Top 10 Best Brands of Cycles in India

Best Brands of Cycles in India
Best Brands of Cycles in India

Below are some of the top 10 Best Brands of Cycles in India_


Black Avon Bicycle, Model Name/Number: Passo Ex Single Shocker, Size: 24-26  Inch, | ID: 23115270197

Avon is one of the top 10 popular brands of bicycles in India. It became began out off as a cycle saddle and brake production business enterprise in 1948. Avon cycles started manufacturing bicycles in 1951. This business enterprise became installation through the Pahwa brothers in Punjab. They consider in providing a terrific excellent product at a completely inexpensive price. Avon is the top popular brand of the Indian cycle and emerged as one of every of the biggest selling bicycle brands in India, providing extra than two hundred exceptional fashions of cycles. 

The maximum goal of this business enterprise became to fabricate affordable bicycles for the common individual of India. Nowadays it’s one of the best bicycle brands in India. It’s has great type of models. Neowave is one of the great models of Avon. The alternatives include a suspension frame, alloy rim that’s double-walled. The V brakes have alloy levers. The saddle has relaxed foam cushioning. Today, they provide all styles of cycles with a completely contemporary-day and elegant look. Avon has grown into the most popular cycle brand in India.

Atlas Bicycles

Mtb Atlas Bicycle at Best Price in Ludhiana, Punjab | Dinar International

Atlas bicycles are one of the top 10 popular brands of Indian bicycles. The brand was set up in 1950 by Shri Janki Das Kapur to serve the desires of the common man of India. The need for a cost-effective mode of transportation. Atlas manufactures bicycles for all age teams. Their bicycles are available in the marketplace in shops throughout India. You’ll be capable of conjointly ordering their bicycles online. The Brand is 2d biggest within side the listing of Top cycle brands in India.

 Atlas encompasses a wide selection in the children’s cycle class. One among their favored bicycles for teens is the Atlas Smash lbc 20T. The Atlas Smash lbc 20T encompasses aback. It conjointly has instructor wheels that make it sincere for the child to discover athletics. This cycle has calliper brakes and it’s a metallic frame.

 Atlas is one of the top cycle brands in India. The cycles by Atlas are long-lasting due to the fact the corporation makes no compromise with the usual of the bicycles that they manufacture.  Atlas is one of the top and most famous bicycle brands in India and continuously looking to innovate the goods with technology, first-rate standards.


Black And Green Hero Bicycle, Sara Traders | ID: 19983288288

Hero is also one of the top 10 popular brands of Indian bicycles. Hero Cycles is the biggest manufacturer of Bicycles in India, primarily based totally in Ludhiana Punjab. It is one of the best bicycle brands of India. The enterprise has a production ability of 7. 5 million bicycles consistent with year, an exceedingly incorporated plant in Ludhiana (Punjab) Ghaziabad (UP), and Bihar and a country of the art manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka as well. 

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The hero has several alternative models that are also very talked about. This includes Miss India, Sprint, and cycle. Hero exports its top-grade bicycles to surely seventy countries, and this speaks lots regarding the same old in their bicycles. Over the years Hero has come to be one of the top and best popular bicycle brands in India.


Buy Firefox Swagfire | Fat Tire Bike | Firefox Bikes

Firefox is one of the top 10 popular bicycle brands of India. This whole entered the Indian marketplace inside the year 2005 and has end up one among the most in style brands in India. If you check any listing of the best cycle wholes in Asian countries you can for positive observe this brand inside the listing.

 Firefox bikes are one of the fast-developing top premium cycling brand in India, received by Hero Cycles and has presence in pan-India through outlets. One of the most in style models of this entire is that the Firefox Flip Flop hybrid. It’s high-quality for city conditions. 

This version includes a metallic body and alloy rims. The alloy brake levers and rim brakes are connected. This bicycle is long-lasting and conjointly encompasses a pleasant look. However, you may purchase Firefox cycles on their personal website. Firefox has become one of the best popular bicycle brands of India.


Buy Hercules Cycles Tubular Wheels Top Speed FX200 Dual DISC 18.00 Frame  Road Bike for Men Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in

Hercules is one of the of the top 10 popular brands of bicycle in India. Hercules variety of bicycles are one of the flagship cycle brands of Murugappa Group, owned by the Murugappa family and additionally has presence in numerous segments. Hercules is thought to manufacture long-lasting and safe bicycles. They have good range of excellent top cycles.

 If you desire for a bicycle for ordinary use then you could note a few specialised models in Hercules cycles. If you’re attempting to find sports activities and overall performance bicycles then Hercules is one name which you without a doubt have to reflect on consideration on. 

They have some of the best sports activities bicycles. One among the most in style models is Ryder Contour twenty-one Speed Bicycle. If you desire entirely the best excellent strong bicycle which could final for a long time and might guide you in strong terrains you then definitely want to think about Hercules whole that has some of the best overall performance bicycles. The brand is a number of the listing of top cycle brands in India. 

Montra Cycles

Montra Madrock Bicycle at Rs 16600/piece | Montra Cycles, Montra Bicycle,  Montra Rock Sports Bicycles, मोंट्रा साइकिल - Tarun Cycle(garia), Kolkata |  ID: 21668852091

Montra is one of the top 10 bicycle brands of India. Montra may be termed as a top Indian bicycle brand this is taking up a number of the International brands in phrases of great and pricing. They may be labelled as a mid-phase brand. The quality in their bicycles is plenty higher in comparison to the entry-stage bikes. Montra was the primary whole in India that had carbon body bikes. 

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They have models which have straight handlebars and upright seating positions. One UN organisation loves mountain bicycles and dreams to buy one ought to take into the idea the Montra complete. This whole is obtainable in numerous shops throughout the country and you’ll be capable of conjointly order those bikes online. The brand is a few on the list of best cycle brands in India.

Trek Cycles

Roscoe 24 | Trek Bikes

Trek bicycles are one of the top 10 popular bicycle brands in India. Trek is a globally identified bike and best bicycle brand that started out the operation in 1976. The company’s product delivery consists of high-tech bicycles, mountain bikes, device bicycles and masses extra. It have become primarily based totally in year 1976 and targeted in Waterloo withinside the USA. 

Trek cycles are economically priced and are created from steel. Few of the maximum bought Trek cycle classes are Mountain bikes and move country. There are fifty-seven cycle fashions to be had from Trek in India. Most highly-priced Trek version is Trek Fuel EX nine. 9 XO1 that’s priced at Rs. 5. 58 Lakh. On the decrease end, Trek Jasmine LX MTB 26T IBC is the least highly-priced version a good way to price you Rs. 5.20 K. Trek bicycles is one of the top popular bicycle brands in India.

Bsa Ladybird


BSA ladybird is one of the few top 10 popular bicycle brands in India. The BSA ladybird beetle is a part of the BSA store. The bicycles of this entire are tailor made for ladies in India. The fashionable and stylish and are designed particularly for women get entire consolation while using the bicycle. The trendy BSA ladybird beetle bicycles conjointly facilitate the ladies produce a style statement. 

They have numerous elegant fashions. However one among the most in style models of this entire is BSA ladybird beetle Breeze which is regularly for the ladies in the human beings of 8 to 11 years. This version features a light-weight metal body that the younger ladies be aware is easy to address those cycles.

 The saddle is huge padded and consequently, the cycle has calliper brakes. There’s a basket in the front and consequently the rim and consequently, the chain cover is also adorned nicely. BSA lady bird has emerged to be one of the best bicycle brands in India.

La Sovereign


LA sovereign is one of the top 10 popular bicycle brands in India. This is an undertaking among a company based totally in Thailand associated an Indian corporation. The Indian counterpart is a Sovereign enterprise and it’s based totally in Ludhiana. This corporation has been generating and advertising and marketing bicycles for the beyond 4 decades. It was one of the popular bicycle brands in India. This complete has numerous bicycle models for little children and consequently the younger generation. 

Their child’s bicycles, MTB bicycles, BMX bicycles are very talked-about. Their favored version is that the La Sovereign metropolis Bicycle. This single-velocity bicycle version is first-rate for people who want to move at bicycle inside the city. 

One of the most vital alternatives of the Los Angeles Sovereign metropolis Bicycle is that the long lasting metal body of the bicycle. They want many numerous models, especially for youngsters. Therefore, if you want to choose a bicycle to your youngster then you definitely want to take into idea this complete. LA sovereign has become a top bicycle brand in India.

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Mach City

Mach City Bicycles Price, Mach City iBike Online - Track and Trail

Mach city is one of the top 10 popular bicycle brands in India. Mach city entire of bicycles was introduced in the Indian markets in 2015. The goal marketplace of this brand is the entire is that the city crowd. Mach city has cycled for driving on city roads and they actually have hybrid models. One among their desired models is the bike W Single Speed. 

It’s has companion indirect crossbar. Therefore girls will take a seat down at the cycle with ease. Mach city has with fulfillment created it to the top cycle brands in India despite the fact that it’s relatively new. It’s turned out to be highly regarded in the Indian markets due to its advanced fine cycles. Mach city has taken place as one of the popular bicycle brands in India.

Top Bicycle Brands Along With Their Website:

2.ATLAS BICYCLEShttps://www.atlasbicycles.com/
6.MONTRA CYCLEShttps://www.trackandtrail.in/cycles/montra
7.TREK CYCLEShttps://www.trekbikes.com/in/en_IN/
8.BSA LADYBIRDhttps://www.trackandtrail.in/cycles/bsa-ladybird
9.LA SOVEREIGNhttps://la-sovereign.com/
10.MACH CITYhttps://www.trackandtrail.in/cycles/mach-city

Which brand is best for bicycle?

  1. Trek Bicycle Corporation.
  2. Connondale.
  3. Kona Bikes
  4. Colnago
  5. Bianchi.

Which is the No 1 Cycle brand in India?

  3. GIANT
  4. BSA
  5. GT BIKE

Which bike is easiest to ride?

Hybrid or cross bikes are almost as fast and easy to pedal as a road bike, while being almost as comfortable and versatile as a mountain bike.

Which is the cheapest cycle in India?

  1. Hercules Hister 27.5T Single Speed Road Cycle (Ideal for 12+ Years, Disc brake)
  2. Hercules Flunk HT 26T Single Speed Road Cycle (Ideal for 12+ Years, Disc brake )
  3. Leader Xtreme MTB 26T IBC Mountain Bicycle/Bike Without Gear Single Speed with Rear Suspension for Men – Black/Fluro Orange Ideal for 10+ Years 18-inch Steel Frame
  4. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle (Ideal for 12+ Years, Brake: V Brake)
  5. Stryder I-Ride Model 26 Inches MTB Speed Road Bike – 19-inch Frame, Black GreenBrake)

Is Atlas cycle Indian company?

Started in 1950 from Sonipat, Atlas Cycles grew to emerge as India’s largest cycle manufacturer in 1965.

Who is the owner of Hero cycles?

Hero Motors Company.

Who is the largest cycle manufacturer?

Incorporated in 1956, Hero Cycles Limited is the largest integrated cycle manufacturer in the world.

Which city is famous for bicycle industry in India?

The city of Ludhiana is the hub for bicycle manufacturing in India, with over 3,500-4,000 MSMEs producing bicycle components, while the cluster produces almost 40,000-50,000 bicycles per day.

Which city is best for cycling in India?

  1. Leh to Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Gangtok to Nathu La
  3. Coorg to Munnar
  4. Mumbai to Mangalore/Trivandrum
  5. Mangalore to Goa

Where are bicycles manufactured in India?

Bicycle manufacturing in India’s northern state of Punjab is on the rise. According to the latest figures provided by industry sources, around 50,000 bicycles are manufactured every day in Ludhina City alone.


As for the final say these are some of the popular bicycle brands in India. These brands produce bicycles which are quite stylist, affordable and comfortable. They have bicycle for every occasion and these brands keep launching bicycles with new designs and innovations.


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