Digital Lead Investing System by Growth Cave – Unique Lead Gen Approach

Growth Cave Digital Lead Investing
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The new Digital Lead Investing system is a unique method created by the Growth Cave brand, used to describe the task of generating leads for local business owners.

The Digital Lead Investing system by Growth Cave is a training course that covers the entire process of running ads on the Facebook marketing platform, generating low-cost local business leads, to persuading business owners to hire you as their digital marketing lead gen agency.

It is an impressive course that has been put together, which will help entrepreneurs make the switch from their current 9 to 5 job to becoming a full-time digital marketing agency.

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The digital lead investing process is specific to running Facebook Ads to get the leads.

The aim is to use geo-targeting options within the platform to get leads for a business operating in a specific geographical area.

It is important to get the lead cost down to a low level, so that there is a good profit margin when you resell the leads to your client. Or if you are being hired on a monthly retainer, then you need to generate enough leads for the business to justify your fee.

The Growth Cave Digital Lead Investing training system will be focused on testing and tracking your ads to keep on reduced your cost per lead (CPL) acquisition.

Growth Cave’s course is a high-ticket product costing a few thousand dollars. It is therefore not going to be for everyone, because of this high price.

It is more aimed at people already with a successful career who want to take the next step and become an entrepreneur with their own lead generation service.

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And when you consider the high fees you can charge business owners for your services, then it is somewhat justified to pay a high amount to learn how to acquire these skills in the first place.

To improve the training on offer, it would also be a good idea for the program to teach you how to create your own website and rank it on Google for local keyword search terms.

You can then use the rent model to charge business owners a monthly fee to receive the leads generated from the website.

Growth Cave seems to prefer to be focused on just Facebook advertising, but to take things to the next level it might be worth considering running search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns to go alongside these paid methods.

It is also interesting to see how this program is promoted via a high ticket webinar funnel.

This is a popular method that course creators are using nowadays, which has also been talked about in recent posts about Remote Integrator Academy and Ecom Babes.

Instead of offering a low priced information product that leads into a sales funnel of upgrades, vendors often opt to go direct to their high ticket offering.

The course creator also runs a popular YouTube channel and has used YouTube ads to funnel leads through his webinar and to sell the product. That is another recurring theme noticed in today’s marketplace: that influencers have turned to creating their own training products to monetize their YouTube channels and other social media platforms.

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