Curved Sunlight Readable Displays For Outdoor Digital Advertising

We are mindful that on the off chance that you can’t see the screen, a dynamic, computerized promoting arrangement is both an exercise in futility and cash, so the principal thing any installer needs to do is demonstrate that the screen or show should be visible in splendid daylight. The arrangement is a clear daylight showcase, yet do you know the distinctions?

Standard level board.

This is, as the name proposes, a level screen that had an exceptional screen that pre-owned Drove s to backdrop sunlight readable display it and produce a brilliant, distinctive screen, these change from 1,000 to 10,000 nits, nits are equivalent to Candela per square Meter or (Cdm2), a standard television for the home has a Cdm2 of up to 450, yet it is generally however that anything short of 1,000 Cdm2 would be pointless as a presentation outside.

As you can envision, costs shift as indicated by the detail, and the more splendid the screen, the more costly they are.

Bended Daylight Splendid Presentations.

These screens are in the scope of 7,000 Album/m2 (or 7,000 nits), making it unquestionably daylight comprehensible, with the additional spot of being bent, so the ad should have been visible on all sides through 360 degrees.

Each board comes in a 63″ slanting screen size, with a pixel pitch of 20mm; in a one-meter region, there are 2,500 pixels; this board has a working temperature of – 30 to 50 Celsius and is IP65 evaluated. The life expectancy of this board is 100,000 hours and should be visible from a gigantic distance.

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