Bulk URL Opener to Open Multiple URLs Simultaneously

bulk url opener
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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to open links in bulk? Here’s a tool to help you.

You can use this tool to mass-qualify leads whether you are an SEO professional or just an avid reader of internet articles. The URL-opener you’re about to use is the perfect tool for the job.

What is a Bulk URL Opener?

It is a simple tool that allows SEO professionals, list builders, researchers, and others to open URLs in bulk automatically, enhancing productivity. Using this tool is as simple as copying and pasting the URLs and pressing enter.

How to Use the Bulk URL opener?

The URL opener will automatically open all URLs you paste into a list when you click “Submit.”. To get started, just paste a URL in the box and click “Submit”. Enter the next line after separating the URLs with a comma. Try disabling your popup blocker and making sure there are no line gaps between URLs if you experience problems.

What are the Common Use Cases for the URL Opener?

Why do we need URL openers? Technical, onsite, or off-site SEO professionals may benefit from it. Using Bulk URL Opener, you can discover broken links on target websites, find new outreach leads, and streamline outreach.

URL-openers can be used in the following ways by digital marketers: SEO professionals – To audit backlinks. Backlink building teams have target URL lists that need to be pulled by contacts. Researchers – Who has a list of web pages they want to dissect

Why do we make the Multiple URL Opener?

In order to audit backlinks, anchor texts, and more, our SEO and content teams manually opened hundreds of URLs. By using alternative URL openers on sketchy or unsafe websites, we became more productive. This is now being published for the rest of the internet community to use.

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