Citizenship by Investment: 4 Best Investment Programs Worth the Money

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What is citizenship by investment? It’s a method of acquiring the citizenship of a country through investment in industries approved by the government. This method of acquiring a second citizenship by investment differs from country to country. It involves due diligence at different levels, verification of the source of funds, and checking your criminal record.

The most important reason why citizenship by investment programs have gained so much traction is that they are approved within a short time. This gets down without an individual having to make trips to the new country.

Citizenship by investment programs attracts a lot of high net worth individuals in developing nations. These individuals also desire to add a second passport in their investment portfolio. The second passport also gives them greater mobility along with visa free travel freedom.

Citizenship by investment comes with many benefits. It, for instance, grants access to a second passport. You also get allowed to live and work in that country as your second home. When looking for the best citizenship by investment, it’s best to know where you can maximize your investments.

Programs for Citizenship by Investment

There are few entrepreneurs who only conduct businesses in their country of birth. But big businesses mean international trading. That, however, comes with a lot of challenges regarding taxes, laws, and borders. It’s due to such reasons that many people opt for citizenship through investment programs. It enables them to reap significant benefits.

You ought to consider the cheapest citizenship by investment programs if you have a business across the globe. This will help you to expand and get a foothold in many countries. The best citizenship by investment delivers access to not one but many markets. This works to facilitate trading and scaling up opportunities.

Take investing in Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, for instance. Not only do you become a citizen in one of the stunning island countries, you also gain access to more than 140 countries. That includes the United Kingdom and Schengen Area countries. Moreover, dual citizenship in one of the Caribbean countries provides access to the United States markets.

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Citizens by investment options mean direct access to millions of new clients and red-tape-free business relationships. Tax implications are also favourable and depending on your country of choice, your tax bills can be reduced. This would lead to maximized profits. So what programs make for best investments in citizenship by investment?

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  1. Government Bonds

Purchasing government bonds is a good way of acquiring dual citizenship by investment. You can do this without risking your capital or getting personally involved in a business enterprise.

These sovereign bonds are guaranteed by their respective governments and you can get your full investment returned along with interest. Note that if you prefer to finance the investment, your initial deposit won’t be refunded. It will instead be used to finance the initial loan including covering other finance charges.

Some nations like Bulgaria provide a fast-track to citizenship. That’s if you purchase an additional bond value. St. Lucia government bond programs, for instance, cost $500k in bonds.

Then there is the processing fee of $50k. The opportunity cost has never made sense for a lot of people. But towards the end of 2020, St. Lucia offered a Covid relief bond in light of the market conditions in the world. This cuts the investment requirement down to $250k and the processing fee cut down to $30k.

The reduction in the processing fee, however, was for a limited period. Despite the fact that this discount is now gone, net worth individuals can still invest their money for five years. This will get you St. Lucia’s citizenship and you’ll eventually get half a million dollars back without interest. 

  1. Real Estate
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This kind of project entails investing in a commercial or residential property in your country of choice. The requirements will vary, from total ownership to fractional ownership in a major development.

Shared ownership involves being a passive investor, excluding managing any part of the project. The USA’s EB-5 visa program is an example of passive investments. The investment can lead to a permanent residency.

St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is an option for either whole or fractional investment. Bulgaria’s project St. Sofia is another groundbreaking real estate investment for foreign investors. The first mega-resort development of its kind is only in Europe. The project is guaranteed to become an important landmark for business and leisure.

This secure investment opportunity gives investors a chance to invest in real estate shares. It also gives you the opportunity to invest in an actual property with a title deed with a high growth potential. As an investor, you’re eligible for a fast-track citizenship within a period of one year of permanent residency.

Caribbean resort investments provide an annual financial return. In real estate options, your initial invested amount must be maintained for a minimum period of about five years. You can then sell your shares after the expected duration based on the market value.  

  1. Business Enterprises

This is a good investment option if you’d like to expand your entrepreneurial empire. Based on the program you choose, acquiring dual citizenship by investment will allow you to trade within certain economic areas. This investment option requires you to create new employment opportunities.

One place you may have never considered as an investment destination is Colombia. Many people still associate this country with its dark past in battling drug lords. But doing that will cause you to miss out on one of the strongest markets and the most vibrant cultures in South America.

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Starting a business enterprise in Colombia will earn you a second residency with as little as $20,000 in capital on your company. For a permanent residence, you’ll need an investment of $140,000 into a Colombian business.

After obtaining your residency, you’ll only be required to visit the country at least once in two years. This will ensure that you keep your residency active.

The timeline to getting your second citizenship is five years once you meet all the requirements. That includes a basic knowledge of Colombian history. This will grant you visa-free access to more than 125 countries. You’ll also have unlimited access to all of Central and South American countries.  

  1. Non-Refundable Donations to Government Supported Programs

This kind of investment requires a sizable donation to a government approved fund. You can alternatively donate to a charity program in your chosen country.

This is a philanthropic way of contributing to your new country’s economic development. It makes for a positive impact. Donations usually vary based on the number of applications and come with all the benefits of a second citizenship by investment.

Final Take Away

As we conclude, it’s crucial to note that the best citizenship by investment program does not exist. What exists is the best citizenship by investment program based on your business needs.

The best citizenship by investment option will allow you to intelligently preserve your capital while accomplishing your goals. Lastly, it’s important to note that the opportunities for citizenship by investment are constantly changing. That’s because some programs can be shut down when a new government takes over. But that’s not to mean that you’ll lose your citizenship.

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