Best Colour Combinations for Indian Kitchens

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The kitchen is the most-important room among all the other rooms in a house. From cooking food to hosting gatherings, many things take place in that area. It’s also a place where people stay positive and highly productive daily.

So, the type of paint you choose for the kitchen will have a massive effect on a person’s mood, personality and how they work. If you’re planning to give your kitchen area a new look, you must choose a colour combination that perfectly matches the kitchen.

But what exactly are these unique colour combinations? Let’s find out!

1.   Grey, Green and Red

You can spike up the cook times with this particular colour combination. You can use a bright red hue for the kitchen island, and for the kitchen wall colour, you can use emerald green. Go for black or grey for the cabinetry. Make sure to use the accents sparingly so that it doesn’t appear as if it’s overcrowded with too many elements and colours.

2.   Cream and Brown

Both brown and cream are warm shades, which are excellent for your kitchen area. It offers a clean, fresh and sophisticated feel and will make the whole kitchen look much more spacious. You can use cream and brown trims on the cabinets. Otherwise, you can go for cream walls with brown cabinets, which will enhance the look and feel of the kitchen instantly.

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3.   Silver Grey, White and Red

When planning to give your kitchen area a dramatic appearance, you must opt for the silver grey, red and white colour combination. You can paint the cabinets deep red and pair them with silver-grey accents.

Experts say that ‘Cooking’, as an art, is pretty dramatic and giving it a dramatic feel and look surely makes the area stand out. Apart from the deep red colour, you can also go for paprika, cherry red, rustic crimson, vermillion and many more.

4.   Wood and Black

The Express Painting experts have claimed that wood and black are perfect colour combinations for a kitchen. It will not just offer a modern look and feel but make the entire kitchen look beautiful and elegant. You can paint the kitchen cabinets and walls in black and utilize the natural wood colour for the accents. Try sticking to minimalistic backsplashes and accents to make the kitchen appear more stylish.

5.   Pastel Colours

Pastel shades are known to add a bit of charm to all the rooms of a house. Using pastel colours instead of others will greatly enhance the kitchen’s appearance. You can opt for subtle and plain pastel shades, such as light teal and blush pink will add a sophisticated and soft look to the kitchen.

Parting Words

Just like all the other rooms of the house, the kitchens deserve a bit of a makeover. You can improve its look and feel by replacing the old shades with new ones.

You try many types of colour combinations for the kitchen area, and some unique ones are mentioned in this post. Check out each of them and pick the one that matches your needs.

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