Construction Cameras are Doing Much More than Capturing Thieves

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Technology advancements make jobsite cameras much more than a theft deterrent. Theft and vandalism frequently target construction sites. For this reason, camera technology first appeared on construction sites. Even the most remote site may be secured with the aid of contemporary camera-based technology, which offers real-time intelligence.

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Additionally, managers are able to assess compliance with safety rules and monitor where workers, equipment, and supplies are in transit to identify potential safety hazards by recording visual documentation of daily site activity, mishaps, and near misses. Below we have few reasons why you must use live construction cameras.

1. Knowing you have installed video surveillance will probably make your insurance provider happy

As a consequence, you COULD be eligible for a premium discount. It is impossible to overstate the value of monitoring systems to insurers; they do more than just reduce crime. Another benefit of video monitoring is that it might reduce the possibility of a consumer making a bogus liability claim. Video surveillance is therefore advantageous for both you and your insurance provider. (Since every circumstance is unique, please check with your insurance company to see if they offer discounts for installing security systems.)

2. The cost of a conventional alarm system can be avoided with modern surveillance systems

Today’s wi-fi enabled cameras are frequently outfitted with artificial intelligence, motion sensors, warnings that are sent to your phone, analytics, and visual deterrents. When compared to an antiquated alarm company, the complete system is more economical because all of these capabilities are fully integrated into the cameras.

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3. You can perform simultaneous checks on several properties

For a business owner or landlord with several properties, it provides immediate peace of mind. You can get live video of what is occurring at your sites. However, you really don’t need to because we’ll be keeping a watch on the entire property when it counts.

4. There’s a Greater Sense of Safety Among Workers

With the development and application of AI, owners and contractors will soon have access to real-time data from video monitoring. We’re getting very close to real time, where you can take video feeds and run them through AI to tag or identify things like hazardous circumstances, sloppy housekeeping, and employees not wearing the right PP.

The objective will be to promptly notify safety personnel of any potentially dangerous situations as they are discovered. The added advantage is making the workplace always aware of its safety precautions.

After an accident, video monitoring may have an effect on employee safety since the cameras may be able to see the damage. You can determine whether the owner of the construction site or the contractors are liable. But we may also learn from those images, using them as a chance to stop the catastrophe from happening again.

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