Common Ways To Keep Carpenter Bees Away

Common Ways To Keep Carpenter Bees Away
Common Ways To Keep Carpenter Bees Away

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With over 20,000 different species of bees in the world, there are bound to be a few of them. One of those bees is the Carpenter Bee. They look similar to Bumblebees in size and general shape. But Bumble Bees usually nest in the ground. Carpenter Bees nest and lay their eggs in the wood that they have drilled into for protection. If you notice these wood dwellers living in your home, here are 8 ways. With these ways, you can get rid of Carpenter bees on your own.

Although Carpenter Bees are typically docile, they can still cause big problems in your home. The male hovers just outside the nest to protect and fight off any intruders or other bees by engaging in physical combat, albeit without a stinger. The female, who actually does have a stinger, acts as a last line of defense for those who enter the nest. The real problem with Carpenter Bees is what they do to the wooden features of your home. If you see Bees on your property, contact a Professional Bees Control Adelaide service to get rid of them.

These little insects bore holes out of softwood. They create a series of tunnels to lay their eggs. They seek refuge from the weather and danger outside of the nest. Even though this doesn’t seem too bad, over time, it will do a lot of damage to your home. Carpenter Bees are looking for raw or wood, damp wood, and older outdoor furnishings such as tables and chairs. This means the most common places you will find them are door frames, windows, the siding of your home, patio furniture, and exposed wooden beams.

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If you have realized that you have a Carpenter Bee infestation, here are a few simple ways to get rid of them or protect your home before they come around looking for a new place to build a nest: 

1. Paint Or Seal Any Exposed Wood Around Your Home.

These little bees are looking for easy-to-drill wood; therefore, if your deck, door frame, or windows are still as it is, they are the prime candidate for a bee infestation.

2. Vacuum The Bees Out With A Wet-vac.

This method is best if the nest is fairly new and if you have a high-powered wet vac. The best time to try this is to wait until the evening because the bees will be back in the nest for the night.

3. Make A Lot Of Noise.

Carpenter bees enjoy the quiet so if you find yourself with some unwanted guests, set up a radio or speaker right next to or on top of where the nest is. Not only does the music disorient them, but the vibrations will also cause them to evacuate their nest. Oftentimes, once a severe problem has happened in their nest, they will not return to that same place anymore.

4. Make A Citrus Spray.

Carpenter Bees naturally go away by the smell of citrus. In a small pot of water, slice the citrus fruit and boil it in the water for 10-15 minutes to release the juice. Let the citrus water cool down and pour it into a spray bottle with a “stream” nozzle and spray it into the nest site.

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5. Boric Acid.

This common household item can be used for a bevy of different DIY insect-removal projects. Mix 3 parts water with 1 part boric acid in a spray bottle and spray inside the entrance hole. This is very poisonous to the carpenter bees and will exterminate them within an hour.

6. Aerosol Carburetor Cleaner.

Although this is not the most natural remedy, it works. Whether they are inside when you spray it inside or not, it will either kill them or make their nest inhabitable.

7. Essential Oils.

Carpenter Bees are very sensitive when it comes to scents inside their nest. Peppermint, tea tree and lemon essential oils are excellent for making their nest unbearable, thus making them leave for good. Although this isn’t a permanent solution, it will buy you a little time to safely get them out of the nest without hurting them so you can properly seal the entrance site.

8. Pyrethrum Spray.

Pyrethrum, also called Tanacetum, is a flower that is used a lot in natural pesticides. It is one of the strongest natural insecticides that is allowed in organic gardening.

If you notice a carpenter bee hovering around your house, you can bet there is an entrance to their nest nearby. Although bee and wasp removal home remedies seem easy and foolproof, you should always wear protective gear when handling chemicals as well as disturbing an insect nest.

If you need help with bee and wasp removal, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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