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“Bookingdone” the first Startup for Online hotels and Event management booking platform for “Odisha”


“Booking done provides you a platform where you can easily access our services online. These services have been owned and operated by an India-based Odishan. We even stepped in Online

Food Booking industry and we will deliver it to your doorsteps”


What is Booking done?


Booking done is an event management industry which facilitates the services of online advance booking of Hotels and space for multipurpose parties i.e birthday parties, marriages, official parties, get together, organize meetings etc. at a place confirmed by the clients.


Starting an event management industry is similar to starting a relationship and we have started a relationship with our clients by providing them with a reliable and cost-effective service.


 It is an event management, pioneering in Odisha region. It utilizes latest tools of information technology to be at distance of one click away from the prospective customers. It aims to provide a delightful experience while celebrating better moments into the best ones.


 About us and our  Journey


 A brainchild of Bijay Nanda Debta a graduate from a tier-3 city called Bargarh, Booking done has revolutionized the event management industry over the years.

 Founded in 2016, Booking done.in is a giant event management industry which was a result of entrepreneurship expertise and an innovative idea.  Bijay Nanda Delta, earlier

he worked for a telecom company, Pharmacy company. He left all his jobs just because to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and for Social Innovation. It is now Odisha’s 1st Online Booking Company.

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It all started with Hotel Booking services but after the demands of the customers, he started with the Event Booking and Holiday Packages Booking services.

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Credit/ Source: Booking done Team

How did you get this Idea?

This idea was formed after he researched about travel and tourism industry and thought about the problem of the people they face daily while booking for various services. So after that, he started from Hotel Booking in Odisha region and later on expanded it to Chhattisgarh. And now we are expanding our products & services to all over India in Hotel Booking, Event Booking, Holiday Packages Booking.


“For Starting a business, one requires possessing appropriate skills to achieve success. It all started because of his unending urge to learn the things from his surroundings information that comes to businesses in their day-to-day life and his belief that innovation in businesses is nothing but a chance says the Founder Bijay Nanda”



Advice for the fellow  Entrepreneurs:-


As an entrepreneur, when you are getting ready to launch your first startup, there will always be fires to put out. When we are getting to launch our first startups in 3 tier city, faced lots of hurdles which we have passed and finally achieve the success slowly-slowly in our goals.


“Lots of support needed. Local support is required which helps you in the growth. It is difficult to build a trust factor between the locals and you in the beginning, which is essential for any company.  It is also very difficult to quantify, and yet breakdown of trust and the chemistry is the cause of many start-ups”


First of all, you should strengthen your local ecosystem and become acquainted with all of the entrepreneurial activity happening around you. It needs lots of research work has to be done before heading towards your next step.

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You must know your area where you are starting your business and how to work with it for achieving success. It will also help in building the network so that you can organize the ecosystem in a way that is beneficial for the startups. Properly laying out the infrastructure in your area. It is important to lay a solid, and lasting infrastructure of before your startup.


Startup environment is very difficult, it is something that can be developed but will take time. So be patient while starting or planning for a startup.


 Tell me Something About Your Future Plans :

 Till now we are bootstrapped and we are working only in Odisha and their surrounding areas. In the coming future, we would like to Expand it across PAN India. Yet we have not planned for any investment Part


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