Daycare Safety Precautions Should Always Be in Place

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When it’s time to go shopping for the best daycare center it’s important to make sure that it ticks all the important safety criteria that are required. From discipline tactics to staff-student ratios, making sure a daycare facility provides an environment for the physical and emotional needs of children should not be an exclusive consideration.

There is a clear sick day policy (in writing)

Daycare schools often have cute Petri dishes to prevent infection, but parents have to take precautions to keep their children safe and healthy. There are clearly written guidelines for children to stay at home due to illness as well as a plan for many illnesses, particularly COVID,” said the spokesperson. ”Every center is responsible for clearly explaining their policies and providing assurance that their policies are followed by all employees and family members”.

What should I do if I suspect abuse at my child care center?

When your child returns with any injuries or wounds, they should be removed immediately. You can also reach Childhelp National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-844-942-4553 or 1-800-4ACHILD. Although most childcare providers carefully vet employees it’s possible something will go unnoticed by a child’s behavior or be dangerous to him or her. Daycare can save your life but is not suitable for everyone. You can find a great range of nanny cams for your children to have their own care.

Create an online Child Care Licensing account

Make an Online Account. Links to external sites. Once you’re registered with CCL, you can apply for your childcare operation. If your child is registered with a childcare license application website you should choose ‘non’ and then click on ‘No’. After you submit an effective registration form, you will get an email with the link for registering. If you can’t find confirmation of registration in your spam folder after a day of receiving your registration confirmation message.

How many children are enrolled?

Often, the state limits the number of children daycare can enroll — particularly if they are house-based. Home-based day centers and center-based daycare differ enormously, as both reside on the premises and are commercial. Choosing a home daycare center can help your child feel more comfortable and safe when they’re at school or home-based. Whatever daycare option your child chooses you must provide one adult for all 3 – 5 children.

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The caregiver-to-child ratio is acceptable

Staff-to-student ratio recommendations differ in different states, so Sanchez recommends searching for guidance in your region or asking prospective centers for recommendations on the NAEYC ratio. ACF provides general ratio recommendations but you should always remember that fewer children are better for a larger family than one person. The more parents are in a room and the fewer children they are in, the doctor said.

Is the daycare center certified?

All reliable and safe day-care facilities are required to obtain licenses. To establish a licensed daycare, a person typically has to consult the child services office in his home state. Nevertheless, each state has its own rules and others require no permits whatsoever. Make sure that the daycare you are entrusted with meets the minimum standards for your child to be able to attend daycare at the appropriate age.

There’s an open-door policy

Because of COVID, the majority of daycares are limited by visit protocols. According to Sanchez, parents should remain cautious if there are schools in a school that does not allow children to visit or observe classrooms. Parents are supposed to be happy and confident in seeing a child during a visit. Day Cares should also be open to parents and be clear on times.

Attend a Child Care Home Pre-Application Class

Call the local Child Care licensing agency to book your pre-application training class. Pre-application training online can be viewed by clicking the pre-acquired registration training tab on the provider training page. Complete any required training. After completing the four learning modules your certificates will be issued. Applicants will have to provide these documents.

Licensing standards are met

Licensed centers give your kids every chance for success, Sanchez said. Consider Accreditation as a gold standard in early childhood education, he adds. Accredited centers meet rigorous standards ranging from teacher qualification to curriculum and safety. Sanchez recommends that you use the NAEYCL search tools and find accredited centers in your area if needed.

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The staff is adequately trained

Sanchez says a criminal background check must always be a necessity for employees who can provide reliable services. “. Similarly all teaching professionals must have CPR and first aid certification, and have been trained in the areas of child care and early learning. Criminal background checks will ensure reliable employees have their jobs.

Become familiar with the required materials and useful resources

You have received a copy of the form for the preparation course. This packet contains additional information to fill out the application and contact information for local licensing agencies. Please see the following pages for more information regarding what you need to know in your application for child protection jobs.

Application Materials

Your application package is completed by filling out the application form – fees for applications as well as a number of additional papers & documents. Among the most commonly requested documentation are plans of operations and policies and procedures. You need a lot of effort. This document describes how you intend to follow minimum standards. This document should include information on who is responsible for maintaining minimal standards at all times, physical facilities, activities, child-to-child ratios, security, and sanitation.

Background checks

Several employees in the child welfare sector must submit background checks which may be conducted in a child-care registry, the FBI, and in some cases the registry of sexual offenders and their families. The background check should be conducted prior to a person’s immediate contact with children at home and repeated thereafter. A person with a history of childcare may not enter the facility. See the Background checks page for more information.

Minimum standards

Childcare licensing establishes regulations to ensure that children are provided with supervised and safe services in Texas. Generally, each minimum standard is dependent upon a specific section in the Texas Administrative Code. The minimum standards are designed to decrease children’s risk by providing basic protections to children who are placed away from home. See our minimum standards website.

Technical assistance

Our licensed childcare services can help you with any questions you may need. We’re going to be here to help with any questions that may arise at any stage of the application process from a preliminary application to the final application. Please consult the forms created by our team. Visit our online technical help library.

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Licensing requirements

Licensable childcare facilities are available at both centers and residential locations. Child care includes providing care for a child who is not related to a person at least 12 days a week at any other place than his/her own residence.


Licenses are used to charge fees to handle applications, permits, and background inspections. Licensing also collects annual fees due annually from the day you obtain your permit. Fee revenue can be deposited in state revenues.

Zoning, Building Codes, and other legal requirements

In some regions, you may have zoning requirements, building codes for children’s homes as well as other requirements. These are not licensing requirements and may be necessary for a fire and hygiene inspection.


The FAQs page provides a variety of helpful tips to find answers to a wide range of topics. Besides reviewing policies, the site helps the provider review the new policy.

How do workers interact with children?

Tell me the interaction that a child can have with a child. It helps daycare employees communicate with their own children. Watch workers in daycare centers so that they can play and treat them with kindness and respect. Should the worker be unkind or the kid shy away from him, consider another location.

How do daycares, separate children?

No infant should have to sleep in crowded rooms with rambunctious four-year-olds and germs. The best daycares provide private baby care and specialized areas of play for adults. The number of classes can be small, allowing the staff to better address the needs.

Does the daycare offer parent cam observation?

Are children at any preschools protected through a password? Keeping a close eye on children all the time helps give them peace and security and allows daycares to be accountable because someone can monitor them 24/7.

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