“Dehaat.store” (गाँव का शॉपिंग मॉल) E-commerce platform For the Rural parts of India

Dehaat.Store गाँव का शॉपिंग मॉल

 We are an existing company and we have been into various business domains since 2011 in Delhi and NCR. In July 2017, We devised Dehaat.Store (www.Dehaat.Store) and our motto behind this separate and new venture have been to take the E-commerce platform into the Rural parts of India with a well-organized and established network ” Says the Mr. Deepak Singh Bhati the Founder of Dehaat.store

With Dehaat.Store, we focus to deliver the goods within 72 hours and also, to drive the self-employment options in Rural Areas by being a part of our venture.and the idea popped up

It was in Dec 2015, for 2016, New Year excursion, our team happened to be at a Farm House on the outskirts of Meerut. Adjacent to the Farm House, there is a village and our cars were parked almost in the lane of that Village. Before the party started as people were still coming in, a group of us was sitting outside the Farm House at a Tea stall and Enjoying the tea and cigarettes. Next to us, was a group of youngsters and few children who were just chit-chatting. A boy of around 20 years came in with a packet and joined that group. They opened the packet and took out a Remote operated Robot, then started their conversation about how and from where it was bought. The boy replied that he had ordered it online and got it delivered, everybody started asking, that the company delivered in the village at Meerut!! The boy answered that he got the deliveries at some relatives place at Noida and from there the Robot was picked up by his friend and delivered to him. That was the moment when a problem was found and the idea popped in to solve that problem.We named the concept as Dehaat.Store, where Dehaat is the word from language Hindi which means Rural. And we started working on the things with a single motto to deliver the goods through e-commerce mode to the rural Indians.

About our Company:

Dehaat.Store is a brand established by the company JMD TRANSINFO PVT LTD. The company was incorporated in the Year 2011 with its base at New Delhi.

The goal of the company, in the beginning, was to deploy IT Training and IT Support to the individuals and the corporates. To serve the Individuals, training institutes were established at Delhi, Ghaziabad, Kaithal (Haryana) and a few other places. Along with the timeline, the company started diversifying into government IT Tenders and various other business lines like automobile services & repair, Automobile Re-Engineering, Waste Management etc.


Image Credit/ Source: Dehaat.store

The company was founded by Mr. Deepak Singh Bhati along with Mr. Kapil Nagar as the investment partner. During the growing years of the company, a lot of changes happened in the management, team, business threads and much more. Initially, when we started working on the project, we pitched the concept to the people in the rural parts of NCR, anyone who heard the concept would appreciate us but when we were to ask would you join us, they were to say a straight “NO”. And there were no takers at all. Then we started thinking along different lines and created a model where we have local distributors who distribute our products to the Rural Parts.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

Rural India has a lot of many opportunities as well as the challenges. One of the biggest challenges for us today is the reach to the mass. Because there are certain criteria, limits, and challenges.

Our current strategy is very simple, and we are using the two of the simplest strategies:

(1.)Go Slow, but Keep Going and the milestones will be reached.

(2.)Deploy Not just the technology, but also, deploy the Huge Motivated Manpower

“As of now, we have around 20,000+ Distributors and more than 50 products are being delivered every hour at different locations in Rural India”.

Funding & plans for growth

Initially, we thought of taking external funding and we started working on the funding part simultaneously. But during the recent phase of e-commerce and startup era, we saw a decline in the business and a ruckus around the funding spheres. So, our final decision was to not go behind the external funding as neither have we wanted the dilution of the ownership nor we wish to have conflicts of interests. So, we are good and growing without the external bosses. As far as growth plans are concerned, we are right now focussing majorly on Rural parts of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal & Uttarakhand. Once these three states are covered up completely, then we will move forward to the other states and we aim to have these three states completely covered by August 2018. We are Expanding, Hiring & Growing.

Image Credit/ Source: Dehaat.store

Future plans and funding

“To be the biggest Rural E-commerce Company in India by 2020”

 A big no to the External Funding as we are happy to create the legacy rather than a drowning Limited company.

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Go out every day, you will realize that there are lot more opportunities available to grow as much as you want. Grab those opportunities and make the best out of them.

A quote from the founder

Day Dreaming is the biggest problem as well the most amazing solution. Dream, Analyse & Implement” 

Important Links to our Business:

www.Dehaat.Store is our official intro website

Right now, we just have an android app store which can be downloaded from the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dehaatstore&hl=en

 Contact Details: info@dehaat.store


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