Books 2.0: The first AI-powered social reading platform for books by QwertyThoughts.com
Books 2.0: The first AI-powered social reading platform for books by QwertyThoughts.com

Books 2.0: The first AI-powered social reading platform for books by QwertyThoughts.com

QwertyThoughts.com launched the first, a one-of-its-kind social reading, experience sharing, multilingual self-publishing platform and a complete ecosystem for books, early this year. 

The platform is now powered by AI, enabling readers to discover their next book using not just the title or genre. A book can be discovered using any entity- people, places, events, eras and more.

On QwertyThoughts.com, every book available on the website works like a reading room. Readers can read books with others as well as connect, discuss and share their experiences in real-time, even in every paragraph. It is similar to reading a book offline in a group and discussing it with others but without any geographical boundaries , says Ms Jasleen Khurana Founder and Creative Head QwertyThoughts.com .

QT makes books come ‘alive’ by putting together the reading journey, experiences and knowledge of innumerable readers from across the world, all inside the book. This will let people who read next, relive those experiences.

“Technological innovation in the book industry is still at a very nascent stage and is slowly picking up momentum. We are here to catalyse this shift and redefine the way people read books,” said Prateek Gupta, Co-founder and CTO of Qwerty Thoughts.

“By using AI algorithms, and helping books reach the right audience, the main aim is to redefine the way books are read and benefit everyone in the book ecosystem: authors, readers and publishers,” said Jasleen Khurana, Founder and Creative Head at Qwerty Thoughts.

“Authors will get the recognition, feedback and the money they deserve; publishers will get to cut their spends on distribution by almost 50%; readers will be able to search and buy the right books, with flexibility while paying and will also be able to connect, discuss and share their experiences while reading the book with people globally, thereby increasing the value they can derive from a book”, adds Jasleen.

QT has already garnered a lot of attention from people worldwide who are now coming daily to read, interact, socialize, sell and self publish books. Readers, authors, budding writers, publishers – everyone is now a part of the community at QT, which has been growing rapidly. 

The Beginning :

Qwerty Thoughts had started four years back as an offline meetup community for book enthusiasts, writers and storytellers, which now has 6000+ registered members. “It all started with sharing stories, poetry, thoughts and articles from people across India. We are still carrying forward the thought process behind starting this community, which is “Every Thought Matters” and that every thought, every story and every book has its own uniqueness and should be presented to the world without any bias or judgement.

Infact, the idea for the present product came because of our offline community meetups, since people really wanted to come and discuss about the books they are reading, the books they’ve read, what they felt about them, likes, recommendations, reading lists and everything, but every time we had a few people who really wanted to come, but couldn’t because of location constraints. That’s how we thought of creating a platform, where people from any part of the world can read books with others as well as connect, discuss and share their experiences in real-time. It is similar to reading a book offline in a group and discussing it with others but without any geographical boundaries.”

Why we started Qwerty Thoughts?

Books were created as a means to store whatever experiences humanity has discovered and become a medium to carry them forward to future generations. Understanding other’s experiences and learning from them is what makes us different from other species. Books help us live other’s experiences without moving our feet. We are working towards empowering people to actualise the potential and purpose of books by letting the books deliver what they are written for: help people EVOLVE.

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How this works-

Find and choose a book you want to read or look for a book that you’ve already read. While reading the book, you can find people who have read that book in the past or are currently reading the same book. You can interact and discuss or simply leave your point of view and thoughts about what’s written. 

The platform has a range of free books, as well as books that can be purchased. Users can either pay for the complete book in one go or pay as you read.

Qwerty Thoughts
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If reading together is not your cup of tea, then you are free to turn on the “anonymous” mode and just read without getting disturbed or noticed by others. Though you would still have access to see what others are discussing or have discussed in the past.

Readers can not only discover the latest books but also read free book summaries, previews, author insights and more. They can also interact with their favourite authors and follow their writing journey.

A treat for authors who want to get their books published –

If you are an aspiring author, you can start writing your book in English or in any of the 16 major Indian languages that the platform supports, and self publishes it to start selling it worldwide. Not only do you get feedback for your books, but you can post daily updates on your books and interact with your audience. You can also share your writing journey and work-in-progress right from the day you start writing. You can keep on updating your progress by changing the writing stages as you move ahead. This helps your fans keep up with what you are up to so that they can look forward to reading the book when it’s finally published.

Already published authors can also sell their books through the platform and take benefit of all the features mentioned above.

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Your book can also get discovered by a traditional publisher who may offer you a book contract.

Those who don’t want to sell their books on the platform can also leverage the platform by simply listing their books, adding previews, book summaries, quotes, sharing daily updates and building their fan base through regular engagement.


We have authors, readers and aspiring writers from all over the world. In India, we are catering to a potential 500 million vernacular language internet users. Also, we are catering to all major countries of the world since books are universal. In fact, our first 1000 registered authors were mostly from the US, UK, Germany and then India!

Meet the Founders-

Founder and Creative Head, Jasleen Khurana is an MBA and has over 7 years experience in senior management roles and has worked for various MNCs (Ex-Nielsen, Ex-Genpact)

She loves writing stories and poetry and has also written for corporate newsletters, magazines and papers in her early career.

Co-founder and CTO, Prateek Gupta has over 7 years of experience in senior technology roles and led various international projects creating an impact on millions of lives. He is also a history buff who loves reading and exploring history. Prateek is also a national level Rubik’s cube player.

His experience helps in building, managing and scaling the platform using the latest technologies. 


We are actively looking for seed funding and have been speaking with potential investors. We are open to discussing possible collaborations and opportunities. We are hoping to share news on this front with you within the next quarter.

We will use the funds for building the next version of this product and strengthening our marketing team for growth and expansion.

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