Choose Your Ideal Bed Frame and Unlock Your Ultimate Comfort Level

Sleep technologies are also improving along with smart home appliances, ultra-thin computers, and sensors built into cars. They have not been limited to a soft bed and a warm blanket for a long time. There are also smart light and noise alarms, pillows that monitor your breathing at night, and even special glasses for monitoring circadian rhythms. In today’s article, you will learn about the сustomized comfort you can have when using an automated bed frame.

You can retrofit modern slatted frames through linear actuators and electrical adjustment. This process is very simple. Modern adjustable slatted frames already have matching shafts built in, which are simply inserted through a series of drives. One linear actuator is required for the head section and another actuator for the foot section. This allows you to adjust the bed frame and relax on the bed in a variety of positions.

Linear actuators (actuators) are widely used in home devices for controlling the position of lighting, opening and closing windows or doors, furniture doors, sliding and retracting structures, etc.

What Makes a Smart Bed Frame So Special

A smart bed helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better. The adjustable base allows you to give your head and legs a more comfortable position. Some models of smart beds are also equipped with a massage system, which is very useful for the back, neck, and head that are tired during the day, which also contributes to falling asleep quickly and healthy sleep.

The smart bed has five preset settings: reading and watching TV modes, completely flat configuration, Zero-Gravity mode, and anti-snoring mode (the manufacturer does not specify exactly how it works).

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The Zero O mode brings the bed into a position that allows you to feel zero gravity. The legs rise just above the level of the heart – the body relaxes, and the tension accumulated during the day is removed.

How to Choose the Appropriate Bed Frame and Enjoy Ergonomic Sleep?

Choosing a bed is an important item in any bedroom. After all, it is on it that we spend a third of our lives, and those who like to sleep – even more. As you know, our health and well-being depend on the quality of sleep. Therefore, choosing a bed is important to make the right decision. And if you are interested in your own health, then you should not save on the bed. After all, besides the fact that it should be comfortable, it should also serve you for a long time. Important, of course, is the aesthetic appearance of the bed.

So, when buying a bed, think about what kind of bed you need – its height, size, shape, and what material it is made of.

First of all, you should pay attention to the frame – the life of the bed and its strength depend on it. There are two types of frames: with two supporting backs and side panels, or with four side panels and backs supported by legs or a platform. The second option is considered more reliable, however, if the bed is assembled with high quality, then in any case it will serve you for a long time.

Regarding the material, it is better to choose frames made of wood or metal. However, keep in mind that although carved wooden or wrought iron beds are very durable and beautiful, they are very expensive. But beds made of fiberboard are relatively inexpensive, but they do not differ in good quality.

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Now let’s deal with the shape and size of our bed. Its length should correspond to your height and have at least 10 cm in reserve, but for complete convenience, preferably more.

To determine the optimal width of the bed, you need to conduct an “experiment”: lie on the bed, throw your hands behind your head and straighten your elbows. If you have enough space in your half, then the bed is right for you. Otherwise, look for a wider bed.

It is also important to pay attention to the height of the bed. After all, it is advisable for older people to choose higher models, and for younger ones, low ones are also suitable.

The best adjustable beds for you to take into account are the variants with all the necessary features and affordable in terms of your budget. Each available model of the frame comes with diverse advantages, designs, and price points to allow every customer to find their perfect match.

Adjustable Bed Frame Size Options

The size of the room plays a considerable role when choosing the eligible bed and mattress. So there are usually space constraints and your individual perception of a comfortable size. Very often all models of adjustable smart bed frames are presented in Twin XL or queen sizes. The most popular variant among customers is the size of the single Twin XL frame. This one is an ideal variant for people who need a compact size because of room space lack and comfort.

If you are worried about the choice of a mattress for your new bed frame, here everything is simple. Foam or latex models of mattresses are absolutely appropriate for any adjustable construction. The only thing is the size of it; just find the one to suit your frame.

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Do not buy mattresses 12 inches thick as they are not compatible enough with automated bed frames. They will not be as flexible as they should be while bending. It is recommended to check all the details with the manufacturer before any purchase.

Learn more about the brand you choose, discover all the benefits you may have, and enjoy healthier sleep every time you go to bed. The variety of models available today can make you feel embarrassed, but you should determine the features you want to have in your bed and, of course, evaluate it within the price points.

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