Delayed ejaculation spray for men

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Delayed ejaculation, also known as impaired ejaculation, is a problem in which males require a longer duration of sexual stimulation before reaching sexual fulfillment and releasing sperm from the urethra (ejaculate). Some guys with delayed ejaculation are completely unable to ejaculate. Delayed ejaculation might depend upon men health.

Delayed ejaculation might be a temporary or permanent issue. Certain chronic health disorders, surgeries, and drugs are all potential reasons for delayed ejaculation. Delayed ejaculation The cause of delayed ejaculation will suggest the cure. But if your ejaculation is delayed, it is damn distressing for you and your partner.

Who is affected by delayed ejaculation?

Anyone might be affected by delayed ejaculation. It can be a life time problem or for others, it occurs just sometimes or becomes a problem as they age.

The following factors might cause delayed ejaculation:

  • Diabetes
  • Growing older
  • You’ve undergone bladder or prostate surgery
  •  You are using medicines
  • Problems with mental health or relationships

What causes delayed ejaculation?

Men can usually ejaculate after only a few minutes of sexual arousal. One indicator of delayed ejaculation is climaxing after thirty minutes or more. Another disadvantage is that you may become physically exhausted. You could even start to experience some discomfort.

Your spouse may be wounded if they believe they aren’t beautiful or skilled enough to induce orgasm in you. Your doctor can decide if a medicine is to cause or it’s due to men health. If this is the case, your drug regimen will be adjusted, and your symptoms will be carefully monitored

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Delayed ejaculation spray


Fortunately, science has improved tremendously in the last decade, and it is now simple to find a delayed ejaculation spray for men that deliver efficacy and safety without compromising satisfaction.

Delay sprays are over-the-counter desensitizing medications used to treat premature ejaculation. Delay sprays include dose-controlled, concentrated desensitizing chemicals that diminish penile sensitivity in a regulated manner, resulting in delayed ejaculation while maintaining orgasmic enjoyment.

Do delay sprays work?

 A 2016 study conducted the effectiveness of delay spray on males facing premature ejaculation problems states that spray are simple to use, effective, and it can result in better sexual experience.

Another research published in 2020 supported similar findings, suggesting that employing delay sprays enhances the quality of sexual intercourse in males who have premature ejaculation.

Studies reviled that delay sprays help men last 65 percent longer in bed, adding three to four minutes to their sexual intercourse time. The effects of delay spray, however, vary somewhat depending on the individual.

Best Delayed ejaculation spray for men

On the worldwide and local marketplaces, there are hundreds of sprays for delayed ejaculation. Some are good, while others are questionable. We have identified the best alternatives available.

·        Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray:


Promescent Delay Spray for Men helps to take the edge off, allowing you to sleep comfortably longer. Only Promescent is equipped with Target Zone technology, which is meant to confine desensitization to a limited region and prevent it from spreading to your partner when used as prescribed.

Promescent premature ejaculation lidocaine spray is recommended as a first-line defense in reducing the time gap between male and female orgasm.

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·        Stud 100 Male Genital Desensitizer Spray


This product’s active component is lidocaine. The manufacturers recommend administering three to eight sprays to the shaft and tip of the urethra — ideally, the smallest effective quantity. This product has received mostly favorable feedback from customers, with many claiming that it helped them endure longer during sexual intercourse.

·        Duration Desensitizing Delay Spray K-Y


According to the manufacturers, this product complies with FDA regulations. This spray, like the others on this list, includes lidocaine to desensitize the penis. Manufacturers recommend applying at least three sprays to the urethra before intercourse. They also warn individuals not to use more than ten sprays.



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