Best Games to Play 2022

Best Games to Play 2022
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Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? Well, this game can easily fill your time. From collecting materials to fighting alien species in your overpowered suit, the options are endless. Warframe is the name of the suits that you wear in the game. This game is all about collecting materials and crafting more powerful weapons to progress in the game. There are a number of other things that you can do in the game though. You can make your own clan, invite your friends and fight alongside them, trade rare items and many more. And did I mention that this game is free to play? Oh yes, it is free to play. Although you can purchase in-game items, all of them can be acquired through hard work in the game. It is very rewarding to use the powerful weapons that took hard work to create in action.

Spider Man PS4

From the PS4 exclusive soon-to-be PC game is truly a masterpiece and one of the best games to play. It has satisfying combat which flows smoothly throughout the game and is a truly immersive experience. Were you one of those kids that adored Spider Man so much that you wanted to be him? Well, this game can bring you that experience. Swinging throughout the city gives you a great adrenaline rush and makes you feel like you are in a spiderman movie. It is truly one of the best games to play. The excellent sound design compliments the gameplay very well and hearing this intense design soundtrack while in combat is a breathtaking experience that everyone has to try. As this game is on the ps5, It can utilise the controller’s new systems that allow the triggers to have pressure. So every time you shoot a web it can be felt in the controllers and adds substantially to the immersion

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Doritos Crash Course

Do you want to show your friends that you are better at games than them? Well, this is the game for you. This game offers scenic environments where you race your friends and simply, the first to the finish line is the winner. The obstacle courses feature dangerous rope swings, trampolines, and even hammers that squash you! The game is an Xbox exclusive and was out years ago but still to this day proves to be one of the best games to play even to this day! A few years after Doritos crash course came out, a sequel came out. This was later shut down as it didn’t see the same success as the first iteration of the game. However, the second game did have many more mechanics and we all wish that it didn’t get taken down when it did. This game is best enjoyed on a high-quality screen. Click here to talk to a professional regarding TV installation services.

Skate 3

Do you skate? Well, if yes, then this game is one of the best games to play in 2022 due to its realism. This game is about a young skater who must get 1 million board sales so that he can make a career of skating. This game features you doing tricks to earn points and advertise your own skating brand. You can compete in skating “jam” sessions. The objective of these sessions is to do the best tricks in order to outperform everyone else and gain the most points to secure your victory. However, make sure you know what you are doing. If you fail it can result in some brutal falls that will be sure to make you flinch. Additionally, one of the most loved game modes in this game was a mode called the hall of meat. In this game mode, you had to purposely fall off your skateboard to get the most points. If you can see past the brutal fails, this can get you some great laughs

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Thanks for reading our article on some of the best games to play in 2022. If you feel like we missed some, please look at our honourable mentions list down below to see if any of your favourite titles are there :

Fable 3: an exploration game set on taking down the king. Full of satisfying combat and skill systems. 

Spiderman Miles Morales: Following the events of Spiderman Ps4, another man finds out that he has the same abilities as peter parker. He is in charge of the city while Peter Parker goes on vacation.

Call of Duty Warzone: if you like shooter games then this is the game for you. You are in an open environment and you must be the last to survive in the warzone.

Batman Arkham Knight: You play as Batman and must find who the Arkham Knight is and shut them down before they do more damage to Gotham.

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