Best QR Code Business Card Generators – Our List Of The Top 5 Out There

QR Code Business Card
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QR code business cards have been around for nearly two decades, but they didn’t find their popularity as much as they could have. A partial reason could be that smartphones hadn’t advanced enough to incorporate a decent camera, or even the level of intelligence to scan and interpret QR codes without the aid of sophisticated applications. 

But today, scanning QR codes is as easy as taking a picture, literally. But is it as easy to generate a QR code for business cards? And what features can you expect from different QR code business card generators? And finally, how to choose the one that suits you the most, as there are practically thousands of them out there? 

We have prepared this list to help you answer these questions, so read on ahead to find out.

  1. QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp’s business card easily takes the top spot for us because of the extensive usability and fun features it offers. That too is in its free version. 

For starters, its QR code business card generator is intuitive and very easy to use. You won’t have to follow any tutorials to design even the most sophisticated QR code for business cards. 

You can make a business cards QR code in up to 60+ shapes, use 10+ premade designs, incorporate stickers from a pool of 150 available, and even apply 3D effects to make your QR code business card more immersive looking. It also offers up to ten dynamic codes, which means you can change content linked to the QR code business card when required.

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If you run a coffee shop, you can design a QR code in coffee shaped design. This improves brand awareness by up to 50% and brand recalling becomes easy. 

And we are still talking about the free version. The paid version offers several other factors most suitable for small businesses as well as full-scale enterprises. You can access advanced analytics that includes timeline analysis, top-performing tags, device analysis, and much more. The analytics can be downloaded in Excel form so it can be easily shared with your team. This makes it fairly easy to spot trends, so you can A/B test your strategies. 

  1. Beaconstac’s QR Code solution

Beaconstac is another QR code for business cards generator that enjoys great popularity on the internet. Its multi-lingual support certainly helps in strengthening its popularity all over the world.

Although the free version of Beaconstac’s QR code solution is good for one-time use, its paid version has a minimal monthly fee that almost looks like a safety precaution to avoid misuse and fake bot usage.

In addition, you can have up to 2,500 scans per month in its basic version, which is plenty for small businesses and startups. It also has super-responsive customer support to take care of any queries. 

The only apparent downside to us is the unavailability of a white-labeling feature, which allows you to replace the QR code’s link with custom URLs of your own domain. While white-labeling is available in QR Code Chimp’s free version, Beaconstac’s QR code for business cards generator will require you to subscribe to the enterprise plan.

  1. QRCode Monkey
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The best thing about QRCode Monkey is it generates high-quality QR codes fit for printing in hard copies. Its QR code has a high resolution that translates nicely on a QR code business card. 

Additionally, you can make the QR codes in different shapes and sizes with different colors to stand out. Not only that but you can also design them in bulk for your campaigns. 

However, for dynamic QR codes and advanced analytics, you will need to subscribe to the paid plans, which will redirect you to QR Code Generator, which is next on the list.

  1. QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a product of Egoditor Software company which also owns QRCode Monkey. QR Code Generator offers a lot of features fit for one-time use. However, if you need advanced features, you will need the paid plan. 

The paid plan offers features that include adding a logo and using different shapes and sizes. The free version only offers the standard black-and-white design only. 

QR Code Generator offers you the feature of designing QR codes for Bitcoins, URLs, Wi-FI, etc. QR codes particularly for Bitcoins are something you don’t see very commonly among other QR code generators. You can also subscribe to its free trial version for 14 days to test out different features.

  1. QR Code Tiger

What makes QR Code Tiger stand out for us from other entries in this list is its feature to stuff multiple URLs in a single QR. This works perfectly well if you’re a very versatile brand that offers multiple products and services at the same time. 

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Its other features include support for HTML editor, unlimited scans for static QR codes, customization, and much more. However, you will have to subscribe to paid plans to access advanced customization, dynamic QR codes, QR tracking, etc. 

The paid version, however, also starts at a minimal fee to avoid misuse or bot spamming (similar to Beaconstac’s paid version). 


Many QR code business card generators out there offer several features in their free version. However, for us, QR Code Chimp takes the cake in the free version. You can access almost anything that you will need from a QR code that includes a high level of customization, free scans, and especially white labeling. It is in the analytics department that you will want to test out different paid versions of QR code business card generators. 

The only way to better decide is to test it yourself. And what better option could be than the one that offers the most, even in its free version? Click here to go to QR Code Chimp’s Business Card QR Code Generator.  

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