Clothing is being made by renting school rooms!


A businessman named Abdur Rahman Bablu has set up a garment factory by renting three rooms of Nandina Madhu High School in Kamarkhand upazila of Sirajganj. The parents have complained that this is causing extreme damage to the learning environment.

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It is learned that in the financial year 2019-2020, the Department of Education Engineering constructed a new academic building at Nandina Madhu High School. When the teaching started in the new building, the president and headmaster of the school management committee rented three rooms of the old school to a local businessman.

According to the agreement, Abdur Rahman Bablu rented three rooms of the school for a tailoring business with a deposit of Tk 6,000. The monthly rent has been fixed at 3 thousand rupees. It has been mentioned that the rent money will be given to the account number of the school in favor of Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank.

Going to the school, it is seen that Bablu is selling different types of garments by installing sewing machines in the rented rooms and employing manpower.

The parents complained, “There is a factory on the school premises, which is causing extreme damage to education.” The learning environment here has been completely ruined by the noise of the factory machines as well as the loud voices of the workers.

Locals said garments have been placed in school rooms. People move here all the time. It is not possible for students to study properly in this environment.

Headmaster of Nandina Madhu High School Anwar Hossain said, “Three rooms of the school were rented. It has already been informed verbally and in writing that the garment factory should be removed immediately.

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Businessman Abdur Rahman Bablu said, ‘I rented the houses on December 1 last year. I am getting a little more order before Eid. That is why some people are conspiring against me. ‘

Kamrul Hasan Lavlu, president of the school’s managing committee, said, “The abandoned houses have been rented out in accordance with government policy and with the permission of the managing committee. If anyone has a problem, let the managing committee know. ‘

Upazila Secondary Education Officer Chakman Ali said, ‘I have talked to the headmaster after hearing about the rent of the school house. For this reason, if the learning environment is ruined, action will be taken if anyone complains