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Company started in a small cottage is in more than 2000 cities today

This post was most recently updated on August 19th, 2019

Dogma Soft Limited at a glance :

Baisc Details :

  • StartupName  – DOGMA SOFT LIMITED
  • HeadQuarter  – JAIPUR,RAJASTHAN
  • Founder/s Name  – PAWAN GODARA & SHYAM GODARA
  • Sector – IT
  • Founding Year – 2009
  • Elevator Pitch – Our company provides services for rural and medium level businessperson that allows them to lead in the mainstream. 
  • Registered Entity Name – Dogma Soft Limited

“Problems are merely an excuse for people who believe in Karma”, says two brothers Mr Pawan Godara & Mr Shyam Godara who hail from a small village named Takhranwali in Sriganganagar district. of Rajasthan and sent a message to those who kneel down before adverse situations.

They both come from a middle-class farmer’s family did schooling and B.A. from Govt. institutions. They neither possess any technical degree from IIT or any other Engg. college nor did job in any IT company, even are not from any business class family. Surprisingly they did not receive any fund from anyone. Due to lack of money they did computer courses from DOEACC society as non-collegiate students. Despite they formed a public limited company and took it to all the regions of our country with extreme hard work and true dedication.

In the words of Mr Pawan “, he came to Jaipur in 2007, did tiny jobs in different companies and provided tuitions to young kids. After hearing from friends about IT business thought to have one but did not have any knowledge about business and it’s tactics. So we both started planning for a company in 2009 which took a real face on January 29th 2010. Then we both registered a company for 500 INR. The company was founded in a small room-sized cottage not larger than a double bed. We both used to reside in it too. The computer system is an integral part of an IT company thus we bought a computer in instalments and started developing websites and software.

Dogma Soft Founder
Image Credit/Source : (Mr.PAWAN GODARA & Mr.SHYAM GODARA)

One day we thought that IT companies have their limitations so how can we reach to the ground level in all the parts of India and do something good for our country and it’s people? This was possible only when we have a leadership and network of DOGMA in every State/Distt./City/Tahsil/Panchayat/Village. Today we are in 34 States/UT and 613 Distt. with more than 25000+ business partners. We used IT as a tool to provide services in all sectors altogether.

From registration of Start-up companies to their online presence we are providing all kinds of IT solutions in most economical prices. That is why we have clients from Jammu to Salem. We also make SME aware of improving their businesses by using digital media easier. Helping businessmen in making a worldwide image by connecting with IT and can help big brands in reaching remote areas with the help of business partners. Online companies still need offline teams to obtain the faith of local people and making them understand their services and we are the best option for such situations.

We always had one vision in our brains that if people from rural India are provided with all facilities then they do not need to leave their home towns and come to cities which eventually will lead in reduction of fuel, money, time, traffic, accidents and brain drain. To accomplish this thought, helping digital India concept and making people IT smart we developed a Be Smart Citizen application. The main objective of this application is to provide assistance in facilities to people for their day to day life i.e. recharges, bill payments, ATM, bus/train/taxi/flight/hotel booking, mini bank and online shopping”.

In words of Mr Shyam “nowadays most of the start-up companies are based on funds so they do not have a revenue model which leads in obstruction in growth resulting in closure. We have not borrowed a single penny from anyone in the name of funding.

Unemployment in India has turned into an epidemic so our major objective is to provide employment to people in their respective sectors without any investment by supporting rural entrepreneurship. So that the people of surrounding areas/villages get solutions for day to day problems with the help of IT and we become the 1st company in India which provides employment to more than 2 million people”.

logo. dogma soft

Reach us : https://dogmaindia.com/



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