Top 5 Best Tools for UI/UX Designers 

Best Tools for UI/UX Designers 
Top 5 Best Tools for UI/UX Designers 
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Becoming a UI/UX designer is now easier than ever. With all the developments in technology, people in the design sector can worry less and enjoy more. It is not exactly easy, and one has to make sure one has the proper knowledge and skillset to be a UI/UX designer. Though, it can be tough and challenging, as many say, it gets progressively easy as one takes on the challenges and excels. Learning to design depends on the knowledge one possesses. 

Being a UI/UX designer is no joke. The work directly involves the customer’s or consumer’s influence, and even a slight mistake can be a crucial step in the design process. To make the journey simpler and easy, people use various design tools. If your motive is to explore the design world, make progress in your journey, and create exemplary user experiences, look no further than here. Given below are some of the best tools every UI/UX designer should use. 

Our world has come so far that to achieve success, impressing the public is necessary, and what better way to do that other than by creating an extraordinary customer experience? To achieve that, one needs the right or the best of the available software. It can overwhelming to choose from a large pool of software available, but this article will help you in choosing the best. 

Sketch – 

Sketch is best known for digital designing and prototyping
(Image Source: wikimediacommons)

Sketch is best known for digital designing and prototyping, and it is a great tool for UI/UX designers. Sketch comes with a 30-day free trial and has almost all of the features that a designer needs. With Sketch installed, you can create wireframes on the fly and export your designs into PDFs and PNG files. 

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The pricing starts from $10 per month and goes up to $120 per license.  

Adobe Illustrator –

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best tool for UI
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The very famous tool for designers is Adobe Illustrator. You must have heard all about it from your designer friend. Well, it’s best used for creating and editing vector graphics. People use it to create illustrations, logos, icons, signs, and more. After being in service for almost thirty years, Adobe Illustrator serves best to create custom-designed interfaces which are designed by using different shapes, and it is evolving at a fast pace. 

The pricing starts from ₹1,675.60/mo, incl. GST.

InVision –

InVision is also a best tool for designing
(Image Source: wikimediacommons)

It is a multi-platform application and is best used for Prototyping and Collaboration in the Design Process. Its dynamic elements and collaboration features make it one of the best software for design. Designers love this application as it helps them in creating appealing designs, share them easily, and receive feedback.  

The pricing is very attractive, starting from $0. Yeah! There is a free plan and a pro plan. The pro plan starts at $4. 

Figma – 

Figma is a very powerful tool and makes complex activities simple
(Image Source: Figma)

Another impressive tool that appeals to designers is Figma which is used for Collaborative Design, Prototyping, and Creating User Interfaces. Figma is a very powerful tool and makes complex activities simple. Designer or not designer, this tool will help you in creating interfaces and user experiences for your clients. Figma has a good reputation amongst industry giants like Uber and Slack. 

To use Figma, one can think of spending $12 to $15 monthly, if the free pack isn’t sufficient. 

Axure –

Axure is best tools for UI/UX
(Image Source: Logowik)

Axure is a great addition to the list of best UI/UX tools, as it is best known for creating interactive prototypes and wireframes with advanced functionality. Axure provides various templates for prototyping and also gives the freedom to create your own template. Users can also create prototypes using advanced functionality and can use these prototypes in presentations, demonstrations, and training sessions. 

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Axure provides custom plans, but the starting price is $25 per month. 

This is not the end of the list. There are more such applications and software that can help designers become better at their job. It is a comfort thing, and it is always advised to use the app or software that is best suited for an individual. With the right tools at one’s disposal, achieving success is not a dream. 
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