Top 10 Construction Companies in Bihar

Construction Companies in Bihar
Top 10 Construction Companies in Bihar
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Construction companies are the ones who are responsible for the building and architecture of any house, roads, bridges or such large projects. These companies have the capabilities of making nay small cottage the housed into a royal mention. They need to make proper arrangements about the raw materials availability, requirement, cost-cutting & them a budget is released which is then discussed with the contractor & the clients. If the client doesn’t find it apt, they can send that for reformation. This company needs to have a large amount of capital & even more management power to handle the work of the construction site and the one who should look after the company’s paperwork.

Many companies are working as construction companies in overall India. The top 10 construction companies of Bihar are mostly highlighted here. These top 10 companies have got this position by a lot of incredible constructions that have changed the people’s minds about them. The work construction company does is very risky, but these top 10 construction companies do it with so much ease & smoothness.

These top 10 construction companies in Bihar has an absolutely strong record of achievements & past events success. This company has built a strong impression of them among the rest of the companies. The top 10 construction companies in Bihar are listed below. 

List of best Construction Companies in Bihar:


This company is involved with the work of real estate development. The speciality of this company is developing housing areas under the housing schemes for the people of different income groups. Trhye company assure the best quality work & that is before the deadline. The company’s main motto is to bring a smile to each & every citizen of Bihar because of having a proper shelter to survive in these tough times.

This company is expanding its business in cities other than Bihar by providing quality work with accuracy & efficiency. They’ve taken the projects like Meena Residency & Shailendra Residency. This is the best construction company in Bihar.

CONTACT : 0612 234 4399

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ADDRESS: G-70, P.C.Colony, near Rajendra Nagar, over the bridge, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 80020.



This company is quite an old company &the best construction company in Bihar. Earlier this city wasn’t that developed as other cities, so some construction companies like Saakar who are old in this field started development & today this city has same interiors & portrayals as a developing city has. This company was established in 1996. 

The belief of this company is “we have built brick by brick, home by home & dream by dream & are today undeniably a name for commitment, quality & trust.” The services provided by this company are Master layouts, floor plans, gallery, 3D viewers.

CONTACT: 062027 50748

ADDRESS: 5th floor, Sone Bhavan, Veer Chand, Sardar Patel Marg, Patna, Bihar 800001. 



The speciality of this company is luxurious construction with reasonable rates. This company was started in the year 1900 by Sanjay Kumar, who belongs to the first generation of their family. Now the third generation is running the entire business & is making id one of the top construction companies in Bihar. 

They’re famous for constructing high rise & luxurious apartments. Still, their other projects are no less worthy & astonishing—some of their works inclider Anishbad Patna, Sub Division: Danapur district Patna. 

CONTACT : 7004420703

ADDRESS : Nutan Plaza, 8th Floor, Bandar Bagicha Patna- 800001



This company build the projects at a very low cost that the buyers can make sure that they can afford it in their budgets. They maintain the best construction & qualities in their construction work. They have the skills for the construction of luxurious high rise & a small house with limited space & areas. They believe that housing is one of the most primary needs of a human & it should be fulfilled at a very low cost.

Their services include the construction of Pragya’s Savitri Enclave. The rates of their construction work are very minimal & low with all the best services & facilities. This is one of the best construction in Bihar.

CONTACT: 090664 33885

ADDRESS: 1st floor, Partner House, Basant Vihar Colony, Boring Rd, Patan, Bihar-800001. 



This company has been providing the services as a construction company for more than two decades. With time they’ve upgraded their technologies & methodologies & has improved a lot in this field. These are the top companies of construction in Bihar. They assure the best services with a limited amount of time period. They also maintain lifelong relationships with their customers as they consider them as a part of the family.

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The motto of this company is to provide the best outcomes to clients who value diligence, resourcefulness & creativity in Rehanam construction. The company is expanding in the areas of Bihar & also around other cities near Bihar. This is the leading infrastructure & construction company of Bihar.

CONTACT: 099391 56424

ADDRESS: Ashoka Palace, 331, 332, 333, 3rd Exhibition Rd, near Big Bazaar Patna, Bihar-800001



The specialities of this company are the construction of healthcare, institutional & educational buildings, telecommunication & radio, data centres & water & waste management. The company looks after many social infrastructural development & constructions. Many projects are undertaken by the company which has indeed provided the development to the society & overall community.

They undertake projects which include both commercial & residential involvement. This is the name behind many mindwests & advanced generation public.

CONTACT : 0612 221 0036

ADDRESS : Sukriti Apartment 305, S.P. Verma Rd, Patna, Old Jakkanpur, Lodipur, Patna , Bihar- 80001. 

WEBSITE : www.meridian


The company is involved in constructing hotels, industries, residences, business complexes, social building construction. This company is quite old & famous in this field. This company has many skilled employees & a good amount of capital. The company has expanded its branch in Bihar & Jharkhand. The working of this company is very reliable & quality free. This is a renowned real estate company in Bihar. 

The company’s past event records include constructing many high-tech & modern buildings with amazing & brilliant architecture. The development of any city depends on the construction of the buildings in that city. This company has agreed with this & their development is a-one.

CONTACT: 090975 20636

ADDRESS: Kumar Towers, 102, 1st near Boring Rd, crossing, Patna, Bihar-800001.



This is an Indian Govt. registered construction company working for society’s social & economic development. This company has been working for more than five years under the guidance of Sapan Kumar, who is a civil engineer. The company has made great progress within a short period. This is one of the best construction companies in Bihar.

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This company has extraordinary skills in working on interior and exterior designing in the construction industry. This company is working by dividing the work under different departments such as construction. Manufacturing, ready & mixing concrete & real estate, etc. these are the leading real estate construction companies in Bihar. 

CONTACT: 093864 02389

ADDRESS: Premasha Kutir, Ganesh Colony Mowar Lane, near Sultanganj, Patna, Bihar-80006.



The services & the past construction says it all about the working of this particular company. Their services include the constructions of Examination Hall Mangadh Division Gaya, DIET Bettiah, DIET Tarar, DIET Nawada, Pumphouse Chausa, Model School, MS- 111. They believe in making the whole working of their company customer-friendly. When any customer needs to understand anything about the company, they can get that.

The philosophy of this company is “one simple truth- we want to see the customers happy”. They put all their efforts to make them happy & sufficed with their services & construction. They believe that the customer deserves & expects that they should get better t5han what they7 expected.

CONTACT: 077810 05843

ADDRESS: 202, Hera Enclave, New Dak Bungalow Road, Patna Bihar 800001.



In this competitive world, there are no companies who understand the actual need & also the income of the people. This company stand by their customer’s needs & requirements. They assure the best services at a very minimal cost. This is rightfully another name for integrity & assurance. This is the best construction company in Bihar. With time there working improved & they started taking the construction of luxurious flats & high-rises & made themselves the best contractors of real estate. They have developed many residential as well as commercial infrastructures all around.   

CONTACT: 090350 06204

ADDRESS: 502, Ratan Shree Apartment, behind ICICI Direct, Kidwipuri, Patna. Bihar-800001.



The main work of any construction of buildings, roads & residencies. But all these should be constructed under a certain budget & also with the best quality. These ten companies have understood this philosophy so well that they have a record of happy clients. These top 10 constructions companies in Bihar has excelled in each & every field & criteria of infrastructure & construction. Thus they are the best construction companies of all.

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