Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Workplace or not, gifting is always exciting.  Corporate gifting shouldn’t be any different. Research has shown how corporate gifting is an excellent method for both customer conversion and retention.

It is always a perfect avenue to create a personal bond between an employer and employee, so when done, it is best done right.

When thinking of gift ideas, a lot comes to mind.  Gifts can be houseware, office accessories, tickets to a concert, edible treats, etc.   This article will help you make the right choice.

Is Corporate Gifting Important?

Gifting clients and prospects not only creates long-lasting bonds but also makes them feel recognized. It heightens their trust for your brand and improves the possibility of them patronizing the brand.

However, clients and prospective clients are not the only people that brands should consider in their corporate gifting plan.  Employees should also be involved. Well-curated and executed unique gifts for coworkers or employees creates a sense of belonging.

Employees are key players in the progress of a brand.  Hence it will be a plus if they feel valued and appreciated. The employees who contribute their quality time and energy into their work will feel motivated to do even more.

Best Gift Ideas for Corporate Gifting in 2022

With all the information above, you would have understood how corporate gifting works and how to go about it. However, we don’t want you to go through any hassle, so we’ll be going ahead to provide you with a list of unique gift options you can implement today!

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1. Family Board Games

This is an excellent choice as it is both suitable for more than one person and depicts that you appreciate quality time spent with family.

2. Gift Hampers

Beyond whatever service you offer, you can’t go wrong with gift hampers as they contain items everyone needs. Taking it up a notch would have you adding handwritten appreciation notes and giving room for everyone to select from a list what they want their hamper to contain.

3. Personalized Company Wear Set

Branding of t-shirts, Polos and utility bags is a big win in the category of corporate gifting. Want to make it a bit extra? How about adding their names, so they know these items were specifically made for them? Even better would be adding a nickname they’re frequently called at work.

4. Portable Digital Devices

Image source: Pexels

In this day and age, it’s no news the influence technology has on everything. Corporate gifting isn’t excluded. Portable Bluetooth headsets, flash drives, smart watches, etc., appeal to all ages and genders. 

5. Paid Holidays

Having a paid holiday is like having the best of both worlds!!! You get to spend time with your family and friends or much-needed personal relaxation time and not stress much about finances.

No one would say no to saving a few bucks; that’s why it is a suitable gift choice for many employees.

When is the Best Time to Gift Employees?

There are no fast rules to gifting, but we however understand your dilemma. Gifting your employees can be a seamless process and shouldn’t seem like a chore. Here are some best times you can give gifts to your employees.

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1. Personal Achievements

Image source: Pexels

When it comes to celebrating, the more people, the merrier. Celebrating the personal milestones of your employees, such as an addition to the family, a wedding, etc., is an excellent place to start.

Nothing too extra, a thoughtful gift that they can use at that phase in their life is a good choice.

2. Award of Service

Letting your employees know you see their hard work is another path you can utilize. It could be when they can solve a problem or save the company from what could have been a potential risk.

3. Promotion

In the case of a promotion at work, a customised gift pack is another avenue. This could come in the form of office accessories, especially if they have a new office etc. 

4. Festive Period

Corporate Christmas gifts are a classic that people look forward to. You can seldom go wrong with gifting during festive periods. It’s a joyous season with friends and family, and you should be able to show that you relate to their beliefs.

Tips For Effective Corporate Gifting

There’s a goal with corporate gifting– the feeling you want to get out of your employees. You want them to feel valued.  You want to create comfortability and ensure the message is passed. Well, here are a few tips for when going over your gift ideas.

1. Make It Personal

Personalized gifts as general as gender specific ones to meal plans coupons for vegetarians or diabetic employees speaks volumes of the attention you bestow upon your employees. The goal is to make them understand their value and nothing does it better than this. Getting information from unit heads can help execute this effectively.

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2. Plan Ahead

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Like every other work related activity, choosing gift ideas for employees should be treated with the same amount of vigour and dedication. Not only does this help you carry out the gifting exercise effectively, it also helps you determine the best decisions to maximize output while minimizing the time, energy, and resources put in.

A committee can be set up to carry out the exercise and to ensure all grounds are covered.

3. Give Practical gifts

A beautifully painted file cabinet may not be as practical in this day and time with everything being done online. Whichever gift you settle for should be something your employees can use in their day-to-day life or at least frequently enough.

4. Let your employees choose their gift

As tricky as this may be, it has proven to be quite effective as tricky as this may be. If you set up a committee for the gifting exercise, they can help you with finding out what people want. There can be a poll with different options for people to choose their preferred gift, a budget set aside and a survey to determine how best to use the funds.


Corporate gifting is a key factor in brand strategy. From choosing gifts, when the gifts should be given, and tips to achieving this are all important. There is an endless array of corporate gifting ideas, both on and off this article. Whichever idea you finally choose, it is essential that proper thought is put into it to ensure that the aim is achieved. 


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