Top 10 Chemical Companies in Vadodra

Chemical Companies in Vadodra
Chemical Companies in Vadodra
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Vadodra city was previously known as Baroda, is one of the old-fashioned urban areas in Gujarat known for its way of life and verifiable importance. It is the third-biggest city in the territory of Gujarat and is home to individuals of various ethnic gatherings. It is very much associated with the street and air transport network that has assisted with advancing in general turn of events and has expanded business exercises throughout the most recent couple of years.

This spot has a bounty of unrefined substances and talented workers who draw in many financial backers to open up their assembling units around here. The vast majority of the organization’s items are tried and checked to ensure they are protected to utilize and should not make any mischief to individuals. Their compound items are likewise accessible at a decent cost to the average folks who can purchase them.

The organizations trade their compound items to far-off nations, and their interest has been expanding step by step. We will have more details regarding the Top 10 chemical Companies in Vadodra.

List of Top Top 10 Chemical Companies in Vadodra:


Similan Chemical Industries Private Limited, Vadodara, India, was set up under the specialized coordinated effort from Chematur, Sweden. The organization has settled in Vadodara and workplaces in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. It additionally has a widespread showcasing network in the super compound zones of India. Methanol gained the name “wood liquor” since it was once created essentially due to the dangerous refining of wood. It is one of the best chemical industries in Vadodra.

Their Products include :

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Hexamine
  3. Paraformaldehyde
  4. Methanol
  • Contact No. : +91-265-2840265
  • Email id :
  • Address: 13, G.I.D.C. Industrial Area H.Road, Nandesari. Dist: Vadodara-391340 Gujarat

Diamines And Chemicals Limited (DACL) :

Diamines And Chemicals Limited (DACL) has been the pioneer and the just one in assembling a scope of Ethyleneamines (E.A.sE.A.s) in India. DACL has advanced items fabricated ‘first time’ in Quite a while and spearheaded to ‘create’ a business opportunity for the equivalent. Throughout the long term, the organization has set up its essence on the lookout and is effectively taking into account the necessities of Industries.

And it is one of the best chemical industries. All out consumer loyalty has been the organization’s saying. DACL’s obligation to consumer loyalty lies in conveying quality items and administrations, which has assisted the organization with arising as a significant provider of Ethyleneamines. The client’s accommodation is our solace, and thus we offer a scope of bundling, beginning from 25 kg fiber drums to redid pressing to a mass pressing in ISO compartments.

Their Products include : 

  1. Piperazine 68% (pip-68)
  2. Ethylenediamine (E.D.A.)
  3. Diethylenetriamine (deta)
  4. Amino ethyl piperazine (a)
  5. Polyamines mix (pa mix)
  6. Monoethanolamine
  7. Triethylenediamine
  • Contact No:- 91-265-3920200
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- Plot No. 13, P.C.C. Area, P.O.P.O.: Petrochemicals, Vadodara – 391346


Solid calculated help in the type of armada of trucks and distribution centers offices. Great asset report and adequate banking facilities. P.K.C.P.L. has a broad scope of items and administrations for its customers across the length and broadness of the country. P.K.C.P.L. has probably the most regarded names in the business as its administrators.

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Gives a full line of modern and forte synthetics. P.K.C.P.L. has a solid framework set up to bring to the table fantastic administrations opportune conveyance of merchandise. Offers esteem-added administrations like material administration and logistics. Our organization is related to numerous Voluntary Organizations and N.G.O.s.

Their Products include : 

  1. Boron
  2. Acid
  3. Aluminum
  4. Ammonium
  5. Barium salt
  6. Sodium salt
  7. Cadmium
  8. Cobalt
  9. Chromium
  10. Calcium
  • Contact No:- 9377606314
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- FF2, Shreeji Complex, Opp. Indra Complex, Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 390011


One of the dependable accomplices for Completion Brines and the biggest maker of calcium bromide in India. We fabricate Calcium bromide, Sodium bromide, and Zinc Bromide, offering significant oil and gas organizations worldwide. An all-around perceived name in the pharma industry has been catering to important API producers in India just as worldwide for over twenty years. The biggest maker of Hexamethyldisilazane in India, satisfying significant necessities of the homegrown market. Understanding the market prerequisite of the silanes industry, we give tweaked items according to the last application.

Their Products include : 

  1. Calcium bromide liquid
  2. Calcium bromide powder
  3. Sodium bromide solution
  4. Zinc bromide solution
  5. Hexamethyl silazane
  6. Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate
  • Contact No:- (0) 265 298 1195
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- 9th Floor, Onyx Business Center Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road Vadodara – 390020, Gujarat


Set up in 1968, Western Chemical Corporation has been a pioneer to the deep-rooted just as the present impending enterprises by depicting the best illustration of experienced aptitude with current innovation. Our center’s ability lies in assembling and providing High Grades of Activated Carbon and its Products globally, which are reasonable to our clients’ pockets as well. Since it was only an idea to fly abroad, W.C.C. has been fulfilling its clients Internationally. And it’s one of the top chemical industries in Vadodra.

Their Products include : 

  1. Powdered Activated Carbon
  2. Acid Washed Activated Carbon
  3. Unwashed Activated Carbon
  4. Granular Activated Carbon
  5. Anthracite
  6. Manganese Dioxide
  • Contact No:- 8140680001
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- 603, Atria-II, Iscon Heights, Gotri Road, Vadodara – 390021 


Our very much laid office at Vadodara includes progressed creation hardware, exceptional testing and inspecting office, R and D unit, bundling unit, distribution center, and so on. The office is monitored by experienced experts having excellent information and abilities of the cycles in question. Our sensible interest in creating assets assists us with keeping up with better norms of effectiveness in production.

Our organization keeps an exceptional and extensive distribution center. A very much conceived Warehouse Management System helps us in keeping up with the stock with productivity. Further, the capacity of securely putting away our items in mass amounts likewise guarantees that every one of our customers gets on-time conveyance of the transfers.

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Their Products include : 

  1. Benzaldehyde
  2. Benzyl chloride
  • Contact No:- +91 265 225 1767
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- Block no 853/854, Chokari, Near Karkhadi Canal Crossing, Ta: Padra, Dist Vadodara Gujarat


Menachem L.L.P. offers over a thousand plus strength synthetic substances from hundred plus Indian compound industrial facilities and imaginative sourcing administrations to worldwide clients in over 35 countries. Menachem L.L.P. is a sourcing and agreement fabricating forte compound organization situated in India.

It offers inventive sourcing administrations and broad scope of forte synthetic compounds manufactured in India to worldwide purchasers of solid chemicals. Menachem L.L.P. works with worldwide purchasers as their one-point sourcing accomplice in India to purchase a broad claim to fame synthetic substances produced in India, particularly from little and medium-size artificial production lines.

Their Products include : 

  1. Agrochemicals
  2. Animal feed
  3. Aroma ingredients
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Essential oils
  6. Fine chemicals
  7. Food ingredients
  8. Industrial chemicals
  9. Oil field & water treatment chemicals
  10. Pharma intermediates
  • Contact No:- +91 265 302 8900 
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- C/42, “Menachem House,” Krishna Industrial Estate, Gorwa, Vadodara – 390016


First Manufacturing Site was an arrangement in B.I.D.C. under the name Shreyas Chemicals. He was later extended and moved to G.I.D.C. Makarpura as two separate units, ‘ Sujata’ and ‘Shreyas’ Chemicals. Mr. Jitendra Shah took over the administrative obligations in 1992, who is presently the current C.E.O. and Managing Partner. His child Dhruvin Shah is the Co-Partner and Head of Business Development.

Their Products include : 

  1. Pharmaceutical bulk drugs/API/excipients
  2. Laboratory chemicals
  3. Minerals fortifiers
  • Contact No:- (+91) 265 2630325 
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- Plot No.: 875/2 GIDC Estate, Makarpura, Vadodara – 390010 Gujarat 


Bipin Patel, through his immense R.N.D. Experience has made around 300 particles and began sending out something similar to Europe and U.S.A. Throughout some undefined time frame, he started getting more outstanding orders (kg-MT levels). Consequently, he imagined that the time had come to set up a more excellent plant to satisfy the prerequisites of his clients.

So in 2010, he purchased a real estate parcel in similar premises and began to assemble a plant with a higher limit. In 2013 this plant was a commission with every one of the lawful consents taken from different offices. It additionally holds an in-house Qa/Q.C.Q.C. department. In 2016 we had crushed our old R.N.D. and pilot plant and had begun developing another one with a higher limit and workforce. Our likely arrangements are to grow our present creation limit with more enormous volumes.

Their Products include :

  1. API intermediates
  2. Chemistry by class
  3. Research products
  4. Chemical tree
  • Contact No:- 957 472 2211
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- Block No. 1088/A, B/P, Lamdapura Road, Vill. Manjusar, Tal. Savli, Dist. Vadodara -391 775


Reconciliation of advancements and splendid inventive exploration guarantees that the items contact varying backgrounds. From family buyers to the modern center shopper, G.S.F.C. constantly satisfies the multi-crease needs of the market. G.S.F.C.’s unending take a stab at item enhancement and worth expansion has made an item blend going from more than 24 brands of manures to petrochemicals, synthetic substances, modern gases, plastics, strands, and different items.

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Adjusting to the strictest worldwide principles, G.S.F.C. ceaselessly accomplishes and keeps up with the best quality, general bundling, quick conveyances, and administrations of best expectations for each item. This case is very much validated by a line of National and International Awards. However, total Customer Satisfaction is the most valued award at G.S.F.C.

Their Products include :

  1. Anhydrous Ammonia
  2. Argon Gas
  3. Caprolactam
  4. Melamine
  5. Methanol
  6. Methyl Etsy
  7. Ketoxime
  8. Nylon-6
  9. Oleum
  10. Sulphuric Acid
  • Contact No:- 91-265-2242451
  • Email id :-
  • Address:- P. O. Fertilizernagar-391750, Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat, India

FAQs About Top 10 Chemical Companies in Vadodra

Whom do chemical manufacturers in Vadodara cater to?

The chemical makers essentially take ventures like cement, food and refreshments, cowhide, greases, pharma, paint and covering, materials, and so on.

What are the raw materials used by the chemical manufacturers in Vadodara?

The main raw substances utilized by them incorporate non-renewable energy sources (coal, flammable gas, and petrol), limestone, sulfur, air, water, salt, and a variety of specific natural substances.

Which is the best chemical industry in Vadodara?

Deepak Nitrite Ltd is the best chemical industry in Vadodara.

What are chemical companies?

Chemical companies are businesses that produce and sell chemical products, such as industrial chemicals, polymers, plastics, and other chemical substances.

Why are chemical companies important?

Chemical companies play a crucial role in the global economy by providing the raw materials and products needed for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, automotive, electronics, and healthcare.

What is the chemical industry in Vadodara?

Vadodara is a hub for the chemical industry in India, with numerous chemical companies located in and around the city. The chemical industry in Vadodara is known for its production of chemicals and intermediates, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Are these chemical companies publicly traded?

Yes, most of these chemical companies are publicly traded on the Indian stock exchanges, such as the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Are these chemical companies environmentally responsible?

Most of these chemical companies are committed to environmental sustainability and have implemented various measures to reduce their environmental impact. These measures include using cleaner production technologies, reducing waste and emissions, and implementing environmental management systems.


The top 10 chemical companies in Vadodara represent a significant presence in the Indian chemical industry, and their products are used in various sectors both domestically and globally. These companies have established a reputation for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, which has helped them gain recognition in the market. As they continue to expand and grow, they are likely to play a crucial role in the development of the chemical industry in Vadodara and contribute to the growth of the Indian economy as a whole. Overall, the chemical companies in Vadodara are well positioned to continue to thrive in the future, thanks to their strong business practices, technological advancements, and environmentally responsible operations.

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