Cradlewise: About, Name And Logo, Founders, Investors, Competitors, Faqs

Cradlewise is a company that sells newborn surveillance cradles
Cradlewise: About, Name And Logo, Founders, Investors, Competitors, Faqs
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Cradlewise is a company that sells newborn surveillance cradles. The characteristics of the item encompass methods for secure position during sleep identification, insect tracking, contactless technology respiratory rate monitoring, and reactive swinging. 

The in-built baby tracker anticipates whenever a baby might wake up ahead of schedule and works to promote sleeping.

Cradlewise is a two thousand dollars digital that tracks an infant’s depth of sleep and attempts to ease the infant’s sleep.

Cradlewise provides an advanced bed with helpful swinging and built-in non-contact infant tracking.

In order to maintain the tightest possible communication channel with Cradlewise’s clients, the business began collecting orders in advance at CES in 2021 and originally focused on consumers in the Bay Area of California.

About Cradlewise-

Cradlewise is a Silicon Valley-based business that creates intelligent beds for young children. The company acquired seven million dollars in its initial fundraising deal headed by the initial stages investment company Footwork.

Cradlewise manufactures digital beds with incorporated baby monitors that utilize computational intelligence to recognize the child’s sleeping patterns and adjust to her/his demands as they change.

 Now, Cradlewise only offers doorstep delivery via its own website, but the company has aspirations to increase distribution via additional e-commerce platforms in the future.

Cradlewise is the marketplace’s sole baby device that leverages advanced technology and Intelligence to gain insight into the infant’s nighttime sleeping habits and development trends.

Cradlewise is an intelligent bed that offers unrestricted high-quality sleep to infants between the ages of 0 and 2. It features an embedded baby tracker that adapts to the infant’s sleeping patterns, detects the initial indications of wakefulness, and begins swinging to soft music.

Name Of The Company Cradlewise
Founded Year2016
Founders Of The CompanyBharath Patil, Radhika Bharath Patil
Competitors Of The CompanyNanit, Raybaby, Lully, Invidyo
Website Of The CompanyWww.Cradlewise.Com
Country Of OriginBengaluru, India 
Investors Of The Company12
Valuation2.44 Million Dollars

Cradlewise Logo

Cradlewise logo
Cradlewise logo (Image Source – Facebook)

Cradlewise Founders- 

Cradlewise founders are a couple called Radhika Patil and Bharath Patil.

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Bharath Patil –

Bharath Patil is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Cradlewise.

Bharath completed his schooling at Sainik school. Then he completed his graduation BE in, electronics from the national institute of Technology, Surat, in 2006.

Lastly, he completed his master’s from IISC, where he studied Mtech in 2008.

Bharath Patil started his career as a firmware engineer in 2008 and worked there for a year. 

Bharath then went to Texas, US, where he worked for 8 years at texas instruments and, after that, founded Cradlewise.

 Bharath Patil is the co-founder and The chief technology officer of Cradlewise
Bharath Patil is the co-founder and The chief technology officer of Cradlewise(Image source – LinkedIn)

Radhika Patil –

Radhika Patil is the co-founder and CEO of Cradlewise.

Radhika completed high school at apte prashala in Pune in 2002.

She then completed her bachelors in BE, electronics and telecommunication.

Later she went to the Indian Institute of Science for her master’s where completed her in electronic design in 2008.

Before Cradlewise, she worked in many companies as a systems and firmware engineer, system design engineer, research associate and senior engineer.

Radhika Patil is the co-founder and CEO of Cradlewise.
Radhika Patil is the co-founder and CEO of Cradlewise (Image Source – LinkedIn)

Cradlewise Investors

The company has a total of 12 investors, from which it has a total of 7.19 million dollars over 2 rounds of funding.

Some prominent investors of Cradlewise are- 

Crv – 

CRV is an initial stages investment company that specializes in technology firms. The company has backed more than five hundred companies since the year 1970, which includes Airtable, DoorDash, and Vercel. CRV developed to become one of the globe’s oldest investment companies. 

Sosv – 

SOSV is a worldwide venture capitalist business that conducts company training programmes.

Programmes at SOSV are concentrated in two main areas. 

The company aims to fund only a handful of really intriguing companies to utilise its well-funded programmes to hasten the creation of products, attract clients, and expand. 

Better Capital – 

Better is a premier pre-seed investment company with a particular emphasis on India. 

Better works closely with entrepreneurs from the beginning, makes bold investments, and supports the methodical growth of its holdings from concept to initial PMF, traction, and follow-on money raises, among other things.

Better summarises expenditures and lessons learned on an annual basis newsletters that make everything easy to comprehend.

Cradlewise Competitors

Nanit – 

Nanit is an online service that offers an intelligent baby surveillance system.

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One of its product lines comprises an advanced wall-mounted webcam for keeping an eye on the youngster and delivering counselling and collecting sleeping data. 

Additionally, it provides Nanit respiratory gear technologies that track an infant’s respiratory movements in actual time and notify parents immediately via an application for their smartphones.

Nanit was founded in 2014 in New york city, United States. 

The company has raised a total funding of 75 million dollars.

Raybaby – 

Raybaby is a company that sells electronic gadgets that keep track of an infant’s health indicators and respiration. 

It creates a slumber monitoring tool that analyses an infant’s breathing and habits of motion employing ultrasonic technologies.

 By observing the child’s respiratory and chest motions, the electronic gadget allows parents to diagnose conditions like epilepsy, cardiac arrest, and infant death syndromes. 

The device also notifies the carers if the patient’s respiration suddenly jerks or stops.

The company was founded in 2016 in Falls Church, United States. The total 

amount raised by the company is 1.16 million dollars.

Lully – 

Lully is a business that has developed a gadget to aid in the prevention of nightmares at night in people of every age, particularly children. 

This gadget is put beneath the youngster’s duvet and combines with a cell phone application. 

The Lully app will alert families to switch on the gadget at the moment when nightmares at night tend to be most common.

 For a while, it vibrates beneath the infant, interrupting the cycles of sleep that frequently result in frightening nightmares. 

The company is founded in 2014 in San Francisco, United States.

The company has raised a total amount of 3.02 million dollars.

Invidyo – 

Invidyo is a remote-controlled infant surveillance gadget featuring a broad field viewpoint and high-resolution recording of video abilities, as well as an extended battery life of a maximum of two hours. 

In addition, it keeps an eye on the infant’s room’s climate, movement, moisture, cleanliness of the air, smoking, sound, and lighting intensity. 

It enables parents to communicate with their infant and transmit a lullaby directly from their smartphone or tablet. 

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Additionally, it can identify known faces, identify unfamiliar individuals, and transmit a louder warning to the parental smartphone using its recognition of faces capability. 

It records the infant’s happy smiles and stores them on the internet. Additionally, it features pan, rotation, and night-vision capabilities.

Faqs About Cradlewise- 

When was Cradlewise founded?

The company was founded in 2016.

Where was Cradlewise founded?

The company was founded in Bengaluru in india.

How much funding is raised by cradlewise?

The company has raised a total of 7.19 million dollars.

When was the latest funding round of cradlewise?

The company’s latest funding round was on November 9th, 2021, when the company raised 7 million dollars.

What is the valuation of cradlewise?

The company’s valuation is 2.44 million dollars.

Who is the board of directors of Cradlewise?

The BOD of the company is Bharath Patil and Radhika Patil.

Is Cradlewise available on any social media platform?

Yes, the company is available on Instagram, Facebook, youtube, TikTok and Pinterest.

What is the contact number of cradlewise?

The number of the company is +1(888) 717-CRDL.

What is the email id of cradlewise?

The email  of the company is

In what space does cradlewise serve?

The company serve in the B2C space.


Cradlewise is a company founded in the united states that specializes in products that monitor infants using an integrated night-vision webcam and audio.

Cradlewise’s artificial intelligence-based technology creates a sleeping pattern for the youngster that identifies the youngster’s normal nighttime and wake-up hour(s).

 In response to the baby showing evidence of an early awakening, including blinking its eyes or wiggling around more, Cradlewise softly bounces the infant’s mattress upward and downward, simulating parents rocking the baby with their hands. 

The crib also plays white noise through a built-in loudspeaker. When the artificial intelligence software recognises that the infant has fallen back asleep, the bounce stops and soft musical instrumentation takes its place in the background.

The cradlewise app is capable of being utilised to observe and hear the baby in the present moment, precisely like a traditional baby monitor

It additionally emits alarms whenever the baby begins to wake up and logs sleeping metrics including time slept. 

Users may also independently initiate and terminate the cot-bouncing activity via the mobile application, however, they may additionally do so with their own hands by pressing downward on the mattress to begin it while remaining it still for some time to discontinue it.

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