Top 10 Best Colleges in India for Economics

Best Colleges in India for Economics.
Best Colleges in India for Economics.
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What is Economics?

Economics is a social technology directed on the pride of want and desires by allocating scarce sources that have opportunity uses. It is involved with the production, distribution, and intake of products and services. It researches how individuals, businesses, governments, and countries make alternatives approximately to allocate sources. The constructing blocks of economics are the research of hard work and trade.

The economic evaluation may be implemented in society, along with actual estate, business, finance, fitness care, engineering, and authorities. It is likewise implemented to topics such as crime, education, the family, feminism, law, philosophy, politics, religion, social institutions, war, technology, and the environment. Economic theories are often examined empirically, mainly through the usage of econometrics the use of financial facts.

However, the sector of experimental economics is growing, and growing use is being made from natural experiments. The professionalization of economics pondered withinside the boom of graduate programmes at the subject has been defined as “the principle alternate in economics given that around 1900”. Most universities and plenty of schools have a top school, or branch wherein educational levels are offered within the subject, whether or not within the liberal arts, business, or expert study.

In the personal sector, expert economists are hired as specialists and in industry and banking, and finance. Economists also cover various authorities departments and agencies, such as the countrywide treasury, crucial financial institution, or National Bureau of Statistics. There are dozens of prizes offered to economists every year for first-rate highbrow contributions to the sector. The maximum outstanding is the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. However, it isn’t always a Nobel Prize.

Here is the list of the top 10 best colleges for studying Economics: 

List of Top Colleges in India for Economics

Loyola college

Loyala College

Loyola college is one of the best colleges in India for analyzing economics. It came to be positioned in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a personal Catholic higher training institution run via the Society of Jesus. The College offers publications at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The arts/humanities waft includes English, economics, commerce, history, Tamil, and sociology.

Science publications embody physics, chemistry, statistics, botany, zoology, and computer technological knowledge. The Department of Economics, Loyola College (Autonomous) Chennai, India, is one of the first 3 Departments with seventy-five college students at the rolls withinside the beneath neath graduate publications. The undergraduate and postgraduate publications presented in Loyola College cover an extensive spectrum of those financial troubles from the concept of choices, public coverage, financial coverage, and macro-financial theories to environmental economics, global alternate, and monetary markets.

The college students are accordingly prepared with competencies that might be critical for process openings. The call for the U.G. and P.G. publications in Economics at Loyola College is ever on the increase. Students with numerous professional desires aspire to be a part of the branch. The branch can entice aspirants of Civil Services, Chartered Accountancy, and Financial & Economic Analysis at large. The Department strives properly in studies as nicely with M.Phil and doctoral programmes attracting studies aspirants worldwide.

India Today paper magazines in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 ranked Loyola number one in India for technological knowledge degrees, and in 2007 in every specialized knowledge and humanities. Loyola College has become a pioneer among colleges in South India in the internet web hosting cultural fests. It stands proud among men’s colleges in Chennai for fostering nicely-rounded development. Over the years, Loyola University has become one of the top colleges for economics.

College website:

Contact no: +91 – 44 – 28178200

St Xavier college, Mumbai

Xavier College

St. Xavier college is one of the top colleges in India for economics. It may be a private, Catholic, autonomous teaching establishment surpassing the Bombay Province of the Society of Jesus of Nazareth in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Jesuits had based it on January 2, 1869. Xavier faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, and Management, together with B.An in Economics. Xavier’ was the primary College to be granted autonomy by the University of Mumbai in 2010.

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In 2006, St. Xavier’ was awarded the ‘A+’ grade by National Assessment and enfranchisement Council (NAAC). Xavier’ students, “Xavierites”, maintain relationships with peers from different schools by participating in inter-college competitions and faculty festivals.

National India, these days magazine’ report on colleges, has systematically rated Saint Francis Xavier’ within the top ten in India in recent years. Within the Gregorian calendar of 2000 and June 2006 issues, Xavier’ has been rated the most spartan arts college and the country’s runner-up science and commerce college. St. Xavier college has become one of the top 10 best colleges for studying economics.

College website:

Contact no: +91-22-22620661


Miranda House

Miranda house college is another one of the top colleges for economics. Miranda House is a constituent college for ladies at the University of Delhi in India. It became mounted in 1948; it offers levels withinside the sciences and liberal arts. Miranda House offers a massive variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It offers courses in Undergraduate courses in B.A.

The programme, B.A. Honours in Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology and lots of more excellent in science. Its economics branch is reputed to pleasant departments in College. They have college electricity of 11; all posts are filled. The economics branch is reputed to be the various lovely departments withinside the University mainly due to the regions of hobby span the variety from excessive principle to heterodox applications.

In particular, few departments’ve information to educate papers as numerous as superior microeconomics, sport principle, and econometrics, on the other hand – and political, economic system, and financial records. Various workshops, seminars, and talks are prepared through the branch to assist the scholars in improving their instructional ability and selecting their careers.

The Economics Department organizes numerous occasions thru Arthashastra – the Economics Society. The society intends to inspire interplay among participants and create liberal and open surroundings for wide-ranging instructional discussion. Miranda House has ranked first among schools in India thru the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Over the years, Miranda house college has earned its popularity and has become the best College for economics in India.

College website :




Madras Christian College is one of the top colleges in India for learning economics. It may be a bailiwick and sciences college in Chennai, India, based in 1837. MCC is one of Asia’s oldest living colleges. The school offers over thirty regular courses in college and postgraduate programmes in Arts, Sciences, and Commerce, besides undergraduate programmes in job streams of anthropology and Musicology; and doctoral programmes in welfare work (MSW) and laptop Applications (MCA).

Its economics department is one of the oldest Departments within the College. The Department of political economy has distinguished itself to be one of the country’s leading centers of learning political economy. India’s initial 3 Finance Ministers and leading economists are among its Alumni. The Department has developed a novel and challenging syllabus and syllabus at the college man and Postgraduate levels.

Students are trained to investigate concrete issues with the assistance of abstract frames, theoretical insights, and mathematical, applied math, and economic science tools alongside laptop applications. Areas of specialization embrace Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, cash and Finance, Institutional Economics, small and Macro studies. MCC has been notable and acclaimed for its tradition in choral and music in various genres.

MCC is graded high three in Asian countries and high one in Chennai (2020) by India nowadays and Education World. Over the years, it’s been recognized as one of India’s top colleges for economics.

College website:

Contact no: 044-22390675


r v university

 R.V. College is one of the best colleges for economics in India. R.V. University is a State Private University that has been installed in Karnataka State. R.V. University is ruled through Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST). The University strives to offer excellence in Education with Societal Commitment. It gives undergraduate guides in Arts, Science, etc.… The University provides B.A. honors in Economics. In this programme, college students will benefit from expertise critical for comprehending the complicated troubles that form today’s worldwide marketplace.

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It also presents them with high-quality coaching for graduates to look at in fields inclusive of law, political science, history, crook justice, anthropology, sociology, and economics. Plus, unbiased studies possibilities abound thru seminar guides, unbiased studies & internships. It also has Incubation middle through which college students benefit hands-on enjoy in innovation and entrepreneurship even as nurtured and endorsed through school and enterprise experts. R.V. College has taken place for the top 10 best colleges for economics.

Company website:

Contact no: +918951179896


Hindu College

Hindu university is one of the top ten best colleges for economics. Hindu university will be a constituent university of New Delhi, India, set up in 1899. It gives undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in sciences, humanities, social sciences and commerce. The economics branch of Hindu college takes satisfaction in being many of the only Departments to look at social technology on the undergraduate level. It consists of a younger and dynamic university of 8 participants with several specializations and interests.

The coaching technique combines simple techniques of University education – lectures and tutorials – with written assignments, challenge work, discipline trips, and scholar presentations every in faculty and seminars. Students are stimulated to take part inside the organization and evaluation life of institutions outdoor College thru internships.

All department sports are aimed to encourage the students to discover the aspect of the way the frontiers of the prescribed syllabus, degree financial troubles victimization the skills and gear non-inheritable each inside and outside the classroom, and circulate with professionals from numerous regions of specialization. In 2020, it was hierarchical 1/3 national using the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) underneath the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It is identified to be one of the top 10 best colleges for economics.

Company website:

Contact no: 27667184


Lady Shri

Lady Shri ram College is one of India’s best and top colleges for economic science, established in 1956 in New Delhi. It provides an extensive selection of courses for college students, incorporating B.A. (H) economics, English, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology, scientific discipline and more in science. The Department of Economics in lady Shri ram college is a well-knit community of accomplished and highly committed teaching colleges and a spirited cluster of the student body.

In its continuous endeavour to harmonize excellence with inclusivity and equity, the Department attracts strength from a dynamic teaching-learning process, wherever the school feels privileged to collaborate with its overenthusiastic young students as they commence their associate degree enriching and fulfilling life-long learning experience.

The social science college man programme provides a robust foundation in theory and quantitative tools of economic analysis. It conjointly familiarises students with shifts in development paradigms with direct relation to the state of India’s individuals in the pre and post-independence period.

The faculty organizes workshops focussed on; however, members will devote the time required to assemble and verify relevant info, which will construct the premise of their analysis paper/literary review. It has a hierarchal second among schools in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2020. Over the years, it’s become one of the best colleges in India for economics.

College website:

Contact no: 91+1126434459



Presidency University is one of the best colleges in India for economics. It was established in 1817 in Kolkata. It is, in all probability, the oldest institution in India to possess no non-secular connection. The College offers admission for collegian and postgraduate courses through admission tests in numerous classes. The faculty is best noted for its economics programmes. The Department of economics features a wealthy heritage of teaching. Sir Jehangir Cooverji Coyajee, a student of Caius College, Cambridge, was one of the primaries of the good academics of the Department.

His encyclopaedism and talent as an instructor helped form the urban centre, a number one Indian center for economic study and research. The Department holds frequent workshops and seminars, wherever leading economists move with the students. In addition, the Department has started a weekly school Colloquium Series in 2019.

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Further, prof Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee organizes the distinguished Dipak Banerjee Memorial Lecture each year. Of the eminent speakers invited to deliver this prestigious lecture, 3 Alfred Nobel Laureates (Joseph Stiglitz in 2012, Amartya subunit in 2013, and Jean Tirole in 2017). The economics Study Group initially fashioned throughout the heydays of the middle for Economic Studies has restarted holding monthly conferences in the Department.

Presidency University has received an A grade with a score of 3.04/4.00 by the NAAC. The presidency has been recognized as associate “Institute of National Eminence” by the UGC. It appeared within the inaugural list of top fifty establishments of NIRF rankings in 2016. Over the years, it has been recognized as one of India’s top 10 best colleges for economics.

College website:

Contact no: 033 4052 9999



KJSAC (KJ Somaiya College of Trades and Commerce) is one of India’s top and best Colleges for economics. It became innovated in 1959. The council gives a wide variety of alternatives withinside the trades and commerce. It offers excellent openings for people who want to pursue a profession in economics. The Department of Economics offers. andB.COM, a three-time semester direction. It has made a qualitative donation to exploration and tutoring withinside the discipline of economics on the grounds of its commencement.

Presently, Ms Jayshree Kotak is at the top of the branch, focusing on international economics, monetary banking and industry. The chapter gives six papers in TYBA, including Econometrics and Mathematics, making the direction extra realistic and skill-grounded.

The unit has a unique molecular which facilitates students in organization literacy. Invited Lectures, Essay Writing Contest, Poster & Presentation Contest, Economic Diagram Contest, PowerPoint Presentation Contest, MockStock Contest, Quiz Contest, Bombay Scholarship, public inventory change and an RBI gallery and synthetic tenures are prepared yearly with the aid of using the worthwhile association.

The council is blended with the University of Mumbai and commemorated with the assistance of using the UGC. It has additionally been NAAC Grade “A” approved and has over 50 instances of excellence. The College has earned its position of being one of the top and best Colleges for economics in India.

College website:

Contact no: 022-21022915



Parul college is one of the top 10 and best Colleges for economics in India. From its inception in 1993 to its reputation as Parul University withinside the 12 months of 2015, the University has grown into one of every of India’s central instructional Institutions. It provides a wide variety of publications in numerous fields. It has such a lot of programmes for college students who will have a profession in economics.

The Faculty of Arts gives three years of bachelor’s diploma software in economics, aiming to equip college students with the functional specialization abilities required to contribute to the economy actively. With the ever-improving scope of virtual

technology and the ever-converting monetary marketplace and economic forces, the size of the enterprise global and the observation of economics equips college students with the applicable skillsets to govern and navigate those changes. This software has been uniquely designed to offer college students the essential information of the sector whilst equipping them with the maximum enriching publicity to a number of the crucial interdisciplinary factors of trade such as accounting, finance, banking and insurance.

Parul University is ranked in the Top sixty-five Private State Universities (for Management Studies) in India. It has earned popularity through the years for being the best College for studying economics in India.

College website:

Contact no:  +91-2668-260300


Top 10 colleges for studying economics:



Economics is one of the evergreen topics due to its excessive application and large call for withinside the task markets. There are many excellent colleges all over India for studying economics with the best faculty and top alumni.

How much an economist earns well in India?

Economists do earn in good amount. It highly depends on one’s job profile in economy and experience.


Well, these are some of the best colleges for studying economics. These colleges have so many opportunities which help in moving forward in my career. These colleges have notable alumni and teachers.

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