BMB FIN TECH – Increase Financial Business

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BMB FIN TECH – Increase Financial Business – You may be familiar with the term Financial Technology or better known as fintech. In this digitalization era, various industries are trying to take advantage of technology to encourage business development, including the financial industry. One of the benefits of BMB FinTech for business is that it can provide low-interest loan references.

The presence of fintech aims to provide various conveniences for the community, especially for the needs of business capital and MSMEs. Before discussing the various benefits of fintech for business needs, it’s a good idea to first understand the definition of fintech in the description below.

What is Bmb Fintech?

BMB Fintech is one of the technological innovations developed by financial institutions to facilitate financial transactions, especially for business purposes. Financial transaction systems built in fintech tend to be specific and have special mechanisms and are supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The use of fintech is increasing every year because it provides various conveniences. Not only for business, but fintech can also support a variety of personal financial transactions, such as fund transfers, payments, and borrowing funds. All of these transactions can be processed quickly, easily, efficiently, comfortably, safely, and most importantly, trusted.

BMB Fin Tech – Increase Financial Business

Did you know that financial technology is a part of the organizational planning process? From this plan, it is hoped that a business or company can avoid mistakes, produce the best decisions, and ultimately be able to improve performance and profits. Financial technology is often underestimated by many people. Even though financial planning has a very important role in business.

Beginner business people often ignore it, because they are too busy looking for consumers and creating products, so they forget about financial technology. What’s more, MSME businessmen often ignore financial planning. Moreover, finding competent talent in finance is very difficult and requires a high price, making it very difficult for small business people. Let’s learn more about financial technology and how to make it.

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Benefits of BMB Fin Tech in Business for Society

There are several benefits of fintech in business that can be felt by the community, one of which is to facilitate the process of borrowing capital. you only need to use a smartphone with a few clicks, then the cash will be disbursed directly into your account. The following is a further explanation of the benefits of fintech in business.

1.      Fintech Can Improve Startup Development

The emergence of fintech is proof that more and more startups or new companies are engaged or doing business in financial products. Several startups provide solutions to people’s financial problems, especially for those in the regions. Starting from the online loan process that can be accessed easily to the pay later feature. Local communities can now access funding quickly and easily without the need to go to the bank. This is because it is quite difficult for the lower middle class to access loan funds from banks. After all, there must be collateral to be used as collateral.

2.      Fintech Provides Low-Interest Loan References

Before fintech developed, financial service providers were dominated by banks with strict requirements and high-interest rates. As fintech continues to grow, the loan process becomes more efficient and lowers interest. Not only that, the most important thing in this capital loan process is that the public gets transparency regarding the loan schemes run by fintech. This transparency is usually used by investors to invest their funds in the community.

3.      Simplify Financial Services

Ease of financial services is one of the benefits that fintech offers to potential users. This is indeed proven, if you look at financial services in the past few years, you have to make transfers, apply for capital loans, to invest by going to the bank directly. In contrast to now, the entire process of financial services can be accessed using a cell phone. In addition, several things such as paying for electricity, telephone, BJPS, and payments can be made in just a few clicks.

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4.      Fintech Can Improve Living Standards

Another benefit of BMB FINTECH is that it can improve people’s standard of living, especially through loan funds that can be accessed easily. Now, people can meet their consumptive and productive needs quickly. You can even get capital loans for business efficiently. From the convenience offered, fintech can improve the standard of living of many people.

5.      Supporting National Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a right that everyone has to have access to full services from financial institutions in a safe, comfortable, informative, and timely manner. Fintech seeks to support this financial inclusion by presenting a transparent loan process.

Even in 2019, the National Financial Inclusion Council (DKNI) had a target of increasing financial inclusion by 75%. However, this target has only reached 49%, meaning that it is still below the set standard. Because of this, the government issued a policy to increase national financial inclusion through accelerators, namely crowdfunding platforms that connect loan funds with business people.

6.      Helping Business Players Obtain Business Capital

The benefits of fintech are no less important, namely being able to help business people to obtain venture capital. MSME business actors who are developing in Indonesia generally make capital loans at banks by fulfilling many requirements and relatively high interest. The process is also quite long because the bank will verify the data manually.

The process that goes through to get a capital loan at a bank can be said to be burdensome for business actors, especially since their business scale is classified as micro, small and medium. However, this problem can be overcome by the loan process offered by fintech.

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One type of fintech that can be an alternative to capital loans for MSMEs is a peer to peer lending (P2P). P2P provides low-interest rates with a fairly easy loan application process. you only need to register and complete the requirements online without having to leave your home. If the requirements have been met, the lender will disburse cash by sending it directly to the registered account. Through this process, loans for business capital become more practical and easier to disburse.

7.      Support Community Life

It cannot be denied, fintech is a company established for business purposes, namely to make a profit. However, behind it all, fintech can support people’s lives from various sides, such as increased buying and selling power and increasing people’s living standards. Even fintech can improve the financial infrastructure and the country’s economy that is more evenly distributed. This can happen because the public can access funding more easily and efficiently.

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