Top 20 travel destinations in the world
Top 20 travel destinations in the world

Top 20 Travel Destinations in The World

This post was most recently updated on August 25th, 2021

The world is full of amazing destinations which seem like they’re straight out of a magical storybook. Whether it’s the enchanted city of Holland where the streets are made of water, or the Ice Hotel in Finland built after the famous TV Show Game of Thrones, there’s so much magnificence that seems too surreal.

Right from the Caribbean Islands to the spectacular forests and historical places, you will discover everything you desire to see in this list of the best places to travel for a vacation.

Best Countries to Visit :


Best Countries to Visit

Who can fight the call of pasta and attractive people? There are a large number of travelers who’ve voted for Italy as the world’s finest country to travel for five straight years according to various surveys. Italy is all about vacation — sip wine for hours in Venice’s Piazza San Marco, make networks with a hammock on a villa in Tuscany, or bask on the cliffs of Riomaggiore.


Best Countries to Visit

The country that introduced us to cabaret, Champagne, and hundreds of cheese varieties is one of the greatest romantic places on the earth. In the springtime — an outstanding season for a trip to France — travelers consider the country to provide with the most beautiful hiking experience you can imagine. Under two hours by wagon from Morzine, Lake Annecy is a charming diversion.

3. Spain:

Best Countries to Visit

Since Ferran Adria’s elBulli famous restaurant was set up in Catalonia, Spain has been the world’s acknowledged epicentre of cutting-edge cookery. Scheduling a complete vacation around the fine-dining restaurants you want to binge at and the most well-known tapas spots is a virtuous idea. Travellers suggest that visiting Spain is great in April for the best weather. It will enable you to catch Barcelona’s food-filled April Fair also.

The culture in Spain is heavily linked with its rich food and eating habits. Whatever you do – make the most of it so that you can make a memorable time. A good foodie vacation in Spain means eating leisurely and spending time with your favourites.

For the thrill hunters, try some exhilarating activities like parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding and many more to make the best memories forever.

4. Greece:

Best Countries to Visit

In the middle of a financial disaster, a wave of new museums, hip hotels and workshops and pop-ups are encouraging a cultural revitalization in the capital city. For travellers, the turquoise waters and the salty air of Mykonos will always be attractive and absolutely worth it trip. Travellers may also feel the pick sand at Elafonissi beach, dip into the waters of Balos beach, touch the fishes at Aqua world aquarium, and keep an eye out for the huge collections at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

5.New Zealand:

Best Countries to Visit

This wonderful destination is for enthusiastic adventurers. You can rough it in a cottage with no electricity on the lovely Great Barrier Island, immerse yourself in the remedial waters of Maruia Springs, or relish world-class fly fishing in Queenstown, or even hike through the volcanic terrains in Tongariro National Park, where you can also find what many say is the top burger on the earth at Fergberger.

6. Thailand:

Best Countries to Visit

Whether you select to eat your way through Bangkok or travel through the glamorous Eastern & Oriental Express or island hop around Phuket, Thailand will definitely win your heart with its lively culture, exotic food, and ideal resorts. Lately, there’s been an increase in holistic health and wellness resorts which are attracting a large number of tourists and where you can detox and replenish with yoga and Ayurvedic spa treatments good for the body and soul.

7. India:

Best Countries to Visit

From the sandy beaches of Goa to the olden Buddhist caves of Ajanta, the places to visit in the second-most crowded country in the world are boundless. Far from the masses of Mumbai, northern Kashmir is often defined as India’s Switzerland, where the pace is gentler and the skiing is quite virtuous. The place makes sure to leave an imprint on the traveller’s heart.

Indian cuisines have won hearts all over the world now. A traveller will be able to discover a whole new world of Indian cooking. Fragrant spices, crispy samosas, soft flatbreads, fluffy rice and curries with a kick are some of the dishes that reach the stomach leaving a wonderful taste on the tongue.

8. Croatia:

Best Countries to Visit

Whether you love underwater adventures or relaxing beach trips or even day hikes with friends or solo, Croatia in the Baltics is home to a numerous variety of natural beauty. Perhaps on the most beautiful and popular natural spots in Croatia is the Plitvice National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll have your eyes glued on woodland walks, gushing waterfalls and calm lakes. Other amazing spots in Croatia include Southern Dalmatian Islands, the coastal city of Split and also the Krka National Park, which is also home to splendid waterfalls.

9. Iceland:

Best Countries to Visit

Home to immense waterfalls, bubbling hot springs and rambling volcanic fields, Iceland is quickly becoming one of the world’s most widespread nature travel destinations. The most common spots can usually be found within Iceland’s Golden Circle, which makes them simple to see and reach by car or as part of a friends group.

Popular destinations in Iceland include Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss and the Geysir Hot Spring Area among many more.

But you are also required to make an effort to head to the south coast in look for incredible waterfalls and black sand beaches.

10.Indonesia: ( About Bali )

Best Countries to Visit

This popular destination is full of endless lush green rice fields, bright blue oceans, tropical jungles and endless pink or blue skies. The epitome of exotic nature, Bali in Indonesia is popularly famous for its rice paddies, tropical jungles, sandy beaches, volcanic mountains, underwater adventures and colourful coral reeks!

11.United Kingdom:

Best Countries to Visit

Often unnoticed in preference of far-flung and far more exotic places, it’s often forgotten just how much natural beauty there is right here in the UK for the travellers to experience.

From the apparently unlimited meres, tarns and waters of the Lake District, to the mountainous peaks of Scotland and Wales, gorgeous Cornish beaches, sheltered canopies of the Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks and even the northern part of the ‘Emerald Green Isle” itself, travelers are sure to find somewhere in the Great British Outdoors well worth exploring for a lifetime. Just come equipped for changeable weather year-round!

12. Japan:

Best Countries to Visit

This exquisite destination is home to high and exquisitely detailed temples of traditional Geisha performers, worship and exemplary calligraphy artwork. Thanks to the multiple millennia of history, as well as Shintoism and Buddhism influences, the country has one of the richest cultures in the world.

The country showcases a combination of both modern and antique. While Tokyo presents a more modern platform, the old capital of Kyoto is where you can visit if you desire to experience some of Japan’s finest and greatest authentic culture.

13. China:

Best Countries to Visit

From splendid myriad temples of worship like Po Lin Monastery and spiritual rituals to understand more about the numerous dynasties in the Chinese history, as well as its pottery, art influences, and porcelain, China can be regarded as an amazing place to pay a visit for culture lovers. For travelers who are historic enthusiasts, Pingyao and Beijing are a definite calling while Shanghai represents modernization at a rapid pace. The various fun activities which can be done include a tour of Disney Land, night cruise to Victoria harbor and relish authentic food at the international cuisine stalls at the famous malls.

14. Austria:

Best Countries to Visit

Cheers to world well-known Austrian composers like Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven, Austria has really been pinned on the map when the conversation is about authentic classical music and the opera theatre.

Cities like Salzburg and Vienna are overflowing with opera houses, while a tour to the opera or to see a classical music recital frequently top tourist lists universally.

Together with music, Austria is also popular for its exquisite architecture. Vienna, in particular, is jam-packed with neoclassical and baroque style structures and palaces, which are both impressive and opulent in their appearance.


Best Countries to Visit

If you love culture then a visit to Cuba is a definite must. For a start, it’s like jumping back in time as the island is full of old vintage cars. These are juxtaposed against the colorful and bright architecture, making for beautiful memories and Instagram pictures. You will surely enjoy your trip to Cuba as there are many things to do, to see and to try. One of the things that you should definitely try is the world-famous cigar. If you are a smoker you must try the best ones like Montecristo no 2, Sancho Panza cigar, or Cohiba cigars.

Cuban culture also advocates extraordinary music. Many of the sounds you’ll listen to on the streets have been adapted from other musically rich cultures, such as Afro-Cuban jazz or Spanish guitars. Take a walk on the Cuban streets and enjoy extraordinary dancers and streets festivals with dance and music.

16. Egypt:

Best Countries to Visit

Best place for travel for history lovers. The Pyramids of Giza are popular throughout, as are the treasures that lie within them. There’s a reason why a large number of ancestors visited the pyramids in look for hieroglyphs, gold and mummified Pharaohs. Travellers love to visit either Giza or Cairo or both. But the city of Alexandria is also popular as it was the birthplace of philosophy and literature.

17. France:

Best Countries to Visit

The French capital of Paris is often referred to as the “City of Lights” or the “City of Love”, making it the very spirit of love for couples who love city breaks.

Whether you have one night or three nights or an entire week to discover Paris, attractive Parisian patisseries, educational museums, the regal Eiffel Tower, expansive art galleries and peaceful gardens are just some of the highlights that will be appealing to you during your trip.

18. Netherlands (About Amsterdam) :

Best Countries to Visit

The peculiar city Amsterdam, found in the Netherlands, is a pleasurable city break for couples intent on staying and visiting thought-provoking museums and art galleries together while taking complete advantage of Amsterdam’s comfortable approach towards erotica and drugs.

When you can also combine this with romantic walks along the 31 miles of canals and a few historical and cultural exhibits, your lovely travel to Amsterdam is bound to be unforgettable and a mark on your heart.

19. Ireland (About Dublin)

Best Countries to Visit

As one of the main cities in Ireland, Dublin presents numerous memories to its travelers. From infinite drives to hikes out in the neighbouring countryside, to epic half day trips to walks around the historic Dublin, there’s a lot to take in.

And at night, you’ll have fun visiting numerous bars and clubs on offer. There’s a reason Dublin is so famous with young 20-somethings! Have fun dancing the night away, followed by more glamourous sightseeing during the day. There are so many places to visit in Dublin like the Trinity College, Phoenix Park and the Dublin Zoo. For those interested in history, a visit to the Dublin castle is a must.

20. Russia ( About Saint Petersburg )

Best Countries to Visit

Although Moscow is popular among the crowds in Russia, Saint Petersburg is a gorgeous option for a much-needed travel break and is simple to reach than other European countries, especially Eastern European and Scandinavian countries. As a traveller, you can discover a myriad of amazing museums, sacred cathedrals, grand palaces and interesting agriculture.

Bottom line:

The pace of modernization has become so rapid that it has become very difficult for people to make time for themselves. It is very vital to take out time for a peaceful vacation from your busy schedule. Tourism in the world is at a hike and make sure that you are able to make the most of it. Many cities and countries are increasing their tourism industries to meet this demand, providing great markets and bargains as well as prospects for ecotourism. Indonesia’s Bali, for example, is popular as a shopper’s heaven but also calls those concerned in beautiful beaches and historic locations. Active metropolises such as New York, London and San Francisco are prodigious places for a solo traveller who might want to fill their travel with tourism and museums, before spending their nights relishing a nice meal. Lisbon, Portugal and Sydneyare also popular as great, friendly locations for those wandering on their own pace.



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