Different Types of Videos for Digital Marketing

Different Types of Videos for Digital Marketing
Different Types of Videos for Digital Marketing
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Just think about the last time you scrolled through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and got hooked on a post – Most likely, it would be video content that piqued your interest, right? Indeed, video content has taken the digital marketing world by storm. There was a time when brands used to sell their products with a cute boomerang or a witty status.

But they alone are not enough now! Tables have turned… videos, with their incomparable power of conveying a brand message, hold your audience’s attention longer and more thoroughly than any other marketing medium. It creates a buzz around your brand while helping you draw maximum traffic.

Video marketing has seen tremendous success… and the reason behind the hike is the versatility this marketing tactics possess. It is spreading like wild wildfire, and smart marketers are now using it as an opportunity to get your brand’s message across. Hence, to deeply resonate with your target audience, you need to tweak your digital marketing strategy… just a little

 Still Not convinced? That’s ok! Let’s shed light on different types of video that can maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns.

8 Types of Digital Marketing Videos

Basically, video marketing is an efficient way of promoting your brand, product, or service to a targeted audience. By including video content in your marketing plan, you can generate sales, boost website traffic, foster engagement, improve customer service, and collect email signups.

But, but, but… You need to know the right type of video that would work best for your brand – Altogether, digital marketing videos include 8 types.

1. The Explainer

If your company provides a product or service that is difficult to figure out, an explainer video on your website is what exactly you need. These videos typically include animation and a voiceover that explains what your business has to offer the audience. Explainer videos are not required to be animated. Live-action recordings, illustration time lapses, or any other visual means of telling your brand story would work perfectly for your business.

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2. Videos Depicting Company Culture

Such videos help you showcase the personality of your company. You should shoot videos with your mission and values in mind when using this type of video marketing. These videos build trust between your company and the audience, especially if you emphasize your commitment to your mission and values.

Cultural videos are also useful for attracting new employees. No doubt, people will want to apply if your company appears to be a great place to work.

3. The Product Demonstration

The objective of such videos is to showcase your offerings to your target audience while persuading them to buy. It differs from an explainer in which you display the product’s features and benefits rather than explaining how it works.

Product demonstration videos are hosted by a charismatic host – who speaks passionately about the product, but animated videos can also be effective. Try it to believe it… this digital marketing technique can do wonders for you.

4. The Spot

The 15 or 30-second commercial is the classic kind of video that you can easily add to your digital marketing strategy. These short commercials are also known as “spots.” The content of a spot differs depending on your niche and the brand story you want to communicate… …but the goal of creating a spot is simply – to be able to distribute it virtually anywhere.

These videos can be shown during TV (or Hulu) commercial breaks before movie trailers begin or YouTube videos. If you really want to be successful with this type of video, make it engaging immediately while telling your story concisely within the relatively short runtime.

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5. Educational Videos Isn’t education supposed to be interesting and enjoyable?

What do you think? It certainly is with educational videos. Educational videos are intended to provide enough information to the audience, but they must do so in an engaging and compelling manner! They use narrative resources, including interesting graphics and a sharp script, to capture the audience’s attention and combine them with relevant topics for their target audience. When a brand uses these videos correctly, the target audience will begin to see them as a reference in their industry, which ultimately helps in building brand trust.

6. Social Videos

You know it, the digital marketing world is pretty competitive now – and ignoring the versatility that social presence can bring to marketing strategy is not a mistake that companies can afford. So, any brand looking to expand its social presence should make social videos their priority.  

Aside from that, social videos are typically short – with the notable exception of content for Facebook or YouTube, whose audiences prefer longer content. It’s also critical that these videos be uploaded natively on the platform for which they were created (rather than just embedded), as this improves discoverability.

7. Live video

Well, you must be aware of live-streaming videos – usually, digital marketing platforms allow users to go online with their audience while engaging them in real time. You can opt for live videos for interviews, company announcements, or webinars. To be precise, you can make the interaction super exciting with live video sessions.

FYI… Shopify hosted a virtual panel discussion with prominent Black professionals using live video. The live format increases the viewer’s sense of urgency and excitement, with the added benefit of having a recording that Shopify followers can watch and re-watch whenever they want.

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8. Behind-The-Scenes

Video By adding such videos to your digital marketing strategy… … you can reap maximum advantage Show your audience the interesting process of developing, manufacturing, or distributing your product or service! Your target audience will most probably admire seeing the skill that goes into what you create for them.

This is especially beneficial for all types of artisans.

Demonstrate how you handcraft each product or from where you get your ingredients. Above and beyond, the customers will be more interested in your product or service if you involve them in the process.

That’s A Wrap On Major Types of Video Marketing!!!

Whether you are promoting a product, interacting with the audience, sharing your company’s vision, or introducing a new service – high-quality digital marketing videos can do it all. Bear in mind videos can help you at every stage of the marketing funnel, from attracting new leads with enticing video ads to converting them into paying customers.

They can also be a lot of fun to make, so have some fun with them! Just remember why you are making them and what impact you want them to have on your brand. If you think you can’t do all of it on your own just get in touch with Fossphorus – their marketing team will take care of the rest.

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