Brook Jessica Kaio: The effect of artificial intelligence on various spheres

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Brook Jessica Kaio from Australia has expressed her point of view in some recent interviews and articles. She has pointed out many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence for the human race. Artificial intelligence is the kind of intelligence, human beings have tried to insert into robots. Artificial intelligence is the robotic intelligence that is programmed and fed with required information basic to human knowledge. These robots mimic the human mind when it comes to the processing of knowledge.  These robots are connected to computers and usually perform duties as per the instructions of human beings.

Artificial intelligence has affected human beings in a very profitable and adventitious manner. These robots based on artificial intelligence have their effects on human beings in a long run.  The specifications that have affected human beings are specifically healthcare where artificial intelligence provided everybody with a seasoned as well as an experienced doctor just at their doorstep. With artificial intelligence, even doctors are just a click away.

There are numerous other benefits in several spheres of human life. The most important areas where artificial intelligence has provided immense benefits are mentioned in the following lines:

  1. Production
  2. Banking and finance
  3. Customer service

In the proceeding lines, we will discuss the importance and benefits of artificial intelligence in the above-mentioned spheres. Let’s start with the positivity developed by artificial intelligence in the field of production.


Brook Jessica Kaiohas expressed certain important aspects of artificial intelligence in the field of production. In 1960, the first robot was introduced on the assembly line. This robot with AI was introduced to complete tasks that were considered dangerous for human beings. After that,  there is a huge revolution in the field of production. The vehicle manufacturing companies started using artificial intelligence in their industries of automobiles. Nowadays, almost all companies, either big or small, use artificial intelligence to manufacture their products. The use of artificial intelligence in the automobile industry has the following benefits:

  • It saves time and cost.
  • It has 100 percent perfection guaranteed. The robotic machines do their work without error and any malfunction. They ensure the 100 accurate production
  • It has more capacity of working compared to human beings.
  • It is helpful in the production of bigger machinery.
  • It is more helpful in the production of intricate details of automobiles and increases the productivity of the industry to a greater degree.
  • Some artificially intelligent machines are designed to recognize the images means that they can detect more tactfully; about the advantages, and disadvantages, in case of accidents regarding the possible damages. As well as imperfections more accurately. The implementation of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industries has enabled the industries to be more successful than they ever had been. These industries are much more successful in the terms of quality, cost control, high precision, and yield cost.
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Artificial intelligence in banking and finance:

Brook Jessica Kaio Has also expressed her point of view regarding the use of artificial intelligence in the field of banking and finance. According to her, the use of artificial intelligence was in Britain. In its initial times. And the trend moved to the United States very quickly. The English people were much more attracted by the money machines. The trend of these money machines was quite popular in 1969. Many people at the time were worried, that they could also. Call off their jobs.

 In the present era, artificial intelligence is used in the banking as well as financial industries in the machine learning as well as data processing, transfer of money, paying the bills, and in much more elements; that have proved very adventitious over the period time. These advantages are not just limited to the banking officials of the banking teams. These artificial intelligent machines are quite beneficial for the customers as well. According to her, you can understand the use of artificial intelligence in the banking and finance field, as when you withdraw some money from your ATM anywhere in the country; instantly, you get a message on your mobile phone about the withdrawal amount, time, location, as well as about the ID number of machines from which the transaction is being done. Artificial intelligence does all this process in seconds.

Customer Care and Artificial Intelligence:

The use of artificial intelligence in the customer care field has given exceptional outcomes. These exceptional results are not just about customer satisfaction. It is about instant interaction and instant relief from the problem as well. Artificial intelligence in the customer care service is powered by chatbots. These chatbots are used to assist as well as interact with the customer. You can take the example of Facebook, says Brook Jessica kaio. The chatbots on Facebook are linked with artificial intelligence. Chatbots in customer care service serve the same way as the real customer support representatives do. Whenever a customer complains about something, they interact in the same manner as a human being can do, like how we can help you? After that, they use the same process as NLP. To get an accurate and quick response from the customers to sort out the issue. After sorting out the issue, the chatbots help the customers in solving the issues. These artificially intelligent chatbots assist the customers, step by step to complete the process to resolve the problem. With the help of chatbots, the customers do need not wait for minutes and hours to contact the customer care service representative and can ask them about their queries. Now, the customers can simply complain about something through a message and they can instantly get relief from the problem.

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