Bitcoin Up Review – 100% WINNING APP OR SCAM?

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Cryptocurrency is the newest trend, and it is here to stay. Investors have been making money for years, but it got off to a rocky start. Those who stuck with it have made huge profits in the marketplace, but now it is your turn.

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You do not need any experience trading to make it big. Actually, you can have no knowledge about the crypto world and still make money with the right tools. Auto-trading robots have become very popular for seasoned investors and those without any experience. Now, you can enjoy large returns on your investment with a couple of clicks in some places. It’s a win-win situation and makes sure that you can earn wealth like never before.

Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

We focus on researching various automated trading strategies in relation to cryptocurrency. When we find options that look good, we test them out to see if they can make us an everyday profit on the markets.

Usually, we think everyone needs to use an auto-trading robot because it’s created to do the work for you. When they were first introduced in the markets, everybody became seasoned crypto investors because the hassle & confusion were not there anymore.

We wanted to take our time to review BitcoinUp so that you can make an informed decision about your investments. From the positive testimonials we read, we knew we wanted to understand more about it and see how it worked.

What’s Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up

BitcoinUp is a crypto auto-trading platform. It performs the live trades for you & can assess the market to figure out the best deals for you. Of course, you have got to be a member, so you need an account with funds.

How Does It Work?

Our review of BitcoinUp was exhaustive. The process needed us to use every feature & know that every thing worked. With software technicians, business analysts, and crypto investors on the team, we all had a say in what we got. Everybody was pleased with the results. In fact, Bitcoin Up is an excellent cryptocurrency auto-trading platform and can make people rich rapidly.

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We’re happy about this because more auto trading software need to be in the marketplace that’s great. The goal is to help others gain financial freedom by being legitimate & helpful.

Since BitcoinUp uses AI & Machine Learning, the robots can assess the markets & start/finish trades for the user. You do not have stress while earning a passive income from home.

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How to Use It?

We went through each of the steps we list below to make certain that it was going to be simple enough for anybody to do it. Just open your BitcoinUp account, make your deposit, and then choose automated live trades. The robots take over to trade for you. When the session ends, we ended up with our capital & some profits.

When you join & fund the account, you can then make trades on Bitcoin Up. The cheapest deposit option for this software is $250, though you can add up to $15,00 in one go.

Think about the steps that we list and followed when we tested Bitcoin Up:


The first step is to create an account on BitcoinUp. The process was fast because you only need a telephone number, e-mail address, and name. Of course, you also create a pass word or let the site do it for you.

Demo Trades

There’s a demo trade feature on Bitcoin Up, which is great news. Crypto auto-trading systems should provide a demo feature because that shows they’re transparent. When you can see how the process works, you’re more comfortable adding funds & taking on real trades (or letting the robot do it for you). The whole thing was flawless & enjoyable.

Transferring Funds

Before you can start live trades, you need to deposit your capital into the BitcoinUp account. When we did this, there were many payment choices, such as Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and MasterCard. Since they are popular and offer many currency options, almost any one in the world can use Bitcoin Up. We just transferred the base amount of $250. We feel that new traders should really start with the lowest investment choice. That way, they do not risk too much and can grow their capital.

We do encourage each trader to try out the demo trading feature. It’s too easy to use. Of course, there’s lots of information to gather here, and you are going to understand auto-trading much more when you are finished and ready for live trades.

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Live Trading

We initially thought it would be hard to do the live trades, but it was not! In a sense, we just clicked to activate the robot, and the trades began for us. First, the robots had to scan the crypto market to find the best deals. This was done within a few moments. When it found one, the system completed every thing for us using our BitcoinUp funds. It was fast, effortless, and excellent.

Important Bitcoin Up Features


We feel that the payout system is accurate & transparent. The company calculates it minus the fee, and you get your funds in your account right after the session has ended.


You have to submit your account details to get them verified, but the process is automatic & fast. This is essential to ensure that everything is right and correct.


No system is going to be any good if it does not enable you to withdraw your earnings. You can do so easily with Bitcoin Up. Actually, we got our money into our bank account Twenty four hours after we requested it. Everything is straightforward and simple to understand, too.

Service Charge

There is a service charge, which is a percentage taken from your profit immediately after the live session ends. Even so, that is the only one on the platform & seems legitimate to us.

Customer Service

We do not think you are going to have questions or problems, but you can contact somebody from the staff 24/7.

The team is excited about Bitcoin Up. We feel that it can be hard to understand protocols for cryptocurrency, but you do not need to when you use this app. You can get rich without any effort & let the robots do the work for you.

Newbies might benefit from these helpful tips:

Invest Smaller Amounts

It’s often best to invest a minimum of $250 at first. This way, you can learn more about the system while the money multiplies. It only took us a couple of days to triple that minimum amount, so you are going to see returns quickly.

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Make sure that you are withdrawing your earnings after each live trade session. You may also save some to reinvest.

Follow the Trends

You are probably interested in the cryptocurrency market, so you should follow the trends. Since you’re a trader now, it’s useful to know what’s going on.

Don’t Over-Invest

Ensure that you are not investing money that needs to go toward bills or is part of your life savings. There’s a risk of losing the investment, and you do not want to find yourself in financial hardship.

Is there an app for Bitcoin Up?

No, we could not find a mobile app for phones and other devices. However, you do not need it. The auto trading platform is accessible from a browser, which is on smartphones & laptops.

The Verdict

We were completely pleased while using Bitcoin Up and find that it was a great experience. Therefore, we are recommending it to those who wish to earn a passive income and get rich.

Bitcoin Up is effective, and we tested every feature. We also used the live trade, made profits, and withdrew the earnings all without issue. The easy system is simple to use & impressive. Just spend a little bit of time at your pc, and you can make money.

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Frequently asked questions

Though we covered a lot in the review, here are some questions we often get asked about.

What is the success rate for BitcoinUp?

We spent a lot of time analyzing BitcoinUp, and we can say the success rate is high for the transactions you make here.

Have any celebrities endorsed BitcoinUp?

No, we found no info indicating that celebrities have used or endorsed this auto-trading platform. Still, we feel that some auto-traders use this as a gimmick to get you to use the system, so we are not worried that Bitcoin Up does not have this.

Can I withdraw everything in crypto?

No, the earnings you make are first converted into your local currency & then sent to your bank.

Is Bitcoin Up safe?

Yes, we’ve confirmed that any communications on the website and data entered into the platform are secure & encrypted for your protection.

Who should use Bitcoin Up?

Everyone should take it, regardless of whether they have ever traded or not. Professional investors like the manual mode and the fact that everything is streamlined & analysis is completed for you. Newbies prefer automation so that they do not have to understand much about online trading before entering the market.

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