Console Booster Test Manual

Console Booster Test Manual
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1. Installthe apparatusconsolebooster

1.1. Click the linkanddownloadthe application

IOS: AppleStore

Game boost android: GooglePlay

1.2. SelectPhoneAcceleration

1.3. SelectProfileandRegister

2. Setupyourgearboosterpack

2.1. SelectPhoneAcceleration

2.2. Choose thegameyou need topromote

2.3. Increasing thegame

2.4. Switch onthehotspot

2.5. Setuparound theswitch

2.6. SystemSettings-Internet-InternetSettings

2.7. Selectyourhotspot-Changesettings

2.8. Enableproxysettings

2.9. Result in thefollowingchanges


Port 8088

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2.10. Savesettings

2.11.Connect withthisnetwork

2.12Whenthere’s adelayon thetelephone, itconnectseffectively

2.13. Screenshots

3. Begin toplay

3.1. Playfarmvilleandtake screenshots ofreduce ping withboosters

3.2. Alsoplayfarmvilleandtake screenshots withoutboosters

3.3When you wishfor connectinga warmplacewith nobooster, you need tochange it outto thesettings


Chooseyourhotspot-alter thesettings




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3.4.When thegamecannotdisplayping, recordthe recordingwithand withnobooster

Completethefeedbackwhendetailingthe main difference


4.Submitfeedbackin yourphone

4.1. Following thefinishfrom thegame, go back tothe applying

4.2. Introduction-HelpCenter-Feedback

4.3. Explainnoformattingproblem


Wired (Switch)   Vodafone   Switch OLED   FIFA- FUT.

IexperienceUSserversinMexico. Thepingbeforeaccelerationis100, and also thepingafterusingboosteris150, that isnegativelyenhanced.

Have ascreenshot

For those who haveany queries, you are able tocome alongonDiscordand choose “I amaconsole player” and i willbe thereto aid youdirectly!

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