Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 Chemical companies in India

Chemicals are an important part of our lives currently. Nearly everything that we tend to use these days, has some quantity of chemical contributions to that. From cosmetics to numerous different beauty products, chemicals have invariably found some way within the production processes.

 It’s not terribly stunning to understand that chemicals also are utilized in a number of the assembly of electronic products also. 

The entire producing value of the economy features a 17 November share of the industry alone. Quite 80,000 chemicals are made within the nation for a range of functions. Chemical industries conjointly have interaction themselves within the production of ammunition, fertilizers, paints, perfumes, and lots of a lot of. With numerous economical chemical-producing corporations, it would conjointly get difficult for the purchasers to pick out the most effective. 

Indian industry is broadly speaking classified into basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and agrochemicals. India is that the seventh-largest producer of chemicals globally and therefore the third-largest producer in Asia in terms of output. Presently, their area unit concerning 70,000 chemical producing units settled within the country.

 By 2025, India’s industry looks to double in size, and there’ll be a good boost in revenue generation. The chemical corporations manufacture several chemical products like laboratory reagents, industrial chemicals, special biochemicals, petrochemicals, and food preservatives. And these chemicals are required in several industries everywhere the globe in countries like UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Venezuela, and North America. 

The current industry trends indicate that India’s industry has recorded Associate in Nursing annual growth of 2 hundredths for a previous couple of years. Consequently, India’s chemical sector performance has hyperbolic for the past years and additionally holds a wonderful scope for development.

The country has an in-depth industrial base. You’ll notice several corporations listed within the exchange. The arena is home to several foreign players who aren’t public nevertheless. The industry in the Republic of India lays the inspiration for the agricultural and industrial development of the country. 

The fundamental desires of our daily life are met by the product factory-made exploitation chemicals because the primary staple. The top ten chemical companies in the Republic of India at intervals in the industry have vastly improved the quality of living. 

From agriculture to food, hygiene, medicines, and transportation, the chemical industry has touched each side of our life. The industry has boosted the economic success of the Republic of India.

 Therefore, given below is a list of the top 10 chemical companies in India.



Aarti Industries is a leading Indian manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals and pharmaceuticals with a worldwide footprint. The company is that the fifth-largest in top chemical firms in India supported Sales.

 Aarti Industries is an Indian company that’s listed on the stock exchanges and is among the leading chemical makers within the nation. in the year 1975, Aarti Industries was supported and is headquartered in Mumbai. The wide types of a chemical made by the corporate are suited to most industries. It additionally manufactures chemicals utilized in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

The company additionally manufactures surfactants that are used in-home care, oral care, and baby care product. The company’s products vary includes necessary chemicals, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and rubber chemicals. Its subsidiaries are Aarti health care Ltd. It has a complete of sixteen producing units spread across Gujarat and Maharashtra. It operates within U. S. of America, Europe, Japan, and India. Its subsidiaries include Aarti aid Ltd, Aarti Company Services Ltd, and Alchemie Europe Ltd.

 The corporate is one of the top 10 chemical companies in India.

 Revenue: Rs 4,401 Cr

 Market Cap: 16,917 Cr.

 ROE: 23.31 % 

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 16.10 % 

Promoter holding: 48.25 %

 Debt to equity: 0.64

 Price to book value: 5.96

 Address 801,801/23, IIIrd section, GIDC Vapi, Valsad – 396195. 

Phone number +91 22 6797 6666, +91 22 6797 6697, +91 22 2591 8195. 

Website https://www.aarti-industries.com/ 

Company size – 1,000-5,000 staffs.

ATUl Ltd

2. ATUl Ltd

Atul is an integrated chemical company serving 6,000 customers happiness to twenty-seven industries across the planet.

The corporate has established subsidiary firms within the USA (1994), the united kingdom (1996), China (2004), Brazil (2012), and also the UAE (2015). Atul manages most unit processes and unit operations to manufacture regarding one,350 merchandise and formulations and has progressive facilities and processes to confirm the security and treatment of vaporized, liquid, and solid pollutants.

The corporate is ISO 14001 certified. The Bulk Chemicals and Intermediates Business was established in 1960 to satisfy the captive demand of the corporate, significantly of hydrated oxide, Chlorine, vitriol, Oleum, and Sulphur oxide. The Business has the excellence of being the sole manufacturer of phenol in India. It conjointly manufactures added merchandise like phenol gas resins, 1-3 Cyclohexanedione, and Anisole. The analysis and producing facilities square measure placed at Atul, Gujarat. 

With a portfolio of twenty-six merchandise, Bulk Chemicals and Intermediates serves two hundred customers in twenty countries. Primarily called Atul product, Atul Ltd was opened in 1947. it’s headquartered within the Atul Village of Gujrat.

 Its business segments involve bulk chemicals and intermediates, crop protection retail, chemical compound performance, crop protection bulk actives, and tons additional that have also helped it attain recognition at the international level similarly. This company is 73 years previous.

 Atul Ltd is an important part of the Lalbhai group and has 2 branches – different chemicals and natural science chemicals and performance. Below the science branch, the varied elements are vigorous pharmaceutical ingredients: herbicides, API intermediates, and fungicides. Epoxy raisins, bulk chemicals, textile dyes, adhesion promoters and intermediates, perfumery, and hardliners formulate as a section of the performance branch.

 Revenue: Rs 4,186 Cr 

Market Cap: 14,708 Cr.

 ROE: 17.40 %

 Sales Growth (3Yrs): 18.02 %

 Promoter holding: 44.80 % 

Debt to equity: 0.03

 Price to book value: 5.03



For decades, the corporate has been a pioneering product for little to massive applications, reception, and trade, that have solid robust bonds with folks from all walks of life. Fevicol, Fevikwik, M-Seal and Dr. Fixit are market leaders.

 The company has 3 fully-equipped in-house R&D centers in India and 5 progressive technical analysis and innovation centers in Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Dubai, and therefore the USA. From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions, and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers, and more, the merchandise portfolio is as various because it is ever-evolving. A company that’s higher legendary for the house and adhesive product they manufacture. Pidilite Industries Ltd. it’s a noted and well-known company.

 Back in 1959, the corporate was incorporated, and it’s it headquarters in Andheri in Mumbai (Maharashtra). 

The company’s product portfolio boasts over 1250 chemicals that are exported in additional than forty countries across the world. The company’s product vary includes Hobby ideas, Fevikwik, Moto Max, Rangeela, Fine Art, Rangeela, and varied textile resins and animal skin chemicals. 

Pidilite has its producing divisions over multiple elements of India, like Vapi in Gujarat, Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh, and Mahad in Maharashtra.

 Total Sales: Rs 7,389 Cr 

Market Cap: 80,139 Cr. 

ROE: 24.31 %

 Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.71 % 

Promoter holding: 69.98 % 

Debt to equity: 0.03

 Price to book value: 18.32 

Address PO No 17411, Ramkrishna Mandir Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059. 

Phone number +91 22 3308 7000 

Website http://www.pidilite.com/ 

Company size -1,001-5,000 staffs.



Established in 1939 in Mithapur in the Indian state of Gujarat, Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) is a part of the US$ one hundred ten billion Tata group. a world company, the corporate serves customers across 40+ countries on 5 continents. The company brings along data, expertise, and innovation superior skill to completely impact industries, consumers, and farmers with science-led merchandise unfold across 3 business verticals – Basic Chemistry and Specialty Chemistry. 

The story of the corporate is regarding harnessing the fruits of science for goals that transcend business. Tata Chemicals has been rated in a concert of the highest 100 percent in Business and shopper wholes across all business and shopper brand classes in India by Superbrands™. The corporate is that the third largest sodium carbonate manufacturer and also the sixth largest bicarbonate of soda manufacturer within the world. Indias 1st and also the solely nutritionary science business- Tata NQ is a contribution to the company’s special chemistry innovations. 

The corporate additionally produces an in-depth vary of fertilizers, biofuels, and spices. The corporate calls itself a globally distributed firm and has producing units in North America, Asia, and Europe. It’s amongst the first producers of the merchandise vary bicarbonate of soda that’s widely utilized in food, prescription drugs, etc. 

The company’s product vary includes element chemicals, fertilizers, industrial phishing merchandise, etc. These merchandises are very important ingredients for industries like glass and detergent.

 Revenue: Rs 11,044 Cr

 Market Cap: 19,381 Cr.

 ROE: 8.31 % 

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -8.76 % 

Promoter holding: 31.08 %

 Debt to equity: 0.50

 Price to book value: 1.57

 Phone number +91 22 6665 8282

 Website https://www.tatachemicals.com/ 

Company size- 1,000-5,000 staffs.



Coromandel International Limited is India’s second-largest Phosphatic chemical player, is in the business segments of Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrients, Crop Protection, and especially Retail. 

The corporate manufactures a good vary of fertilizers and markets around four.5 million tons creating it a pacesetter in its available markets. It assists the farmers in managing a balanced nutrient soil and different help that it wants for itself. The company is that the second-largest phosphatic chemical manufacturer within the nation.

 Revenue: Rs 12,906 Cr.

 Market Cap: 18,278 Cr. 

ROE: 23.66 % 

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 4.82 %

 Promoter holding: 61.70 % 

Debt to equity: 0.45

 Price to book value: 4.81 

In its endeavor to be an entire plant nutrition solutions Company, Coromandel has conjointly introduced a variety of Specialty Nutrient products as well as Organic Fertilizers. 

The Crop Protection business produces pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides and markets these products in India and across the world. Coromandel is that the second-largest manufacturer of Malathion and solely the second manufacturer of Phenthoate. 

Coromandel has conjointly ventured into the retail business putting in around 800 rural retail centers within the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.



Bayer established its presence in India in 1896 once the primary wholly-owned subsidiary of Bayer in Asia “Farbenfabriken Bayer and Co. Ltd.” was got wind of in Mumbai. 

With Bayer increasing its activities in rising markets, India is of strategic importance to Bayer’s activities worldwide. 

The Bayer cluster in India includes the Crop Science and prescription drugs divisions likewise because of the Animal Health business unit. 

It’s among the top chemical companies in India.

 Revenue: Rs 3,280 Cr .

Market Cap: 19,562 Cr.

 ROE: 13.03 % 

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -1.01 % 

Promoter holding: 71.43 % 

Debt to equity: 0.00

 Price to book value: 8.09

 The Crop Science Division is Bayer’s largest business in India with businesses in seeds & traits, crop protection, bio-ag, and non-agricultural persecutor management (Environmental Science).  

Seeds & Traits, likewise as Crop Protection, market a broad portfolio of high-value seeds and innovative persecutor management solutions, whereas at the identical time providing intensive client service for property agriculture. 

The biological science unit provides products and services for vector management and skilled persecutor management.

UPL Limited


UPL is engaged in the business of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, specialty chemicals, and the production and sale of field crops and vegetable seeds.  The fifth-largest agrochemical company in the world,  when the acquisition of Arysta Life Science, UPL could be a world leader in world food systems.

With revenue of US$3.14 billion, UPL is currently a gift in 130+ countries. 

Total Sales: Rs 33,140

 Cr Market Cap: 44,223

 Cr. ROE: 14.87 % 

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 15.84 % 

Promoter holding: 27.88 %

 Debt to equity: 2.12 

Price to book value: 3.07

The Company has market access to the ninetieth of the world’s food basket and is targeted on ushering growth and progress for the entire agricultural price chain as well as growers, distributors, suppliers, and innovation partners.

BASF India Ltd.


BASF, a German-based company could be the second-largest company within the world for the assembly of chemicals.

 The BASF India has been aiming at the event of the state for nearly 127 years Associate in Nursingd celebrated flagship ownership of an association of seventy-five years within the year 2019. All its products embrace high-quality materials that result in the economical services provided by the corporate. 

Beneath the sub-branch of the chemical manufacturing phase, the corporate additionally provides a range of different things like industrial gases, cracker products, alcohols, and solvents. 

The corporate additionally works within the resource class and energy. In the 1890’s Badische Anilin and Soda Fabrik was popularly called BASF – the primary chemical company that entered India’s industry. 

The corporate was established in 1865 and is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It’s listed on varied stock exchanges, just like the Frankfurt on the Main securities market, LSE – London securities market, and ZSE – metropolis securities market. The merchandise ranges of the corporate are plastic, crude oil, chemical performance, chemicals, catalysts, etc. 

Today, BASF is one of the foremost recommended industrial names within the local market.

 Market cap:4,248.70 Cr INR 

Address:3rd Floor, Shree Sawan Knowledge Park, Plot No. D-507, MIDC, Turbhe, Mumbai – 400705, Maharashtra, India

 Contact information:+91 22 67243700/67243800 

Website: https://www.basf.com/in/en.html

It has been serving in India for quite a century and has a total of nine production units, a pair of analysis & development centers, and quite 2000 staff.



Gacl is One of the best top 10 chemical companies of India and Owned by the govt of Gujrat, this is a Gujrat-based company established within the year1973. the corporate has associate degree environment-friendly membrane cell technology once having discovered the pollution caused thanks to mercury. the corporate additionally manufactures Special chemical element Derivatives cluster, potassium hydroxide cluster, salt cluster, and a number of {other|and several other} other merchandises.

 Market cap:2,633.45 Cr INR 

Address:P O Petrochemicals, Vadodara – 391346, Gujarat, India

 Contact information:+91 2656111000/ 

Website: http://www.gujaratalkalies.com/



Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited (GHCL) is a chemical company owned by the Dalmia cluster. 

It absolutely was established within the year 1983. 

The corporate encompasses a robust position within the chemical market with its merchandise equipped across India and abroad. The most focus of the corporate is within the production of salt, the bottom material for Detergents and Glass Industries. 

It is one of the most important providers of salt within the country that is beneficial for textile, paper, and industry. The company has established itself as a well-diversified cluster with an associate observed footprint within the Chemicals, Textiles, and client merchandise section. 

Its Textiles operations are associate integrated vertical setup that commences right from the spinning of fiber (yarn), weaving, dyeing, printing until the finished merchandise, like sheets & duvets, spring that is primarily exported worldwide. 

client merchandise operation is another business for GHCL wherever it’s a frontrunner in producing and mercantilism Edible salt, Industrial grade salt, and Honey within the country. 

It’s one of the top 10 chemical companies in India. 

Market cap:1,773.73 Cr INR

 Address:B-38, Institutional area, Sector 1, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

 Contact:+91 0120 4939900 

Website: http://ghcl.co.in/



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