Construction Companies in Ernakulam
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Top 10 Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Construction companies are created to construct buildings and other infrastructures like Roads, Bridges, Dams, Buildings and more. Today Construction companies are created everywhere in the world, even the tiny districts of Kerala. These companies are necessary to support cities progress and also to maintain their development. There are several construction companies in Ernakulam, the commercial capital of Kerala. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam. Here, you will get to inform the best construction companies in Ernakulam.

List of Top 10 Construction companies Ernakulam

1Cherian Varkey Construction CompanyKadavanthra, Ernakulamhttp://www.cherianvarkey.com/home
2Delight BuildersKochi, Ernakulamhttps://www.delightbuilders.in/
3Infra Housing PrivateKochi, Ernakulamhttp://www.infrahousing.com/
4Kent ConstructionsKochi, Ernakulamhttps://kenthomes.in/
5KJA & SonsKochi, Ernakulamhttps://www.kjasons.com/
6SQ Engineering ContractorsKochi, Ernakulamhttp://sqgallery.com/
7Salmia GroupPerumbavoor, Ernakulamhttp://www.salmiabuilders.com/
8Abad BuildersKochi, Ernakulamhttps://www.abadbuilders.com/
9JP VenturesThrippunithara, Ernakulamhttp://jpventures.in/
10MPS BuildersThammanam, Ernakulamhttp://mpsbuilders.in/

Cherian Varkey Construction Company

Cherian Varkey Construction Company is one of the top 10 construction companies located in Kadavanthra, Ernakulam. The company started its journey in 1975 and Provided services in multiple sectors like construction of roads, bridges, industrial buildings, residential commercial and other infrastructural works. This is a privately owned company managed by managing director Cheriyan Varkey. They build each project carefully with a focus on quality and serving customers worldwide. Cherian Varkey Construction Company ensures a satisfied customer experience with quality services.

Rating 4.7

Website http://www.cherianvarkey.com/home

Delight Builders

Delight Builders was established in 2015 located in Kochi, Ernakulam, the commercial capital of Kerala. Delight Builders is one of the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam that provides quality service. They offer services in commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. They have the vision to be a forerunner in the arena of construction and property-related services.

Delight Builders offers a wide range of design, construction, interiors, plan drawing, 3d elevation designing, landscape designing and more. 

They are confident in the quality and reliability of their works having in-depth knowledge about construction needs.

Rating 5.0

Website https://www.delightbuilders.in/

Infrahousing Private Limited

Infra Housing Private Limited is one of Kerala’s top 10 construction companies, established on June 25, 1996, in Ernakulum, Kerala. This company worked on many construction projects and is managed by Mr John George and Mr George E George. They execute their services in residential villas and residential apartments.

 Infra Housing Private Limited is the first company who launch the concept of multi ownership hospitality venture. Infra Housing offers quality services to their clients across Kerala in the commercial hospitality and retail segment. 

Rating 3.0

Website http://www.infrahousing.com/

Kent Constructions

Kent Constructions is an Ernakulam based construction company established in 1992 that provides unique Construction Services throughout Kerala. They started their journey by developing premium and ultra-premium residential villas in Ernakulam.

The company exclusively participates in constructing infrastructures with traditional architecture blended with modern contemporary designs and facilities. Villas called Kent paradise in Thammanam brought them instant success in the construction industry.

Rating 4.0

Website https://kenthomes.in/

KJA & Sons

KJA & Sons is one of the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam located in Thoppumpady. KJA & Sons engaged in civil construction works of commercial and residential buildings, renovation of works, Interior works.

 KJA & Sons trace back its roots to K R Joseph and sons, founded in 1983. Initially, they were leading contractors with military engineering services. Later in 2012, KJA & Sons formed and specialized in civil construction and construction of commercial budgets.  

Rating 4.9

Website https://www.kjasons.com/

SQ Engineering Contractors

SQ Engineering Contractors is a leading construction company established in 2009 and headquartered in Kochi. SQ Engineering Contractors is well known for the quality of materials they use and the timely delivery of services. It is one of the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam that provides services in construction and instrumentation.

SQ Engineering Contractors is a non-government company working on values of quality, customer satisfaction and efficiency. Thriji Kumar and Raveendran Sajikumar are the two directors of this company. Their services include civil works, roads, panting works, archeology and heritage, roofing and fabrication etc. 

Rating 5.0

Website http://sqgallery.com/

Salmia Group

Salma Group is one of the top 10 construction companies in Perumbavoor, Ernakulam, founded in 2015. They are a dedicated group of professionals engaged in construction services, mainly in the construction of budgeted homes. They have a vision of creating new living spaces which are beautiful, valuable and innovative.

They provide services in multiple sectors like consultancy, real estate, construction, designing, marketing and more. They have made substantial goodwill in the construction field of Kerala. 

Rating 4.9

Website http://www.salmiabuilders.com/

Abad Builders

Abad Builders is one of the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam, Established in 1995. It is a privately held company having a team of efficient engineers. Abad Builders is the first CRISIL rated Real Estate Company in Kerala and also acquired ISO.

They have been involved in the construction of various residential projects. They have been recognized for their environment-friendly projects across Kerala. They ensure the quality of works and constantly strived to exceed the expectations of their clients. 

Rating 4.3

Website https://www.abadbuilders.com/

JP Ventures

JP Ventures is one of the recognized construction companies among the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam. They use new technologies and resources to supply admirable construction services. The company’s mission is to full fill the expectations of its clients in the promised parameters of time and quality.

They cater best solutions in construction and property-related services. They have completed 227bprojects with good quality and perfection.

Rating 4.9

Website http://jpventures.in/

MPS Builders

MPS Builders is one of the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam. Their services are divided into two segments include property management services and home rentals. This is a privately owned company that has a presence in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. They are presently engaged in constructing various commercial projects, including 5-star hotels in Kozhikode and Kochi.

 They build each project carefully with a focus on quality and serves customers correctly.

Rating 4.5

Website http://mpsbuilders.in/

FAQ’s about Top 10 Construction Companies in Kerala

What is a construction company?

Companies that are created to construct buildings and other infrastructures are called construction companies.

What are the types of Construction companies? 

Industrial infrastructural companies, Project management consultants, Real estate companies, Construction Contracting companies, Civil engineering companies, heavy engineering and construction companies, engineering procurement and construction companies.

Which are the top 10 construction companies in Ernakulam?

Cherian Varkey Construction Company

Delight Builders

Infra Housing Private

Kent Constructions

KJA & Sons

SQ Engineering Contractors

Salma Group

Abad Builders

JP Ventures

MPS Builders

Which is the government-owned Construction Company in Kerala?

Kerala State Construction Corporation Limited is a Kerala government-owned company formed in the year 1975.



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