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“Budding Star ” Northern India’s first parenting website for making the parenting journey smooth

“In India, nuclear families are emerging more. By 2020, India is the only country which will be having an average age of 29 years till 2030. So, young generation would be having kids too. Today’s parents see “Internet” as a key source of information. We wish to be a support system for Indian Parents” Says the Budding Start Team

Budding Star is Northern India’s first parenting website for making the parenting journey smooth. Our focus areas are child and woman’s health and their smart living. It’s a blogging platform where mothers share their parenting experiences and can get answers to all their queries related to baby and child care. BS is all about motherhood, parenting, baby and child care

Budding Star www.budingstar.com  which is the first online platform of Northern region catering dedicatedly only to kids. Chandigarh based founders Anshul Bansal and Akansha Bansal, brother sister combo got this idea when Anshul Bansal was being blessed with the first baby. When they searched on the internet relating “Parenting”, they didn’t get any good medium to make their parenting journey smooth. They found out that for Northern region there is no such dedicated resource/portal for guiding/suggesting the parents which focus kid’s daily problems, everyday issues of Health, Education, Lifestyle knowledge and share with other fellow parents. Culture and weather conditions of Northern India is entirely different and mainly influenced by Punjabi culture. Parents don’t know where to send their kids to Tuitions, summer camps and other kids’ activities centers like Football, aerobic classes, Dance classes, etc. They found out that these websites do exist but their presence is just in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. For breaking these stereotypes and to take Chandigarh & Tier 2 Cities of Punjab at big cities level, they both started working on this idea which gave birth to Budding Star. The existing parenting websites have a presence and are mainly in southern India like Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Such websites don’t exist in northern India

Budding Star is working on three different verticals: First vertical is Kids Shopie- where a parent can search any kid’s store, tuition classes, any co-curricular activities, summer camps, etc. of Tricity. The second vertical is Contest- where Budding Star provides a platform to showcase the Kids talent and creativity. Parents can send their Little kid’s cute pictures or videos and there will be sharing of the same on their website as well as will exhibit on Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. If the response of their creativity (pics, videos) is tremendous from the audience, Parents will make their kid won personalized & exciting gifts and the social media coverage. Thus, making him a “ROCKSTAR”. The third vertical is Blogging- where parents can share their parenting experiences and can be a blogger with them.

“Our USP is we provide unique personalized content which can correlate Pregnancy and Panjeeri. In India, many mothers give up their high-profile jobs to bring up their kids.

We are providing a platform to them for free of cost. We have 80 Indian Mother bloggers (Doctors, Nutritionists, Advocates, Authors, Psychologists, Teachers, etc.) and promote them on social media channels. There are no proper vegetarian Food Plans for Indian Kids and which are available are haphazardly written by mothers. We have boarded a Nutritionist for this” Says the Founding Team 

The entire world is looking towards India for their unique and Old ages Ayurvedic techniques. We have jotted down all the problems faced by babies, toddlers, and kids and we have made an exclusive category “Home Remedies” (Dadi Maa Ke nuskhe).Expecting and new parents can find useful information on topics such as Pregnancy Diet, Pregnancy week wise, Tools like Due Date, Ovulation & Safe Days Calculator (working on building these tools and will be aired by mid-February) and many other areas.

We provide useful relevant solutions in several areas like development, nutrition, growth, health, wellness, education & learning, behavior, lifestyle, etc. for a newborn, toddler, pre-schooler, preteen, teenage. We wish to build a trust factor among parents to emerge out as a big brand


"Budding Star " is Northern India’s first parenting website for making the parenting journey smooth

Url: https://www.budingstar.com/

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/budingstar

Address: Budding Star Innovations
Plot No. D-9 Industrial Area,
Phase 1, Mohali, Punjab, India
Phone: +919058000045



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