The app is compatible with Chromecast. Viewster contains many documentaries and movies to demonstrate how to spend leisure time.

10.Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV

If you cannot watch a video on YouTube from this site, you can utilize TubiTv. As an Android user, you must have an Android tablet running Android OS 4.0 or higher to download the TubiTv or run this app on your platform later.

TubiTv has various movies to choose from, such as drama, action, martial arts, stand-up, and kung fu films. Movies from Hollywood are also available, and the availability of cinema is continually updated. The objective of TubiTv is to enhance company offerings with continual upkeep.

If you cannot watch a video on YouTube from this site, you can utilize TubiTv. As an Android user, you must have an Android tablet running Android OS 4.0 or higher to download the TubiTv or run this app on your platform later.


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In conclusion, there are many great Android apps to watch and download free movies and TV series, and these apps provide an easy and convenient way to watch your favorites movies and TV shows without paying for a subscription. So, if you are looking for a way to manage your favourite content for free, be sure to check out these Android apps on APKSalon.

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