Blair Ewell Shares the Future of Ground Freight Transportation

Blair Ewell Shares the Future of Ground Freight Transportation
Blair Ewell Shares the Future of Ground Freight Transportation
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According to Blair Ewell, the future of ground transportation holds some significant changes. Ground transport has the largest share of cargo shipping in the shipping industry, with trucks responsible for carrying more than 60% of all goods shipped. While several changes have already been made in the industry, such as safer roadways, digital shipment tracking, and multiple modes of transportation, technology and a shifting perspective continue to influence ground transportation. This means new developments are coming.

The Big Three to Watch

Although there are a lot of things going on in the ground transport arena among the individual transport and automotive companies, there are some developments that will have a significant impact on the industry in general. Blair Ewell predicts some may arrive on the scene more quickly than others, but these three areas have already seen progress.

The Internet of Things

The IoT is a network of physical objects using software, sensors, or other tech connected to the Internet to exchange or relay information. Although this isn’t anything new to trucking, ground transport will take IoT to new uses and places in the future. Logistics and shipping companies use trailers and trucks connected to the Internet to track shipping more accurately and more efficiently price shipping costs, and this is expected to expand over the next decade. In particular, trailers will be outfitted with more electronics.

According to Blair Ewell, accurate and real-time data makes a significant difference in efficient operations. By having more connectivity with trailers through additional sensors or electronics, companies could get advance notice on potential maintenance issues or remotely monitor specific elements of the trailer. Lighting, wheel bearing temperature, tire pressure, and brakes are the most common maintenance concerns and influence for having breakdowns or unplanned downtime. IoT connectivity can help reduce this possibility.

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Eco-Friendly Vehicles and Trailers

Going forward, the trucks and trailers used in ground transportation will be more eco-friendly. Fuel efficiency will help companies save thousands of dollars, offering consumers less expensive shipping. However, fuel efficiency also has a positive impact on the environment. Trucks and trailers are being redesigned to be more lightweight and aerodynamic. This improves fuel efficiency and cost efficiency. Several companies are experimenting with electric vehicles, but the capacity requirements of the transport industry still leave this option for farther down the road.

E-Commerce Opportunities

The Internet has opened new opportunities in purchasing, with many people opting for online retailers for significant purchases. Consequently, more manufacturers are purchasing their necessary materials through e-commerce options rather than brick-and-mortar stores. Given this trend, urban warehouses are expected to grow, and smaller, locally operated trucks will deliver packages straight to the consumer.

Blair Ewell knows the future of ground transport is brimming with new developments and logistic opportunities. These should bring the industry increased efficiency and cost-savings.

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