Celebrate 10 Years Of Your House With These Quick Renovation Tips

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When you construct a house for yourself, you know the amount of hard work and money you have spent on it. Building a house is not the only thing that you need to do, maintaining the house is more important. Once you have built a house for yourself, make sure to maintain it properly to keep it in good shape for the rest of your life. 

When your house completes 10 years of construction, you should consider giving it a little gift by investing in minor renovation projects. Here are some things that you should consider renewing on your house’ 10th birthday. 

1. Give Your Foundations A Check 

Structural stability is the most important thing for the house and the foundation bears all the load of the house. If the foundation of the house is weak, the house will not be able to face harsh environments such as an earthquake or heavy storms. Therefore, make sure to get the foundation of your house inspected after every ten years. 

You might need foundation repair if your house is located in an area with issues like termites or seepage. Make sure to get any issue fixed before it gets serious.

2. Improve Your Curb Appeal 

The facade of your house might get old and boring after some time. You might have the most stylish house in the street at the time you finished building it, but now is the time to bring a change. You should consider changing the exterior without breaking the bank. 

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Some things that you can consider to change the outlook of the house are, 

  • Changing the wall paint of the exterior walls 
  • Refreshing the rooftop 
  • Changing the landscape of the front yard 
  • Cleaning up the driveway 

These changes look small but they can make a huge difference in the outlook of your house. 

3. Thoroughly Clean Plumbing Pipes 

Plumbing pipes can get rusty with time. Once your house has completed ten years of its completion without causing any drainage issues, that doesn’t mean it will continue to do so in the future. Many plumbing and drainage issues appear after ten years. Probably because of scaling or mineral deposition in the pipes. 

You should consider hiring professionals to clean the pipes. Professionals have all the equipment necessary to do the job with minimum disturbance. They will look into the pipes with a camera and unclog all the problematic areas. 

4. Grind And Polish The Floors 

Flooring tiles can get dirty with time. If you have cemented floors in parts of your house or you previously had carpeted floors and are now thinking of removing the carpets, concrete grinding can make your floors as fresh as new. 

Grinding and polishing of floors can remove all the dirt and dust that accumulated over time.

5. Get A Mold Inspection

You should also consider getting a complete and thorough inspection of your house for molds. You can never know if you might have a mold infestation in the house. 

You should get the attic and the basement checked thoroughly. If there is even the slightest growth, you should get the proper treatment instantly.

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