Cybersecurity in India is still in its initial section that is at $4.4 billion a year. Currently, with India ranking third on the list of most targeted countries by hackers, phishers, and cybercriminals, it's taking initiatives to encourage the expansion of technical school companies.

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India

Objects like phones, cars, home appliances, etc happen to speak to every alternative within the presence of the net. 

The net convenience has created life easier for all folks, but, as is double-faced, therefore is any given technology and scenario that one is given. 

There’s loads of online stuff that hackers are continuously eyeing. The corruption and infiltration tried by the hackers isn’t an awfully unknown subject to speak regarding. In such a case, it becomes very vital for someone to be a gift to manage all the hacking activities happening and to additionally determine and track the hackers. India has certain established firms that check out the exact same matter. 

Cybersecurity in India is still in its initial section that is at $4.4 billion a year. Currently, with India ranking third on the list of most targeted countries by hackers, phishers, and cybercriminals, it’s taking initiatives to encourage the expansion of technical school companies. 

As a matter of reality, specialists anticipate that the cybersecurity market can grow to 35$ billion by successive 5 years. to place things in perspective, all Cyber Security firms would like three main areas to flourish within the business, namely: an honest team that works on the clients’ assets, offered product and solutions, and shoppers to UN agency they cater to. 

Without more ado, we present to you the top ten cybersecurity companies in India.


A digital firm with its workplace in Bangalore, India, was founded back in the year 1996. The firm has notable expertise of years in massive knowledge consulting, SI and CRM consulting.

 The firm provides its best in terms of health care industries, education, and tons additional. The company’s economical and intensive role in satisfying its customers is what makes it climb up to the top in the list. A number of its former purchasers are big apple Times and Energy Hub among several others. Marlabs opposition is a digital firm that has offices in Piscataway, N.J., and Bangalore, India. 

The firm primarily works with mid-market and bigger purchasers from the education, monetary services, and health care industries.


Founded in 2021, Kratikal Pvt Ltd is a company which is headquartered in Noida, India. Kratikal tech Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end cybersecurity answer the corporate has served concerning one hundred twenty workers over the years.

 Although it too doesn’t have a very massive operating team, its operating team of a hundred individuals has tried that the potency of the social unit matters, not the scale. The services provided by the corporate involve fraud observation, email authentication, cyber-attack well-being, and simulation among others. 

The company conjointly related to associate degree engineering firm to in-house awareness concerning cybersecurity threats. RBL Bank and Unisys world are among a number of its clients.

Cymune Cyber Security

 Founded in 2020 with over fifty staff, the company is an example of however one will attain success inside an awfully short span of your time with the proper intentions and determination. It provides services in, IT consulting, IT strategy consulting solutions, and cybersecurity. The essential association of the company remains with the immigration companies in the context of providing it with the simplest cybersecurity solutions. Coordinate axis is one of the previous clients of Cymune Cyber Solutions.

Everdata Technologies

 This web hosting company headquartered in Jaipur, India was founded back in the year 2007. The strength of the team is thirty-nine people that specialize in their fields of labor. 

The company is understood for its cybersecurity services, ERP consulting, cloud consulting & SI. To be specific it serves mid-market clients. The customized approach towards the communication of the team is what makes it attainable for the clients to trust them with their homes. Indira Gandhi National University, University of Rajasthan, and Guinness World Records are a number of its former clients. 

Everdata Technologies helped secure SSL certification for a business group’s websites and web applications. They conjointly got wind of servers to host domains in-house. to boot, the team provides in-progress support. The consumer appreciated the standard of their service.

Cyberops Infosec

 This cybersecurity firm is predicated out of Jaipur and it aims to supply digital security to alternative technical school corporations and provides a varied vary of knowledge protection services. This involves each mobile and net application penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, network penetration testing, ASCII text file review, firewall and router set review, and security improvement. 

Likewise, CyberOps conducts certified coaching on penetration testing and data protection for security audits and law-breaking investigation operations for many business industries. 

Additionally, this firm’s services are employed in sectors like money establishments, instructional establishments, enforcement agencies, and public and/ or personal sectors.

Cyberops has brought next-level digital transformation, elevation in technology, and skillful arrangement for economic protection against cyber-attacks. Cyberops aim to protect digital computer network by providing the purchasers an extremely productive, agile, and higher expertise. Cyberops has been flapping to dominate the experience and international steps within the field of knowledge security and law-breaking investigation. 

Cyberops incorporates a passion for client excellence that is pictured by delivering certified coaching on info security. Cyberops give penetration testing for security audits and Cyber Crime Investigation services for varied sectors as per the organization’s aspirations.

Cyberops are best noted for their extremely productive expertise within the Cybersecurity field because it offers sensible services to their purchasers. Their goal is to expand their spheres internationally and their commencement towards that was in the African country. Now, Cyberops Labs are attempting to line up in cities, Durban, and other cities. Further, they supply coaching on info protection with their own certifications additionally to coping with security audits and criminal investigation services.

Skylark Information

Skylark provides a variety of IT security solutions from application and info security to next-Gen Firewall and endpoint mobile security solutions to cloud security solutions that square measure totally bespoken for the clients’ wants. Skylark conjointly offers a variety of services in blockchain technology. 

They need to partner with makers like HPE, Fujitsu, and VMware to supply complete IT infrastructure solutions for tiny and enormous businesses alike. 

It was supported in Madras in 1993. This company offers a variety of IT solutions and services to over three hundred customers.

 Skylark info Technologies partnered with many makers to use application and info security, endpoint mobile security solutions, and Next-Gen Firewall (NGF) so as to cloud protection solutions totally catered to the clients’ wants of tiny businesses.

AVG India 

AVG has been engaged in combating cybercrimes for over 20 years. They need laboratories for detective work and preventing every kind of cybercrimes. AVG may be a security somebody, providing an intensive vary of security shelters. They provide privacy solutions for shoppers and businesses. 

They’re currently in the vicinity of the Avast family of world-leading digital security merchandise, dedicated to keeping individuals around the world safe. It is a world cybersecurity firm that has in-depth operations in the Republic of India that workplace situated in a metropolis. 

Specifically, it secures nearly two hundred million users in over one hundred seventy countries against web-based threats, spam, cyber-scams, viruses, and hackers. For over twenty years, it’s been combating law-breaking in its laboratories for checking and preventing all types of cybercrimes. Overall, AVG is known for its free cybersecurity solutions that are offered to businesses and government departments so as to stay purchasers safe.

Netrika Consulting

Netrika is the symbol of vision and acute observations having an eye fixed for higher understanding of business, understanding risk, and with the assistance of intelligence notice solutions that secure businesses, therefore empowering firms with protection. Netrika additionally provides services like online risk and threat assessment, detection of cyber-attacks and cyber police work, etc. 

Valency Networks

Valency Networks started its operations in 2008 to supply skilled cybersecurity and IT infrastructure management services. These embrace vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services for net apps, cloud apps, mobile apps, and IT networks. Valency Networks is additionally a pacesetter in consultive practice in compliance implementations and audits like ISO27001, HIPAA, and PCIDSS.

Alten Calsoft Labs

 Alten Calsoft Labs is a technology adviser, enterprise IT and products engineering services company that helps customers to become smarter, a lot of nimble, and higher at predicting the longer term.ALTEN Calsoft Labs is an Associate in Nursing individual that provides Business Digital Transformation, innovation, and integration through unquiet technologies like SMAC (Social – quality – Analytics – Cloud), IoT, and massive knowledge. They have down pat the art of addressing enterprise business and conjointly offers machine-controlled and musical organization cyber defense platforms battery-powered by threat intelligence for the SOC and security professionals.

To sum up, India has the biggest variety of devices users when China that makes it a target of cyber-attacks. This Malware is changing into additional vicious because it influences the international security market; therefore, these top 10 cybersecurity companies in India provide great services in keeping with the clients’ wants and preferences.



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