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FSSI Splash
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FSSI Splash will help you devise innovative marketing campaigns that fulfill your goals and promote your nonprofit s mission by utilizing effective, donor-centered fundraising solutions.
Proactively soliciting supporters via multichannel systems is the next logical step in a donor-centered strategy. With a comprehensive service that includes digital integration and the latest in marketing automation, you’ll have access to the tools and expertise to reach donors on their favored channels (and make noise!).

What is FSSI Splash?

Direct response marketing and graphic design are the specialty of Splash, FSI’s Direct Mail and Marketing Services Division.


By creating a personalized experience, you can relate to your customers on an intimate level. There’s no guesswork involved, and we do not just hit numbers. Our investment offers deep insights and unique analytics that will help you speak to your customers with unprecedented creativity.
In continuous printing, text, graphics, and images smoothly change from one to another part one right after another; on-point messaging. It is not just about essential Communications 101. It’s a higher-response direct-response promotion designed to help you increase engagement and conversions.

Innovative Print-Mail Production

We have all the capabilities required to build functions that work in a pan-global fashion and are short sufficiently to respond quickly to any changes in the marketplace. Our market is homogenous; hence we also provide customized print and mail.
Other direct response companies don’t offer as much breadth of services as we do. Included is the scope of services, from designing the form to creating all the processing, printing, finishing, and mailing. FSSI Splash gets your work done from A to Z, from design to process to finalized materials, making a good product and reliable brand.

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Robust Digital Integration

Direct mail most likely isn’t fully maximized unless integrated with cross-channel digital marketing and full campaign reporting. We strongly advise considering direct mail based on the possibilities provided by analytics (hyper-targeting), tracking (mail, call, lead), and re-targeting (Google, Facebook). Then imagine having instantaneous access to all this information on one dashboard with only a few clicks.
A comprehensive, end-to-end, single dashboard; with substantial effectiveness will enable you to track the efficiency of direct mail campaigns and reach better results. And digital integration is of course powerful, allowing you should seamlessly keep track of your direct mail campaigns and enhance your earnings. That does a lot for your ROI.

This is made possible with POSTALYTICS, a direct mail automation platform that helps businesses create and send personalized physical mail to their customers or prospects. It offers features such as templates, integrations with popular CRM and marketing automation systems, and the ability to track and analyze campaign results.

High-Performance Marketing

We can assist you with our in-house marketing personnel or contract with your internal marketers or marketing agency to provide services. We are fluent in marketing terminology, so we can assure that your staff members and contracted personnel are fully aware so they can carry out the duties you request.
We make ourselves versatile to match supply and demand. We can provide integrated, high-performance solutions that directly match your requirements. Just state, “Let’s go,” and we’ll jump into gear.


In conclusion,the FSSI Splash program is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of government contracting. The program allows small businesses to team up with large businesses and compete for government contracts. The program is also a great way to learn about federal procurement.

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