BMB Media – Definition and Functions of BMB Media

BMB Media - Definition and Functions of BMB Media
BMB Media - Definition and Functions of BMB Media
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BMB Media – Definition and Functions of BMB Media – Nowadays, maybe everyone uses the media in carrying out activities, especially activities related to communication between one individual and another. With BMB MEDIA, it will make it easier for everyone to carry out their daily activities. Therefore, the definition of media can be said to be very broad; for you, a teacher will determine the right learning media for their students.

Not only that, the media, which is more often used as a communication intermediary, is often used by workers or even political officials who wish to nominate themselves. Media that often appears during the Indonesian democratic party is usually better known as political communication media. So, don’t be surprised if, during the Indonesian democracy party, there will be a lot of information from various media that only contains political issues or facts.

Media that is used optimally, then any information provided will be maximized as well, and listeners, recipients, or readers of information can get useful information. However, media that is used only for several purposes does not rule out the possibility that the authenticity of the information in the media cannot be guaranteed, so misunderstandings can occur between the information provider and the recipient of the message. It can lead to conflict.

In order to use media properly and correctly, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this media. Apart from that, you also need to understand each type of media and the maximum benefits of media that can be felt.

Then, how to know and understand the definition of BMB Media to the types of media itself? You don’t need to be confused about finding this information because, in this article, we will discuss more the meaning of media, the meaning of media according to experts, to the benefits of the media that have been used.

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Definition of BMB MEDIA

Media is a word that comes from Latin and also has a plural form or is often called medium. Meanwhile, the word media means intermediary. In this case, the intermediary in question is the existence of an intermediary between the information or message source (a source) and the recipient of the message or information (a receiver). Therefore, we often see media in everyday life, such as newspapers, online articles, movies, television, and many more.

With the presence of the media in this world, someone will be easily helped so that everything that is being done will be easily resolved. This media can reduce the occurrence of misunderstandings between information providers and recipients of the information. In addition, you can use the media for all of us to learn; the more we learn, the more knowledge and insight a person has.

Along with the times, the media has also developed, where previously the media was only in paper form, now the media can be accessed through electronic devices, such as cellphones, computers, laptops, and so on. Easy access to obtain media should be used wisely so that a person or group does not miss information.

In addition, in the world of education, there will be communication between students and teachers which is often known as learning media. It has become very common that information in the form of knowledge that exists in the world of education must be provided to the fullest so that students can receive knowledge and increase their insights.

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With the existence of learning media when carrying out a teaching and learning activity, communication between teachers and students will be more harmonious, and they will also be able to understand each other with any information that has been given. So, teachers should choose learning media that are very suitable for the characteristics of students.

BMB MEDIA Function

1.      As a Means of Information for the Community

Every community needs the information because, with that information, a person or group of people can broaden their horizons. The function of the media as a means of information makes it easier for all people to get information. Only with mobile phones can you get a lot of information. In addition, information can also be obtained through television media. The more information received by the community, the more insight.

2.      As a Means To Distribute Ideas and Thoughts

The second function of the media is as a means to be able to channel ideas or ideas. Everyone must have ideas and also ideas in his mind in order to think creatively. Ideas and ideas that only exist in the head, if not expressed, then other people will not know. Currently, there are already various kinds of media that can be used to channel ideas and ideas, such as films, short stories, novels, and so on.

3.      As Educational Means In Teaching And Learning Activities

The next function of the media is as an educational tool in teaching and learning activities. In the world of education, media can be said to be very important for providing information to students, so teachers will look for learning media that fits the characteristics of students and does not bore students when learning. Without learning media, students will have difficulty capturing or receiving scientific information.

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4.      As a Means To Get Entertainment

The media not only functions to get information or provide information but can also function to get entertainment. This function can be said to be able to eliminate the feeling of fatigue being experienced by someone. In general, media that can entertain someone is in the form of movies, music, books, and others.

5.      As a Means of Supervision and Control of Social Activities

The next function of the media is as a means of monitoring and controlling social activities. With the existence of the media, it is not easy for every member of society to carry out activities or actions that are harmful. Reducing harmful actions, it can make a community environment more prosperous.

6.      As a Means to Resolve Limitations on Senses, Space, and Time

Media functions as a means to overcome limitations on the senses, space, and time. Therefore, the existence of the media makes it easy for all people to obtain information. This is because there are already many media that can help us to provide information and receive information.

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