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In this blog, you will find a Test-Prep Support Portal that will help you to start your preparation and ace your exams.

CoachingSelect is a support portal that helps you to select the most suitable coaching for your exam preparation. This site will help you to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality by enhancing your performance.

CoachingSelect was founded by ex-IIT-IIMs with the vision to make an agile platform where each student will get the best education for their career endeavor while educators provide supreme opportunities for them to achieve success in their life.

CoachingSelect is the gateway to an innovative and advanced way of learning where you get expert counseling and loads of information on what coaching you should select to make the best use of your time, money, and hard work to achieve the dreams you aspire for.

Why CoachingSelect?

You can find various examination preparation portals with just a click on your phone, then why should you choose CoachingSelect of all exam prep portals?

Here is a list of reasons you should consider before choosing CoachingSelect as your exam preparation partner.

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Top Coaching:

Coaching is a method of training and instructing an individual or a group of individuals to develop their skills and increase productivity. The trainer is called the coach and the learner is called the coachee. Coaching methods involve close supervision, training,  and feedback on performance. CoachingSelect is an online exam portal that offers you a vast variety of coaching to choose from.

Tutors and personal tutors:

CoachingSelect helps students to find professional tutors and personal tutors to help them prepare for their examinations. Tutors are qualified educators specialized in a particular subject and they help individuals to achieve their academic goals by providing them with required study materials, and question banks and solving their problems either online or in person in classrooms.

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Top Universities and colleges:

CoachingSelect helps students to find universities and colleges for their higher education by providing them with necessary information about the courses offered by different universities and colleges that might be suitable for them. It helps students to compare different courses and make rational decisions for their future.

Executive Education:

Executive education is a program specialized for working professionals. They are mostly certificate-granting programs that help executives to upgrade their knowledge. CoachingSelect provides various such courses to help you to sharpen your skills and excel in your career.

Competitive and Government  Examination:

These exams are central exams conducted yearly, these exams usually include bank tests, defense examinations, railway examinations, UGC and UPSC examinations, etc., in which lakhs of students appear every year. Coachingselect helps you to prepare for these exams by providing you with the desired coaching and enrolling you in a suitable course to crack the exam with flying colors.

Expert counseling:

CoachingSelect provides you with online career counseling which helps you to discover your perfect career by analyzing your potential and interest. These counselors also help individuals to make the transition from one career option to another. Coachingselect experts provide personalized guidance such as introspection and interpersonal counseling, behavioral and psychoanalytic approaches to guide you toward your dream career.

Question and Answers : 

CoachingSelect provides you with a platform where you can ask questions directly to professionals and get your queries sorted. These professional do their best to guide you in the right direction and assists you to tackle the problems you might be facing in your studies or career to make your efforts and hard work worthwhile.

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Exam Information :

CoachingSelect is a one-stop destination where you can find information regarding all the competitive and government exams that you need to enhance your knowledge and start preparing for the exam you want to crack. It’s important to know how and when you should register for the exam, how to prepare for the exam, which coaching is best for you to enroll in to prepare etc.

Study Material :

You don’t go to war unprepared, CoachingSelect has got your preparation covered as well. On this exam prep portal, you can find detailed study materials crafted by professionals that will help you to excel in your exams.

Blogs and Trending Articles :

CoachingSelect keeps you posted on trendy topics with its blogs and articles so that you don’t miss out on any new opportunities and updates. You can find all the information about everything that you need to know about exams, education, and career.

Webinars :

CoachingSelect conducts webinars to educate and spread awareness among students regarding their future. How they can utilize their time to prepare for competitive exams? Which universities and colleges would suit their interest ?, What career part they should follow? All these topics and many more such topics are covered in the webinars conducted by CoachingSelect.

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