Career Advancement: 5 Ways To Expand Your Opportunities for Growth

The increase in employee motivation and productivity is the driving force that pushes employees to advance their careers. When you are trying very hard to grow as an individual, your sense of well-being improves and this can increase feelings of happiness and accomplishment. You also get to perform better at work. While all employees know that career advancement is a good thing, many don’t know how to go about it and so remain stagnant in their careers for a very long time. Here are some good ways to expand your opportunities for growth.

Attach yourself to a mentor

As an employee, you can make yourself more sought after when you acquire more skills and sharpen the existing ones you had. How do you achieve this? There are many ways of course and one of those ways is by attaching yourself to someone with a wealth of the experience you need to mentor you. Mentors raise your confidence and problem-solving abilities by sharing their knowledge which they acquired from years of career experience. This person could be a colleague in the office or in another organization. It won’t harm them to share their knowledge with you and if you are willing to learn, you would be grooming yourself to become a veteran just like your mentor.

Take some professional courses

If you want to expand your opportunity for growth, you can also develop yourself by taking some professional courses. You can be working and take these courses at the same time because they are usually flexible and designed not to mess up your other schedules. Professional courses feed your continuous need to upgrade your skills. It will enable you to identify your weaknesses and strengthen them. What is best about these courses is that they are frequently adjusted to meet industry needs and also benefit everyone from the new aspirants to the working professionals. One of the most sought-after courses these days is project management. A PMP certification training that can help you earn a project management certification in your bag is a sure ticket to advancing your career and expanding your opportunities for growth.

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Boost your technical skills

Recently, business environments have become complex and changing at a fast pace. There are always tough problems that require technical expertise to proffer cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Due to this fact, many business setups are always on the lookout for employees with top-notch technical skills. This is because every job function requires a different skill set. These technical skills give you the fundamental expertise that can help you carry out your duties more efficiently. Apart from this, when you sharpen your tech skills, it boosts your confidence on the job and makes you a more valuable candidate for employers around the globe. Grooming yourself to acquire such skills will make you more sought after. Make sure the tech skills you acquire are not just sitting there in your CV but being put to use regularly for people to see.

Join relevant groups and network

Networking is usually not taken seriously these days but if you want to advance your career, you need to build a network with some people that can influence you positively. People that have some insight into your industry are available on social platforms like LinkedIn. You can use that platform to meet these people because you will need their contribution in terms of pieces of advice for your career advancement. Take some casual coffee get-togethers and party conversations seriously if you must meet people that you know will align with your career advancement plans. Loving your job is good but you need to find that time to forge some professional relationships if you want to grow and expand your career opportunities.

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Take your foundational skills seriously

In everything you do in life, the foundation is very critical. Just like you cannot learn some aspect of Maths without going through the basics first, you also cannot advance your career comprehensively if you do not fully digest the foundations of what you want to build upon. While at the office still taking some training modules on perfecting the way you handle your job, you need to leave no stones unturned if you hope to learn more about what you are doing. People are often so excited to get ahead that they forget the most significant core skills. This can pose a serious roadblock later on and can be a big hindrance to advancing a career. Make sure to learn the basics of what your industry is all about because that is how professionalism starts.

Final word

Many employees want to advance their careers these days but they don’t create the time to work on it. Career advancement plans will require you to work smart and still have some time to work towards growing. The courses you will take online, the search for networking, and the technical skills you want to learn all need time and concentration. Creating this time is not easy for an employee but the desire to expand your opportunities for growth will make you take important decisions in that regard. I will suggest that you start with some hours of your weekend to achieve this dream.

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