Blinken allowed the lifting of sanctions against Russia, depending on the results of the negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv


The West may lift sanctions on Russia depending on the outcome of Russian-Ukrainian talks, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said .

“We will see what Ukraine will do and what Ukraine wants to do. If there is an understanding that this can lead to the end of the conflict, which will require the lifting of sanctions, then yes, ”the head of the US State Department said on the air of the NBC television channel .

According to Blinken, the purpose of the sanctions is “to change the behavior of Russia” and they should not be endless. Much will depend on Moscow’s position, he noted.

As the site kp.ru wrote , this week another round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations took place in Istanbul. A ceasefire, the exchange of prisoners of war, and the creation of humanitarian corridors were discussed. At the end of these negotiations, the delegation from Moscow stated that “Russia has made two de-escalation steps towards Ukraine” and that “a decision has been made to radically, several times reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions.”

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