Chef Review: Movie Starring Saif Ali Khan Doesn’t Serve Good In The Course

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On a Review of Chef movie starring Saif Ali Khan has a different outline for the movie but it doesn’t seem interesting to the viewers. Film ‘Chef’ is tied in with attempting to discover some similarity of importance in life in the wake of finding ex. Here, Michelin-featured as Chef Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan), is possibly weakening support. The chef (Saif Ali Khan) drives himselfs to begin a food truck business with his child. Not the most noticeably awful decision of trial. However, maybe the full degree of the atrocity will hit home in the line, “Cook 2: Boiling Point”.

There are some engaging characteristics here, yet ‘Cook’ feels subsidiary.

The story doesn’t meet up as a completely acceptable course. Moreover, the levelness that ought to have been a part of a top-notch cover, but that is open just in a few sections. And other parts are hefty and modified and produced, and that affects the whole film.




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