Camping Checklists: How to Plan a Camping Trip with Your Friends

Camping Trip

There are a hundred things to do on a break, but a great getaway for you and your friends is going to be the obvious choice. You have more activities to do in nature, like hiking or kayaking. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with only a few essential gears. But it’s also better when you are out with your friends, and you have everything you need for comfort and convenience.

Asides from your camping trip being more fun, going with friends is relatively cheap since you have the opportunity to split costs of food, camping equipment, campsite fee, and other bills. Whether this is your first camping experience or you’re an experienced camper, keep reading for an exposition on how to plan a camping trip with friends. As you figure out the things you need to take along to meet your needs, this camping packing checklist reveals what you need for camping with friends.

How to Plan a Camping Trip

Consider that camping trips are not about dwelling in tents alone until you return home. Especially when you are not going alone, there are certain factors to discuss. Here are a few tips you need to check before heading out for an adventure with your friends.

Decide on your destination

Over your next zoom call with your friends or via an email or a text thread, you need to discuss and decide the type of camping you want to and the destination. While some prefer to go camping where there are fully stocked cabins or resorts, going full nature and sleeping in tents and sleeping bags can be the choice of others. Your destination determines the supplies you require and your activities on the trip.

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Sort out the date and make reservations

This is not a doubtable option since the trip is impossible when no one is available. Everyone may have different working schedules, and with every decision needed to be collective, deciding on a date might seem like a huge task. It pays if you can sort out this aspect a few months in advance when it’s easier to find a date that works for everyone. Also, make reservations in advance to avoid disappointments.

Go over your preferred activities

Being outdoors with friends allows you to pick from many activities and adventures. From swimming and kayaking to hiking, and rock climbing, consider the things you want to do with your friends on the trip and connect them with the campsite’s features. This will also help choose your camping location and ensure everyone feels committed to your upcoming adventure. You can also resort to relaxing activities like playing cards or singing by the campfire. But it’s important to consider everyone’s activity level and ensure the choice you select the ones everyone can enjoy.

Make plans for meals

Food is essential from your camping breakfast to daily dinners, especially outdoors. Cooking and eating meals together can be an excellent forum to bond. Regardless, you need to make a camping food checklist and stock up if there are no stores near your campsite. Some people are picky eaters, so consider this in the group discussion when planning every meal.

What to Bring on a Camping Trip with Friends

Thinking “What do I need for camping?” alone may not apply here since you’re camping with friends. Having a well-thought-out camping packing checklist can prevent situations where you forget some essential camping gear. Some recommendations of things to take camping include:

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Shelter items

  • Tents and sleeping bags
  • Sleeping bed and pillows
  • Table and camping chairs
  • A portable power station, cables, and spare batteries
  • Tent repair kit, tape, cable ties, and sewing kits
  • Mallet, spare pegs, and puller
  • Torch and head torch
  • Air pump
  • Windbreak

Weatherproof and comfort items

  • Clean and dry clothes for comfortable sleep
  • Woolly hat, gloves, and sunhat
  • Waterproof jacket, trousers, and umbrella
  • Spare underwear and socks
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Sunglasses and protection

Camping kitchen supplies

  • Stove
  • Spark or lighters
  • Fridge or cool box
  • Pans, pots, and kettle
  • Plates, bowls, and mugs
  • Chopping board
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Wash up liquid soap
  • Trash bag
  • Dishcloths and sponge
  • Tin and bottle opener
  • Towels

Essential items to maintain health and stay clean

  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries
  • Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes
  • Face masks
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Insect repellent
  • First aid kit
  • Vet kit in case you bring your pets camping to join the fun

Things to do while camping with friends

Even as friends, we can have different ideas of what camping should look like. In these terms, the things you do while camping with friends has to be activities that work for everyone. As we’ve mentioned, the group’s camping experience and comfort level determine the activities everyone can enjoy. While making decisions concerning this, you have to be very inclusive such that everyone feels welcomed. With the right supplies, some things to do while camping includes:

  • Card games – Deck of cards
  • Mobile games – scrabble, and boggle.
  • Sports – volleyball, soccer, football, frisbee, and bocce balls
  • Laying on inflatable tubes, and mattresses on the water in the afternoon
  • Long hikes for a rigorous daytime excursion
  • Enjoy tasty treats and spooky stories around the campfire in the evening.
  • Drinking games with ping pong balls and red solo cups
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New sceneries are fantastic for the soul. It even gets better when you spend time with good friends. Life is more enjoyable when you create experiences with others. We hope this guide will help you plan your next adventure.

While this camping checklist has a comprehensive list of things you need, it’s unlikely you bring along every item here. Though we won’t judge you, don’t forget to go along with your Acevolt Campower 2000 portable power station. Trust us; your friends will thank you for this.

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